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P O Box 546 
San Francisco,  CA  94104


  • This organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.
  • Financial information in this report is derived from the organization's June 30, 2017 Form 990.

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Chief Executive Profile

Executive Director Patricia Lundberg, PhD has been Professor of English and Women's Studies on the Indiana University Northwest faculty since 1989, and has served as Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, as well as interim Dean and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Now Professor Emerita, prior to joining Humanities West she served as Founding Executive Director of the Center for Regional Excellence and the Center for Cultural Discovery and Learning. Her doctorate is from Loyola University Chicago, where she also earned a BA Summa Cum Laude and a Masters in English. She is the recipient of several grants and awards and has post-doctoral training from Harvard in leadership. She has published a book, chapters, and articles on Lucas Malet, a British woman writer pivotal to our understanding of the tumultuous period spanning Victorian and Modernist eras. She serves on the boards of Humanities West, Ars Minerva, and the Marines' Memorial Theatre.



A non-profit serving the Bay Area since 1983, Humanities West explores history and celebrates the arts through time and across the globe, bringing you illuminating lectures and dynamic performances that focus on the people, places, and events that have shaped, and still inform, modern cultures. Humanities West is the only independent non-profit offering humanities and arts programs of this scale


Program:Multidisciplinary Lecture and Peformance Series
Budget: $265,000
Population Served: Adults

Program Description:

Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, 2008-09 Weekend Series Season: Benjamin Franklin and the Invention of America, October 2008; India Rising: Tradition Meets Modernity, February 2009; Confronting Napoleon: European Culture at the Crossroads, April 2009. 2009-10 Twenty-fifth Anniversary Season: Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo: Redefining our Place in the Universe, October 2-3, 2009; Alexander/Alexandria: the Flowering of Hellenistic Culture, February 5-6, 2010; The Florence of the Medici: Power, Politics, and Art in Renaissance Italy, April 30-May 1, 2010. 2010-11 Season: Venice, Queen of the Adriatic, October 22-23, 2010; Toledo: Multicultural Challenges of Medieval Spain, February 4-5, 2011; Minoan Crete: Dawn of European Civilization, April 29-30, 2011. 2011-12 Season: Notre Dame: Soul of Medieval Paris, November 4-5, 2011; China: Power & Glory of the Ming Dynasty, February 10-11, 2012; Pompeii & Herculaneum: Rediscovering Roman Art & Culture, April 27-28, 2012. 2012-13 Season at Marines' Memorial Theatre: Is Piracy the Second Oldest Profession?, September 16, 2012; Paris: American Expatriate Genius, October 19-20, 2012; Charles II: Phoenix of Restoration London, February 22-23, 2013; Bernini's Rome: Art and Architecture of the Baroque, April 26-27, 2013. 2013-14 30th Anniversary Season: Verdi's Masterwork: Opera and the Birth of Modern Italy, November 1-2, 2013; Constantinople and the Byzantine Millennium, February 28-March 1, 2014; Baghdad in Its Golden Age, April 25-26, 2014. 2014-15 Season: The Roman Republic, October 24-25, 2014; Charlemagne, February 27-28, 2015; Cultural Reverberations of The Great War, May 1-2, 2015. 2015-16 Season: Dawn of the Italian Renaissance, October 23-24, 2015; Shakespeare & Cervantes, February 26-27, 2016; The Celts: History, Culture, Legend, May 6-7, 2016. 2016-17 Season: Vienna on the Verge, Nov 4-5, 2016; The Vikings, Feb 24-25, 2017; Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh, May 5-6, 2017. 2017-18 Season: Norman Sicily, November 3-4, 2017; Blues, Jazz, and Rock 'n' Roll, February 1, 2018; Ancient Greeks: Age of Expansion, February 23-24, 2018; Lucrezia's Family: The Borgia Dynasty, May 4-5, 2018. These seasons also include various short programs and salon presentations at various venues. 2018-19 Season: 19th Century Russian Artistic Brilliance, November 2-3, 2018; Creating Leonardo, February 22-23, 2019; Bronze Age Greece: Mycenaeans and the Origins of Western Civilization, May 3-4, 2019.

Balance Sheet Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017

Total Note: The balance sheet gives a snapshot of the financial health of an organization at a particular point in time. An organization's total assets should generally exceed its total liabilities, or it cannot survive long, but the types of assets and liabilities also must be considered. For instance, an organization's current assets (cash, receivables, securities, etc.) should be sufficient to cover its current liabilities (payables, deferred revenue, current year loan, and note payments). Otherwise, the organization may face solvency problems. On the other hand, an organization whose cash and equivalents greatly exceed its current liabilities might not be putting its money to best use.
Assets July 1, 2016June 30, 2017Change
Cash & Equivalent$110,975$120,195$9,220
Accounts Receivable$0$0$0
Pledges & Grants Receivable$0$0$0
Receivable/Other Due to changes in the 2008 Form 990, this data is no longer reported.$0$0$0
Inventories for Sale or Use$0$0$0
Investment/Securities Due to Changes in the 2008 Form, this value now includes Publicly Traded Securities as well as Other Securities. $0$0$0
Investment/Other Due to various changes in the way this data is reported in the 2008 Form 990, it may not be possible to accurately compare this data from the 2008 form 990 against the same field on prior forms $0$0$0
Fixed Assets The 2008 form does not distinguish between LBE as investments and LBE as fixed assets. This value is equivalent to the sum of both line items on earlier forms (Part IV line 55 plus line 57). $0$0$0
Other Program Related Investments is now a separate field on the new form, Part X-13(A) and (B). $7,500$3,500($4,000)
Total Assets:$118,475$123,695$5,220

LiabilitiesJuly 1, 2016June 30, 2017Change
Accounts Payable$2,780$0($2,780)
Grants Payable$0$0$0
Deferred Revenue$0$0$0
Loans and Notes The value on this line may now include payables to former employees, disqualified persons and unrelated third parties. $0$0$0
Tax-Exempt Bond Liabilities$0$0$0
Other Due to various changes in the way this data is reported in the 2008 Form 990, it may not be possible to accurately compare this data from the 2008 Form 990 against the same field on prior forms $0$0$0
Total Liabilities:$2,780$0($2,780)

Fund Balance:$115,695$123,695$8,000


Basic Information

Chief Executive: Patricia Lundberg
Contact: Patricia Lundberg, Executive Director and Member of the Board
Telephone: 415 -391-9700
Fax: 000 -000-0000
Year Founded: 1983
Ruling Year: 1984
Fiscal Year End Date: June 30, 2017
Assets: $123,695
(from Jun 30, 2017 Form 990)
Income: $260,979
(from Jun 30, 2017 Form 990)

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