2011 GuideStar Directory of Nonprofit Contractors

The 2011 GuideStar Directory of Nonprofit Contractors is the only report of its kind. Compiled from the IRS Forms 990 nonprofits filed for fiscal year 2009, the report lists:

  • 13,000 businesses that provided services to
  • 14,000-plus nonprofits, which spent a total of
  • $34 billion for those services

Numbering 3,904 pages and provided as a searchable PDF, the directory contains two sections:

  • Contractors by service type—this section lists each contractor's name, address, and contract totals
  • Contractors by service type and client location—organized by state, this section lists within each state the type of service; contractor name; client name, city, and state; and contract size.

Services Covered in the 2011 Directory

  • Accounting/auditing/tax services
  • Actuarial
  • Administrative/management
  • Advertising
  • Anesthesia
  • Architectural/engineering
  • Back office support
  • Building, grounds maintenance/cleaning
  • Conference/convention/special events
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Financial/investment
  • Food
  • Fundraising/direct marketing/campaign
  • Health care/employee benefits administration
  • HVAC/plumbing/electrical
  • Insurance
  • IT/software
  • Laboratory testing and services
  • Legal
  • Lobbying
  • Marketing/public relations/communications
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical/occupational/speech therapy
  • Power line construction
  • Printing/publication
  • Property management
  • Security
  • Temporary staffing
  • Transportation
  • Tree services/right of way maintenance
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2011 GuideStar Directory of Nonprofit Contractors at a Glance

What: Directory of businesses that provided services to nonprofits in FY 2009, the nonprofits that purchased the services, and the amounts spent on them

Who should purchase: Accountants; attorneys; tax advisors; sales and marketing professionals; professionals providing administrative, human resources, information technology, and other services to nonprofits

Why: To get data for tailoring proposals, identifying potential nonprofit clients, and determining how much nonprofits are paying for specific services

How: Aggregates and parses contractor information reported on IRS Form 990 by 14,000 nonprofits for FY 2009

How much: $99

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