Giving More Impact to the Giving Season

It's the giving season, the time of the year when charitable giving increases dramatically. Whether you're a donor or represent a nonprofit, here are resources to help you make the most of the 2013 giving season.

For Donors

  • Quick Giving Tips—check out our five-step infographic on giving to the right charity.
  • Giving Tips Sheet—download this resource outlining what to look for when making giving decisions.
  • Overhead Myth—visit this site to find out why it's a mistake to evaluate charities only by their overhead ratios.
  • GuideStar Nonprofit Reports

    • Check out the GuideStar Quick View, our informative summary section of the most important info about a nonprofit or charity. Look at GuideStar’s own Quick View as an example.
    • Don't miss the impact tab, which presents information on an organization's effectiveness. On it you'll find expert reviews, evidence of effectiveness, discussion of organizational strengths, assessment of areas of improvement, quotes from the experts, and more.
  • Philanthropedia Expert Reviews—visit Philanthropedia to find additional expert reviews.
  • Stakeholder Reviews—read what people who have firsthand experience with a nonprofit have to say. Support your favorite nonprofits by writing reviews for them.

Tim Reifschneider, #IGive4 JamesWhy Do You Give to Charity?

Which of the myriad causes and millions of charities will you give to this year? We want to know!

Post a photo of you holding a sign stating, "IGive4 [cause/motivation] [favorite charity]" on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr and use the hashtag #IGive4.

We'll be on the lookout for your great content and will share as many images as we can in our own social media network.

To see what people have already done (and to see a larger version of the photo above), visit our #IGive4 page.

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For Nonprofits

Make sure you share your story where potential donors might find you, and that your information is up to date.

  • Quick Tips for Nonprofits—download this handy reference.
  • GuideStar Exchange—update your nonprofit report on GuideStar by participating in the GuideStar Exchange. We've revised the program so that it offers three levels of participation, each with its own benefits. Participating lets you reach out to the millions of donors and funders who visit our site as well as the millions more who use our partner sites.
  • Impact Information—Charting Impact is now part of the GuideStar Exchange. Answering these five simple yet powerful questions lets you demonstrate your impact to donors and funders.
  • Stakeholder Reviews—ask current supporters to write reviews for your organization, then leverage the reviews in your promotions. Our Reviews Tool Kit will help you get started.
  • Free Nonprofit GuideBook—download More Money for More Good, our free guidebook to help nonprofits improve fundraising, increase effectiveness, and better engage with current and potential donors and funders.
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