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Forestville, CA

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Physical Address:
Forestville, CA 95436 
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Diana Rae Lewis
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Physical Address:
Forestville, CA 95436 
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
B Educational Institutions 
B24 Primary/Elementary Schools 
R Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy 
R24 Women's Rights 
O Youth Development 
O99 Other Youth Development N.E.C. 
Year Founded:
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How This Organization Is Funded:
Anonymous private donations - $407,378

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Mission Statement

Chicuchas Wasi Alternative School for Girls promotes gender equality, personal self-esteem, and human dignity for the ignored, indigenous female population in rural Andean Society in Cusco, Peru by educating, preparing and empowering girls for a womanhood of economic survival, leadership, dignity,equality and opportunity. Our parent classes teach the value of female education and leadership preparation, the value of family support, and conflict resolution tactics to stop violence against women and girls.

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Diana Rae Lewis


Rae Lewis, RN, Founder/Board Member Chicuchas Wasi, Cusco, California A Founder of CW, she lived in Peru for 10 years in the original Children’s Safe House that she established for abandoned children at risk living in the streets of Cusco. While actively overseeing the Safe House she spearheaded various projects and the evolving activities of CW. The street children taught her the need to educate and empower future mothers for economic survival. Prepared mothers will end child abandonment. CW shifted gears to birth the CW Alternative School for HI-Risk Girls in 1997.  Since returning to California to live, Rae remains actively involved in all aspects of CW and returns to Cusco frequently to oversee the expanding Alternative School for Girls. She created a CW non-profit Face book page to raise funds for CW Alternative School and to educate the visitors to the sight of the plight of poor girls if not educated. Rae is active on the Cusco BOD today.  She is President of the California BOD.

Leadership Statement:

Peruvian law states public school grades 1 through 12 are free, but in reality public education is not available to families living on $1.00 (US) or less a day. These parents cannot afford registration fees, uniforms, books, school supplies, and transportation, thus making it impossible for many female children to attend public school. Therefore, female human rights are continuously violated by keeping them uneducated and impoverished. Peruvian society is doing nothing for these girls. CW Alternative School for Girls will continue to provide free primary education for poor indigenous girls, emphasizing personal empowerment, academics, and stressing personal values, integrity, self-esteem and responsibility for an adult life of quality, dignity, gender equality, and financial independence. The common belief of rural uneducated women is that they are destined to suffer from hunger, poverty, rape, beatings, human rights violations and inability to care for their children because they are women and need a man to provide for them. Women belief they have no power over themselves or their children to change the gender inequality that keeps females impoverished and silent. Women in poverty believe this, as does the community at large. We address these issues and aim to bring societal change. The civil society of Cusco ignores the needs of poor women, and keeping women subservient provides cheap domestic labor for those slightly financially better off. Indigenous female babies are not valued at birth, boy babies are a celebration.GIRLS+EDUCATION=FINANCIAL SURVIVAL AND OPPORTUNITY

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Program: Primary School Academic Education for Girls

Population Served:
Female Children ( 5 - 14 years)
Native Americans/American Indians
Female Children ( 5 - 14 years)

Program Description:

CW provides free primary education, Kindergarten through 6th grade, to undervalued girls from poor families, and in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education. We include: Art, Hygiene, Values, and Empowerment of the female child. To provide academic skills needed for a secure future of economic independence. To empower girls to believe in their own self-worth, self esteem, equality and have dignity. To prepare leaders to advance the family, community and society with the women examples and change the outdated beliefs.  We provide nutrition, transportation and uniforms to support the ability to participate in the academic program.

Program Long-Term Success:

Program Short-Term Success:

To see the girls improve self-esteem and confidence, problem solve together and make decisions after group discussion, and evaluating the outcome. To have girls read, write and do basic math. To stimulate intellectual curiosity with various class science inventions, and other projects. To stimulate leadership in the students and give them the opportunity to practice these new skills. To have trained teachers who demonstrate all that the students are learning.

Program Success Monitored by:

We monitor attendance, tardiness, attention, and participation. We observe curiosity, enthusiasm, compliance with assignments, student grades and teacher evaluations. We also have parent's meetings and classes to record changes in behavior and in the home. We use as needed: psychological and social workers for special needs children and families.

Program Success Examples:

We have 99% student attendance, 99% student assignments completed, Special projects suggested and implemented by students with great enthusiasm: Ecology Expo in the school, where students worked alone or in small groups investigating, researching, and preparing their projects to demonstrate to the other students in the upper grades in the school. They were bright eyed and very proud of their achievements. Parent classed were only 50% attendance, but have improved to about 80% of mothers and a few fathers. Most children have single mothers, only 20% of fathers are home. About 25% of fathers are absent as they found jobs far from home-some return, many do not.

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CW school receives 4 to 5 year olds girls in Kindergarten. We start with young girls able to grow with our special focus on their particular needs during their 7 years in CW school. CW is awakening their self worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence and through education we prepare young females for adult leadership roles to challenge the pervasive discrimination toward girls, women and indigenous people in general, and for societal change. CW’s frequent positive presence in the community is deliberate and is consciously raising the awareness of how education changes the lives of girls, women, families, and their communities. We work also with the mothers of our students in classes and workshops to raise their self-esteem and self-confidence and help them understand that females have basic human rights, and try to provide resources for job training. We stress that educating their daughters will give them an opportunity for a future out of poverty, dependency, and oppression. CW students already demonstrate their progress and are helping their families grow, our students already read and write for their illiterate parents. Students are confident, curious, and their lit-up faces of intelligence are noticed as they participate in all assignments. Their families also see the changes in their daughters and are realizing that their daughter do have a value besides domestic chores and making babies. The local community is noticing also, and many more parents and aunties come each year to enroll their daughters. CW has 100 thriving students today and will graduate the first group of students with CW since kindergarten from their 6th grade class onto high school in December 2013. CW students are seeing their own value and the families are learning through their daughters. The achievements are noticeable with the grades and leaderships skills some of our girls demonstrate. We have 99% student attendance and 99% student assignments completed. Special projects are initiated and implemented by students with great enthusiasm such as the Ecology Expo in the school, where students worked alone or in small groups investigating, researching, and preparing their projects to demonstrate to the other students in the upper grades in the school. They were bright eyed and very proud of their achievements. Our students will have a very different future from their mothers and grandmothers.
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