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University of California, San Francisco

AKA Regents of the University of California, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

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University of California, San Francisco

Also Known As:
Regents of the University of California, San Francisco
Physical Address:
San Francisco, CA 94143 0248
Web URL:
Susan Desmond-Hellmann
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Basic Organization Information

University of California, San Francisco

Also Known As:
Regents of the University of California, San Francisco
Physical Address:
San Francisco, CA 94143 0248
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
B Educational Institutions 
B50 Graduate, Professional(Separate Entities) 
H Medical Research 
E Health—General & Rehabilitative 
E24 Hospital (Specialty) 
Ruling Year:

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Mission Statement

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is a leading university dedicated to promoting health worldwide through advanced biomedical research, graduate-level education in the life sciences and health professions, and excellence in patient care. It is the only UC campus in the 10-campus system dedicated exclusively to the health sciences.

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Susan Desmond-Hellmann

Leadership Statement:

The importance of establishing priorities is self-evident, and the priorities I outlined soon after I became chancellor last year – Patients and Health(http://ucsfchancellor.ucsf.edu/priorities/patientshealth) , Discovery(http://ucsfchancellor.ucsf.edu/priorities/discovery) , Education(http://ucsfchancellor.ucsf.edu/priorities/education) , People(http://ucsfchancellor.ucsf.edu/priorities/people) and Business(http://ucsfchancellor.ucsf.edu/priorities/business)  – are at once obvious and imperative. They’re obvious, given the mission of higher education in general and UCSF in particular. They’re imperative because they are the lifeblood of UCSF, an institution I have known and loved for nearly three decades. My job is to breathe life into those priorities, to make them more than just words, to connect the dots and to show how they relate to one another. My job is also to inspire people to attain goals attached to those priorities in ways that are innovative and of global importance. It’s also the role of the chancellor to provide coherence for what we’re doing, along with a roadmap for where we’re going. The five priorities reflect in very real ways who we are and what we do. And they are intrinsically interconnected. Excellent, patient-centric health care can’t exist without UCSF’s outstanding people. Discovery is, to my mind, inextricably linked to clinical outcomes. Business may seem outside the mainstream, but we simply have to learn how to manage ourselves more efficiently if we are to achieve all our aims with limited resources. And education hardly stands in isolation; it is at the core of everything we do. The priorities are also a blueprint we can use to maintain our position as a world leader in biomedical research and outstanding health care. As a community and as individuals, we strive to make a difference by cultivating good health and well-being in the United States and beyond. And in making differences both small and profound, we’re changing the world for the better.

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Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

As one of the most prominent institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area, UCSF has a total paid workforce of 22,800 and is a major economic engine for the entire region. UCSF generates more that 39,000 jobs (including those at UCSF) and produces an estimated impact of $6.2 billion that includes operations, construction, salaries, and local purchases by employees, students and visitors, according to a 2010 economic impact report(http://www.ucsf.edu/eir) .

Expert Assessment

The UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health was heralded for the efforts to increase access to contraceptive services and to expand the spectrum of practitioners. Their backing by UCSF and their cultivation of new leadership are cited as key drivers of this success. Read More »

Expert Reviews and Comments

2010 Philanthropedia Top Nonprofit

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Evidence of Impact

The UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health was heralded for the efforts to increase access to contraceptive services and to expand the spectrum of practitioners. Their backing by UCSF and their cultivation of new leadership are cited as key drivers of this success.

The medical and research staff including Drey, Darney, Speidel, and Brindis just to name a few at UCSF are recognized as the technical leaders of the reproductive health field. Just to name two, their work has changed the way many providers think about this method and their evaluations of California's Family PACT program have been central to the continued State support for this program despite California's catastrophic financial state. Foundation Professional
They have taken on a number of relevant, important and difficult research questions and projects, stuff that a lot of other groups are afraid of/intimidated by (a panel study of abortion patients and women who are denied abortions) or that are not on our radar screen (the real need and demand for second-tri abortion services). Some of their work seeks not just to describe something, for example the provision of early medical abortion services, but actually attempts to provide training and outreach around these issues. Researcher and Faculty
They offer cutting edge research in politically challenging areas. This organization does not shy away from anything; they have outstanding researchers with incredible vision. Researcher and Faculty
They are effectively developing a credible and widely accepted evidence base around cutting edge issues and programs/strategies relating to abortion care, aiding the transfer of experiences had by activists, providers and communities "on the ground" to larger scale resources and initiatives. Nonprofit Senior Staff
They provide extraordinary research that fuels our most creative policy advocacy. An excellent example is the project underway in California to train advanced practice clinicians to perform early aspiration abortions. This will prove the safety of authorizing these professionals to early offer abortion services and allow for statutory change. Nonprofit Senior Staff
They perform strong research on abortion access and incorporation of new practitioners into abortion care. Nonprofit Senior Staff
They are taking on research on reproductive health that no one else will touch, bringing new knowledge and data into the field that didn't previously exist. Nonprofit Senior Staff
It's important to define reproductive health broadly and uncover/discuss the areas that typically haven't been thought of as reproductive health/justice areas and illuminate them: the intersection of reproductive and environmental health is a key area. Providers, legislators, advocates and families need to be educated and work for overhaul of Toxic Chemicals legislation, prevent exposure. It's a quickly emerging hot topic that affects each and every US citizen. Nonprofit Senior Staff
They really do create the next generation of abortion providers and also improve teaching of contraception in residency. Nonprofit Senior Staff
They provide careful research and broad initiatives that provides the data that allows us to make good arguments around women's need for abortion. For example, their summit on second trimester abortion catalyzed new projects and created a new focus on the vulnerable women who desperately need this service. Other

