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Find up-to-date information on thousands of nonprofits including: Non-profit organizations
Get IRS data, plus more up-to-date information from nonprofits for free.
Increased quantity Get instant access to more than:
  • 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations
  • Thousands of faith-based nonprofits not required to register with the IRS
  • Millions of Form 990 images
  • Digitized data from millions of Forms 990
  • Data from nonprofits, community foundations, and others
Increased quality
  • Authoritative data directly from several IRS sources
  • Current data provided by the nonprofits themselves
  • Accurate digitized Form 990 data; double-key process results in 99.5% accuracy
Increased speed With GuideStar you can:
  • Get instant access to updated data, including information posted by nonprofits
  • Use APIs to get only what you want, when you need it (free and paid versions)
We power philanthropy. Our data is at the heart of 60+ websites, including:
Charities If you want your nonprofit's most up-to-date info listed on these
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" Fundraising is built upon GuideStar. Change.org, Network for Good and Facebook Causes (just to name a few) are pulling your organization's information from GuideStar ... donations are mailed to the address listed in GuideStar! Nonprofits need to understand the importance of keeping their GuideStar entry current." —Heather Mansfield
And whether you're part of a nonprofit—or researching one to donate to—GuideStar will help you compare nonprofits in an easy, transparent way.
Need more detailed info on nonprofits? Register now for free and gain immediate access to the following:
  • Complete address, phone, website, and contact information
  • All revenue and expense data for the current year
  • Balance sheet data up to 5 years
  • Forms 990 up to 3 years
  • Annual reports for all years
  • Full listing of CEO, board chair, board members
"Fans inclined to make a contribution ... ought to do a little homework before writing out the check. A good first stop is GuideStar."
- USA Today
"GuideStar has grown into the nation's premier nonprofit database"
- Time Magazine
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