FAQs: Nonprofit Reviews

  1. What is GreatNonprofits? What is GuideStar's relationship with this organization?

    GreatNonprofits is GuideStar's nonprofit technology partner that provides the technology behind user reviews and ratings of nonprofits. Similar to Yelp or Tripadvisor or Epinions, but specifically for nonprofits. GreatNonprofits is bringing the same kind of “word on the street” recommendations to help donors and volunteers find good nonprofits.

    If you write a review or rate an organization on the GuideStar site, it will appear on both the GuideStar and GreatNonprofits sites. Similarly, reviews/ratings written on the GreatNonprofits site will appear on GuideStar.

  2. Who writes your reviews?

    These are user reviews. They are typically written by volunteers of the nonprofit, clients of the nonprofit, or other constituents.

  3. How do I write a review?

    Writing a review is very simple. The first thing you want to do is search for the nonprofit you would like to review. Find the organization listed in search results, and click on the organization's name. Click on the “Write Reviews” tab. Then, click on the“Write a Review” link and follow the instructions on the form.

  4. Can anyone write a review?

    We ask that the nonprofit’s founder and people who currently work in a paid position for the organization refrain from writing reviews about themselves. Unpaid board members, clients, volunteers, partners, and other stakeholders are welcome to write reviews.

  5. Can I write more than one review for a nonprofit?


  6. Are there policies for posting reviews on GuideStar?

    Yes. These are the policies for posting reviews on Guidestar >

  7. Who will read my review?

    Anybody who goes to a nonprofit's report page on GuideStar or on the Great Nonprofits Web site will have access to your review, as well as the organization that you write the review about.

  8. How do I get reviews about my nonprofit on this site?

    The best way to increase your popularity and people’s awareness of the existence of your nonprofit is by directing your volunteers, beneficiaries, and anyone who knows you to give you a review.

  9. My nonprofit has some bad reviews but we have fixed a few things. Can you remove the bad reviews?

    Unfortunately, in order to maintain the credibility of the reviews, we cannot remove the bad ones. This is a great chance to ask all the people who have seen your changes to write about their recent experience with you. We believe that the people judging you will understand the chronological factor and rely on newer reviews.

  10. Are you worried about people posting fake reviews?

    In general, we think the nonprofit sector has a lot of integrity, so we don’t expect a lot of people posting fake reviews. However, like the majority of sites on the Internet, there’s no way for us to verify each posted review. As with all things on the Internet, you have to use your judgment. Read the reviews, and judge for yourself which one sounds credible. Overall, we think people will be honest and the reviews will provide some useful insights. Take Amazon’s book reviews, for instance. Yes, there are some self-promoting authors, but is the book-buying world better because of people’s ability to post their reviews on Amazon? Or is it worse? Most people would agree, we think, that it is better.