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January 2012

Nonprofit board members have two basic responsibilities—support and governance—each requiring different skills and expertise. In the role of "supporter" board members raise money, bring contacts to the organization, and act as ambassadors to the community. Equally important, the "governance" role involves protection of the public interest, being a fiduciary, selecting the executive director and assessing his/ her performance, ensuring compliance with legal and tax requirements, and evaluating the organization's work.

IdeaEncore provides hundreds of links and documents that can help your board—and your nonprofit—better understand the important roles and responsibilities of your board. Check out these helpful resources listed below.

Short, Quick, Easy-to-Use Tools

Basic Roles and Responsibilities

Board Chair Responsibilities

  • If you're a board chair who needs a little help understanding your role, read Scribner & Associates' book Are You Chairing a Board by the Seat of Your Pants? ($7.50).
  • Whether you are a seasoned board chair wanting to brush up, an incoming board chair seeking knowledge and skills, or a person considering the possibility of becoming a board chair, BoardSource's The Board Chair Handbook, Second Edition, provides the blueprint for being successful and effective in your leadership role ($54).

Special Board Roles and Responsibilities

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