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A Gift to GuideStar Supports All Nonprofits

What Is GuideStar?

GuideStar USA is a nonprofit organization that helps donors, nonprofits, and philanthropic organizations access the best information to make the best giving decisions. Through our data, products, and services, we bring clarity to a sector that can be challenging to navigate.

GuideStar is a thought leader in the nonprofit sector with a social mission to increase transparency in legitimacy, reputation, and impact information about charitable organizations. To support this mission, we make comprehensive nonprofit data available for free at GuideStar.org. We sustain our mission by creating innovative products for customers and through philanthropic support.

Why Support GuideStar?

We provide information that encourages confident giving to high-performing, impact-focused nonprofits. We promote our nonprofit peers to help them attract new volunteers and donors to support their important work. And to the vast majority of our users—98 percent—we provide these services for free. But as a nonprofit ourselves, we need your help to continue this public service.

What Is GuideStar’s Financial Model and What Does Your Donation Fund?

We want our services to be reliable and dependable, and not entirely based on federal funding and economic fluctuations—to that end, GuideStar has set a financial goal of becoming 95 percent self-sustaining by 2012. But to avoid becoming entirely reliant on sales and earned income, we want to diversify our funding with grants, contributions, and membership.

The earned revenue keeps our lights on—it pays for the digitization of our data, the powering of our servers that host our Web site and data feeds to our partners, the ability to donate to your favorite charity directly from our site, and the salaries of the people who work every day to extend and improve upon our mission.

But We Want to Do More

We want to go above and beyond the basics, to be able to:

  • Provide even more digitized data for free
  • Create and foster programs focused on nonprofit impact
  • Partner with other organizations to share information and unite the nonprofit community
  • Act as a thought leadership hub for revolutionary change within the sector

We have lofty goals, and we need your help to reach them.

So How Can You Help?

There are three main ways to support us:

We pledge to use your money wisely, and we will keep you updated on our progress as we continue to expand our services to the sector.

Donations to GuideStar are tax deductible.

GuideStar USA, Inc. (EIN 54-1774039) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


E-mail us at funding@guidestar.org.