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Operation Nightwatch - Portland


Portland, OR

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Operation Nightwatch - Portland

Physical Address:
Portland, OR 97208 
Web URL:
Gary Louis Davis
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Basic Organization Information

Operation Nightwatch - Portland

Physical Address:
Portland, OR 97208 
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
P Human Services 
P85 Homeless Services/Centers 
Ruling Year:
How This Organization Is Funded:
Individual contributions - $48,518
Church contributions - $12,617
The Collins Foundation - $10,000

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Mission Statement

Operation Nightwatch is an ecumenical night ministry providing hospitality to promote dignity and community among Portland's neediest.

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Gary Louis Davis


Since June 2007


B.A. Washington University M.Div. Yale University ordained minister, United Church of Christ pastor: Falls Village Congregational Church, Falls Village, CT; Woodmont United Church of Christ, Milford, CT; Lake Oswego United Church of Christ, Lake Oswego, OR Resource Center Coordinator: Holden Village, Chelan, WA Hired by Operation Nightwatch, June, 2007

Leadership Statement:

Not long ago, I used my Netflix subscription to watch the DVD edition of the HBO series, . is about the rough-and-tumble town that the arose in the Black Hills of Dakota Territory because of the gold rush of the 1870s. The town had the notorious reputation of being a blot of complete lawlessness.     One of the advantages of watching the series on DVD is that you can overlay the episodes with commentary tracks voiced by the show's principals. On one of them, David Milch, the series' creator, says that what attracted him to the subject matter was the ability to explore the dynamics that lead human beings to bring order from chaos, civilization from barbarity. One of the prime dynamics, Milch discovered, was simply that of people learning the humanization that comes from opening up and learning each other's backgrounds, and building the bonds that comes from sharing personal stories.     That's the very function served by Operation Nightwatch. The streets of our own city can be as raw as any Deadwood. But Nightwatch is about humanizing us--of us--not only those who may make the streets their home, but also those of us whose ordinary sensibilities would have us question whether we should even approach them.    "Here," we wish to say, "your own story will be honored. Here, there is a place to connect where you need not feel so alone."    For those who experience the rootlessness of life on the streets, it's the first step toward bringing order from chaos.    And in that, there is the promise of healing.

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Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

In recognition that 4/5 of Portland's homeless are now to be found outside the downtown core, in 2010 Nightwatch commissioned its Mobile Hospitality Center to serve those in outlying areas. Nightwatch remains the only agency providing homeless services in the evening hours.     In the next year, we plan to extend our outreach further by offering elementary health services.     The Board of Directors has adopted a five-year strategic plan which includes a vision of opening a second bricks-and-mortar Hospitality Center.

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