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Dirt Divas Inc.


Charlotte, NC

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Dirt Divas Inc.

Physical Address:
Charlotte, NC 28220 1813
Web URL:
Patty Smith
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Basic Organization Information

Dirt Divas Inc.

Physical Address:
Charlotte, NC 28220 1813
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
N Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics 
N50 Recreational, Pleasure, or Social Club 
C Environmental Quality Protection, Beautification 
C12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution 
O Youth Development 
O12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution 
Ruling Year:

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide all types of opportunities for women mountain bikers, from beginners to experts. The Dirt Divas are a mountain biking club for women of all ages and skill levels who share an enthusiasm for mountain biking and cycling. We make it easier to find compatible women riders by scheduling group rides and events. With fun and fitness in mind, Dirt Diva rides encourage a safe and supportive environment for women who ride the trails. We also strive to protect our environment by participating in regular trail maintenance and our involvement in the community with bicycling advocacy. The sound of "Wa-hoo" echoing through the woods implies your adventure with the Dirt Divas has just begun...

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Program: Project Angel

Youth Development
Population Served:
Female Children ( 5 - 14 years)
Male Children (5 - 14 years)
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent, General

Program Description:

You know how good it feels to get a new bicycle. And you know the wonderful feeling of freedom and accomplishment that comes from riding. Not everyone does though. Project Angel is a Dirt Divas Initiative that gives bikes to kids in the Charlotte Metro Area. Collectively, your donations purchase bicycles, floor pumps, and assorted gear for each Project Angel kid. All donations are tax deductible. If you'd like to donate, please click on "donate now."   Please help our children discover the feeling of freedom and joy of riding a mountain bike. It's a great chance for us to make a difference to someone less fortunate.

Program Long-Term Success:

Program Short-Term Success:

Program Success Monitored by:

Program Success Examples:

Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

Offer weekly rides from April to October (spring, summer and fall) and bi-monthly rides in the winter months  Update and maintain our website (www.dirtdivas.net) to provide a wide variety of bicycling information and opportunities for group rides, bike maintenance and safety sessions, mountain biking products, racing, and great riding areas  Increase membership and involvement through club activities and sponsorships  Help beginners break into the sport and enjoy mountain biking, as well as facilitate the continued improvement of riding skills of all levels of participants  Help riders gain confidence for first time races or maintain fitness for series races throughout the year  Encourage participation in monthly skills clinics and bi-annual maintenance clinics to improve knowledge of bike handling skills and bike equipment  Promote mountain biking to girls and women of all ages to encourage self-improvement and confidence in themselves and others which can relate to skills used in everyday life  Protect, maintain and assist with building and maintaining trails in conjunction with the Tarheel TrailBlazers

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