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GuideStar Charity Check:
IRS Compliant. Grantmaker Approved.

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GuideStar Charity Check remains the only pre-grant due-diligence product that is 100% compliant with all IRS requirements for verifying eligibility to receive grants and payouts—and now it's working harder than ever for you.

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Save time and protect your organization or clients from tax penalties by consulting GuideStar Charity Check before you make a grant or advise donors on major gifts.

With GuideStar Charity Check, you can:

  • Get automatic e-mail alerts for the organizations you need to keep track of, including alerts on automatic revocation of exemption, IRS BMF exclusion, change in subsection code, Pub 78 exclusion, and OFAC inclusion
  • Identify subordinate organizations at a glance and link directly to the parent organizations' GuideStar Charity Check reports
  • Identify nonprofits whose exemptions were automatically revoked under the Pension Protection Act for failure to file annual returns for three consecutive years
  • Verify charitable status, IRS deductibility code, and deductibility limitations using IRS Publication 78 data
  • Identify supporting organizations and, where available, type of supporting organization using IRS Business Master File data, in compliance with the Pension Protection Act of 2006
  • Identify nonprofits whose tax-exempt status has been revoked for reasons other than failure to file and link directly to the Internal Revenue Bulletins in which the revocations were announced
  • Document your research with a time- and date-stamped report that you can print or save electronically
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GuideStar Charity Check at a Glance

What: Comprehensive due-diligence tool for grantmakers

Who should subscribe: Private foundations, sponsoring organizations of donor-advised funds, corporate giving programs, federated giving programs, advisors to donors making major gifts

Why: To avoid excise taxes and identify expenditure responsibility for grants that do not count toward minimum payout requirements

How: Incorporates IRS Business Master File, Publication 78, Automatic Revocation of Exemption, and OFAC data into one report. GuideStar Charity Check is the only pre-grant due-diligence product that is 100% compliant with IRS requirements for qualifying recipients of grants and tax-deductible contributions.

How much: Starting at $75/month, $750/year

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