FAQs: Data Depth Indicator

  1. What is a data depth indicator?

    Data depth indicators are iconic markers that refer to the amount of data associated with each organization returned in the search results.

    Each data depth indicator contains up to 4 squares preceded by the text "Depth of Data." Clicking on the indicator will display more details about the data available for the given organization in its report.

  2. What is the GuideStar BMF?

    The GuideStar Business Master File (BMF) contains all the organizations that were ever included in the IRS BMF (exclusive of some revocations). It is maintained as a historical record of nonprofit organizations.

  3. What is "Self Reported Information"?

    "Self Reported Information" refers to information that the organization reported directly to GuideStar (i.e. not to the IRS). Organizations do this through the GuideStar Exchange program. The GuideStar Exchange program allows organizations to share comprehensive data about various aspects of the operation, including:,/p>

    • Extensive people data, including employee and board member data
    • Comprehensive program data including objectives, goals, and results
    • Organizational data, including mission, policies, and areas served

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