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Ranken Technical College 

4431 Finney Ave 
St. Louis, MO 63113

Mission and Programs


Ranken Technical College is a private, nonprofit, degree-granting institution of higher learning whose primary mission is to provide the comprehensive education and training necessary to prepare students for employment and advancement in a variety of technical fields.


Program:Associate of Science or Technology
Budget: NaN
Population Served: General/Unspecified

Program Description:

Automotive; Construction; Electrical; Information Technology; Manufacturing

Program:Bachelor of Science
Budget: NaN
Population Served: General/Unspecified

Program Description:

Applied Management or Architecture Technology


  • B30 (Vocational Technical )
  • B60 (Adult, Continuing Education)
  • L20 (Housing Development, Construction, Management)

Chief Executive Profile

Stan Shoun was VP of Workforce Development and Continuing Education for Central Virginia Community College before becoming president of Ranken in May 2009. Embarking on a second career in education after retiring as a naval aviator in 1996, Shoun was with Central Virginia Community College (CVVC) in Lynchburg, VA from 2001-2009 as Dean of Math, Science and Engineering. During his time at CVVC, Shoun oversaw four satellite campuses and helped establish two additional satellite campuses. Before CVVC, Shoun served as the director of the A. Linwood Holton Governor's School in Southwest Virginia, providing oversight of a virtual school for gifted students from 38 high schools. Mr. Shoun was a member of the Virginia State Workforce Investment Board and is currently a member of the St. Louis City Workforce Development Board. Shoun holds a Master of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree; he is also a graduate of the U.S. Naval War College.

Balance Sheet Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2016

Total Note: The balance sheet gives a snapshot of the financial health of an organization at a particular point in time. An organization's total assets should generally exceed its total liabilities, or it cannot survive long, but the types of assets and liabilities also must be considered. For instance, an organization's current assets (cash, receivables, securities, etc.) should be sufficient to cover its current liabilities (payables, deferred revenue, current year loan, and note payments). Otherwise, the organization may face solvency problems. On the other hand, an organization whose cash and equivalents greatly exceed its current liabilities might not be putting its money to best use.
Assets July 1, 2015June 30, 2016Change
Cash & Equivalent$14,353,969$10,410,947($3,943,022)
Accounts Receivable$1,176,207$1,451,502$275,295
Pledges & Grants Receivable$2,796,223$2,045,730($750,493)
Receivable/Other Due to changes in the 2008 Form 990, this data is no longer reported.$0$0$0
Inventories for Sale or Use$1,300,759$1,563,260$262,501
Investment/Securities Due to Changes in the 2008 Form, this value now includes Publicly Traded Securities as well as Other Securities. $65,929,263$62,408,880($3,520,383)
Investment/Other Due to various changes in the way this data is reported in the 2008 Form 990, it may not be possible to accurately compare this data from the 2008 form 990 against the same field on prior forms $0$0$0
Fixed Assets The 2008 form does not distinguish between LBE as investments and LBE as fixed assets. This value is equivalent to the sum of both line items on earlier forms (Part IV line 55 plus line 57). $44,093,155$47,106,135$3,012,980
Other Program Related Investments is now a separate field on the new form, Part X-13(A) and (B). $2,389,771$2,035,628($354,143)
Total Assets:$132,039,347$127,022,082($5,017,265)

LiabilitiesJuly 1, 2015June 30, 2016Change
Accounts Payable$4,721,284$3,887,382($833,902)
Grants Payable$0$0$0
Deferred Revenue$1,808,476$2,031,267$222,791
Loans and Notes The value on this line may now include payables to former employees, disqualified persons and unrelated third parties. $0$0$0
Tax-Exempt Bond Liabilities$15,565,405$14,645,232($920,173)
Other Due to various changes in the way this data is reported in the 2008 Form 990, it may not be possible to accurately compare this data from the 2008 Form 990 against the same field on prior forms $3,920,681$9,132,229$5,211,548
Total Liabilities:$26,015,846$29,696,110$3,680,264

Fund Balance:$106,023,501$97,325,972($8,697,529)

Basic Information

  • This organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.
  • Financial information in this report is derived from the organization's June 30, 2016 Form 990.


Mr.  Stanley  Shoun 


Mr. Keith Mullen, Development


314 -286-4871


314 -286-3631



Year Founded:1907
Ruling Year:1935
Fiscal Year End Date: June 30, 2016
Assets: $127,022,082
(from Jun 30, 2016 Form 990)
Income: $37,707,091
(from Jun 30, 2016 Form 990)
No. of Employees:533

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