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  • Overcoming the Overhead Myth
    September 2, 2015
    2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. ET
    Cost: $49*

    A dangerous myth prevails among funders that overhead can be used as a proxy for efficiency. In fact, research shows that under-investing in administrative overhead is often linked with poor performance by nonprofits. Ann Goggins Gregory and Don Howard dubbed this process “the nonprofit starvation cycle” in the eponymous Stanford Social Innovation Review article.

    This webinar is for nonprofit executives who wish to invest in administration and who need strategies for communicating to funders the true costs of running their organization; funders who are interested in evaluating their grantees for efficacy and for rethinking operational costs as opportunities for investment; and all social sector professionals who are interested in understanding and spreading awareness about the dangers of under-investing in overhead.

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    *Please note: this webinar is not hosted by GuideStar but by Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR). The price for attendance is $49/registration, which includes access to the live webinar, unlimited access to the webinar as many times as you’d like for twelve months, and downloadable slides.
  • Updating your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile is Easier than Ever
    September 3, 2015
    1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. ET
    Cost: FREE

    Did you know that even if you haven’t uploaded the information, GuideStar has pulled your organization’s basic data from your publically accessible IRS Form 990 to create your own, unique profile on Through updating your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile on our website, your nonprofit has an opportunity to increase transparency and share your full and up-to-date story with the world, so join us to learn the new features before you test drive!

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  • Getting it Right: What You Need to Know about Nonprofit Executive Compensation
    September 15, 2015
    2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. ET
    Cost: FREE

    Paying your executives too much can have negative consequences: public anger, loss of tax-exempt status, substantial fines on both the executives who receive the overpayment and the board members who approved it, attention from state attorneys general, and criticism from those who oppose your organization’s mission.

    Underpaying your executives has risks too. It can cause valuable employees to leave for greener pastures and make it difficult to attract the best candidates to lead your organization.

    What’s a nonprofit to do?

    Join us on September 15 to find out. Some of the country’s leading professionals in nonprofit executive compensation will walk you through the top 10 current traps and trends in this area.

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  • Decoding the Nonprofit Compensation Mystery: Using the GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report
    September 22, 2015
    1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. ET
    Cost: FREE

    Do you know what a “rebuttable presumption” is?
    Can you name the “disqualified persons” in your organization?
    Do you know why these things are important?

    If you answered, “No,” to any of these questions, this free webinar is for you. Join GuideStar’s Chuck McLean to find out how to stay compliant with IRS regulations using GuideStar’s annual Nonprofit Compensation Report.

    The IRS, Congress, and donors are all taking hard looks at what nonprofits pay their leaders. Make sure you can justify your organization’s compensation practices to these important audiences.

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