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Underprivileged Kids Foundation

AKA The U.K.F.

Fayetteville, NC

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Underprivileged Kids Foundation

Also Known As:
The U.K.F.
Physical Address:
Fayetteville, NC 28303 
Web URL:
Ms. Joyce McClain
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Legitimacy Information

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Basic Organization Information

Underprivileged Kids Foundation

Also Known As:
The U.K.F.
Physical Address:
Fayetteville, NC 28303 
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
B Educational Institutions 
B92 Remedial Reading, Reading Encouragement 
C Environmental Quality Protection, Beautification 
C42 Garden Club, Horticultural Programs 
P Human Services 
P40 Family Services 
Ruling Year:

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Mission Statement

Our organization's mission is to: Empower and enlighten underprivileged youth and adults so that they can envision a positive future and brighter tomorrow through mentoring, music and the arts, sports, and challenging educational programs. Our Vision: A safe place where underprivileged youth can find working and retired professionals who will mentor and honestly care about their well being through The K.I.N. (Kids In Need) Mentoring Program. Our Motto: One Dream - One Great Idea - To Bring To Life.... One Life - To Get It Right.... Today's Youth Are Tomorrow's Leaders! "The Underprivileged Kids Foundation Empowering Today's Youth For A Brighter Tomorrow!" Our programs and services that we provide in the community to underprivileged youth and low-income to homeless families in the Washington Metro Area, Charlotte and Fayetteville, North Carolina are: 1.Adopt-A-Student Computer Give-Away program 2.The Garden Of Life 3.May/December Philanthropy Giving Back program 4.New Beginnings Job Readiness program 5.The Emergency Food Pantry and The Clothing Program The Underprivileged Kids Foundation's goal is to empower and enlighten underprivileged youth and to build stronger and healthier communities.

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Ms. Joyce McClain


The Executive Director of The Underprivileged Kids Foundation is Ms. Joyce McClain. She is the Founder of The Underprivileged Kids Foundation. Ms. McClain is 34 years old, a divorcee and devoted single mother of a seven year old daughter and a five year old son and is very family oriented. She regularly attends church at Community Life Changing Ministries with her two children. She is in excellent health. Ms. McClain's outside interest are spending quality time with her children, reading, meditating and attending comedy shows. Ms. McClain brings to The Underprivileged Kids Foundation her years of expertise in Social Services, volunteerism and fund raising with various non profit organizations. While working in the field of Social Services, Ms. McClain assisted low-income to homeless clients on welfare off of it and to work through the "Welfare Back To Work" Program. Ms. McClain has years of experience with programs in job training, continued education, child care, food banks, clothing banks, assisted housing, medical assistance and other government programs that are available to the poor. Assistant Director The Assistant Director of the Underprivileged Kids Foundation is Ms. Donna McGregor-Hall. Donna was born in New York City in February 1968 to Jamaican immigrants. She lived in Jamaica and was raised by her grandparents and grew up in the Methodist church until the age of 10. She then came back to the United States to live with her Mother and Father where she met and became dear friends with Ms. Joyce McClain. Her father, Keith McGregor was a police officer in Washington DC and exposed her to the inner city life by bringing her to the Boys and Girls clubs of DC of which he was an integral part. She attended summer camp at Camp Brown with inner city DC youth and participated in all of the programs. She started working after school at the tender age of 15 and has been gainfully employed ever since. Ms. McGregor-Hall has completed the course requirements at Howard University in order to obtain her bachelor's degree in Marketing. She has worked in the educational system as an administrator at Howard University for a grant funded by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center since January 1994. She is an entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in the educational system. She is very focused and driven. Ms. McGregor acquired home ownership in the District of Columbia in 1999 and has since become a landlord of a small apartment in SouthEast DC. She has extensive experience in grant writing and is a positive force in her community of North Michigan Park. Ms. McGregor wears many hats of which include being marketing director for numerous entertainment companies throughout the city and liaison for numerous business deals within the music industry. Associate Director Ms. Cassandra Stephens is the Associate Director of The Underprivileged Kids Foundation. She has many years of experience in the health care industry.

Board Chair

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