Organizational Strengths

A variety of dimensions received praise, but the quality of their leadership and staff were cited most often.

The leaders such as Phil Darney, Claire Brindis, Joe Speidel, Nancy Padian, and others have grown UCSF's Bixby Center and OBGYN dept into a leading center for research, practice, and policy. Foundation Professional
The leadership and the staff are strong. Tracy Weitz is a great critical thinker and has a lot of innovative ideas and suggestions. Her staff members are also smart and very enthusiastic. It is my perception that Tracy seeks to mentor her less-senior staff, which I think is often overlooked by directors. Researcher and Faculty
Their Director, Dr. Tracy Weitz, is one of the most dynamic and visionary researchers in the field. Their staff is incredible and the organization is increasingly recognized as being the go-to organization for translational research. They have an excellent relationship with advocacy organizations. Researcher and Faculty
Tracy Weitz is a strong, thoughtful, and increasingly visible leader in the field; the program brings with it the intellectual and material resources and credibility of a large university. Nonprofit Senior Staff
They have visionary leadership; they are based in a University, so they have a stable foundation. Other
I have been impressed and inspired by their work. They have applied, policy, and practice-oriented research that can be used directly by advocates (professional and nonprofessional) but also do work that is in direct dialogue with public health and social science. Their work is theory based and rigorous, but accessible. Researcher and Faculty
Research & Program Design
The Bixby Center does excellent research and is willing to take on risky projects. Researcher and Faculty
With the prestige of the University of California backing its work, this organization has an extremely talented and dedicated staff. Its staff has a remarkable grasp of the intersection between research and advocacy. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Program Design
Their vision, staff, and practical focus on service delivery improvement are strengths. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Respect in Field
A strength of the organization is that it is well-respected throughout the field of abortion services and reproductive health/rights and that many other organizations or services are willing to partner with them on research projects. Nonprofit Senior Staff
They are well respected in the field. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Their academic leadership, terrific staff, and ability to help organize large community of relevant organizations are strengths. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Strategy & Staff
It thinks "outside the box" in tackling many challenges in the reproductive health field. It is well-managed and has a talented group of advisers and staff. It has a connection to a well-respected university in the reproductive health field is a plus. Nonprofit Senior Staff

Areas for Improvement

Experts seemed to focus their improvements around ways in which the organization could do even more good. More collaboration, more staff, and leaner operations were proposed as methods of expanding programming.

Program Design
All research institutions including UCSF can do a better job of packaging their research for policy and popular audiences whether that is through more effective slide presentations with the help of a designer or short readable digests of current research that are targeted at more popular news media outlets. Foundation Professional
The training models these programs support are very specific. It would be great to develop alternate training models that could be supported by these organizations. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Tracy has received some attention as a policy wonk talking head (e.g., appearances on Rachel Maddow), but I think they would be an even better organization if they work on their outreach and dissemination efforts. Researcher and Faculty
They could have greater fluency operating in the non-university/academic setting and, to be a real national leader, establishing stronger connections at the state level, outside of California. Nonprofit Senior Staff
This nonprofit is a University, so it has different kinds of challenges than your average nonprofit organization. Personnel and human resource management needs to be improved within the nonprofit since it operates so separately from the university but must follow its rules. They need to figure out how to manage themselves in a way that meets the needs of the staff, not the university culture. Nonprofit Senior Staff
More Staff
With expanded staff, it could accomplish even more than it does. Nonprofit Senior Staff
More Recognition
They could increase the visibility of their work. They could focus on incorporating abortion care in to primary care core competencies across disciplines. Nonprofit Senior Staff
More Collaboration
They need to liaison more with like-minded organizations to help get the word out more. Nonprofit Senior Staff
University costs and overhead limit the impact of their grants. Other

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