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March 2012

A constant challenge for nonprofits—almost every nonprofit, everywhere—is getting board members to raise funds. With the right motivation, training, and support, some of your board members can overcome their hesitation. Start with clear ground rules about your fundraising expectations prior to bringing a new board member onboard. Discuss any requirements that board members will make personal and/or business contributions within a specific timeframe. Be equally specific about any expectation that board members are to ask others for contributions.

Part of the problem is that few board members know how to do fundraising, and most are afraid to ask others to give. You can help some board members get past their fears. Begin by inviting them to open up their Rolodexes, e-mail contacts, holiday card lists, etc. to identify potential contributors. That means going to their offices or homes and helping them identify prospects. Asking for gifts from friends, family, associates, and/or strangers can be very daunting, so you must provide lots of handholding and support if you want board members to succeed.

With the appropriate organizational structure, clear expectations, and high-quality training, some of your board members can become successful fundraisers. And don't forget that there are lots of legal and regulatory issues regarding fundraising that board members must also pay attention to. The following resources from IdeaEncore Network can help.

Helping Board Members Raise Money

Fundraising Ideas Your Board Can Use

Fundraising Methods

The Hardest Step: Asking for the Gift

Fundraising Policies and Regulations

Fundraising Basics

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