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People Incorporated is a forward-thinking human service agency staffed by caring people who are proud to create opportunities for children, adults, and families throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. Our mission is to strengthen our community for each of its members by providing premier services for children and adults of all abilities in a collaborative and creative environment. All of our services assist the entire family in meeting their goals. We inspire children to reach their academic goals, families to bond, and communities to become stronger together. Whatever concerns may be raised by an individual or a family - the support, education, and assistance they need can be found at People Incorporated!

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President & CEO

Ms. Megan Stirk

Main address

4 South Main Street

Fall River, MA 02721 USA

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Human Service Organizations (P20)

Vocational Rehabilitation (includes Job Training and Employment for Disabled and Elderly) (J30)

Human Services - Multipurpose and Other N.E.C. (P99)

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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People Incorporated strives to provide services and opportunities to all members of our community regardless of age or ability. We offer a variety of integrated programs to help support individuals with life challenges and ensure that they have the supports necessary to thrive and become active members of our community. We also provide services through our affiliate programs to address overall challenges within the community, such as school drop-out rates and the general health and well-being of our community. Our ability to focus our efforts and achieve group success has made us one of the strongest agencies in the region.

Our programs

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Residential Services

People Incorporated's Residential Services division offers a range of living choices which provide natural supports around the typical valued roles that people want and expect in their lives. Our primary goal is to provide a service that is flexible and individualized based on each person’s strengths or needs that is always adaptable to reflect changes in the person’s life. We achieve this goal with the help of a well-trained and professional staff as well as supportive family members and guardians.

24-hour support choices include living in People Incorporated homes or apartments in a warm, caring environment. Located in desirable and aesthetically pleasing locations, we carefully choose our residential homes while preserving significant community ties for the people we serve. In 24 hour supported environments, we ensure staff is present whenever individuals are at home. Our staff work with individuals so they may meet their specific goals in areas such as increasing activities of daily living (ADL) skills, funds management, and personal growth through life experiences and relationship building.

People Incorporated also offers 24-hour in-home residential services to adults living with Acquired Brain Injury. Individuals who qualify under the ABI Waiver programs are transitioned to live outside of skilled nursing facilities and other long-stay hospital settings in state of the art homes designed and built to maximize accessibility and independence. Individuals can enjoy the comforts and atmosphere of a private home setting and supports necessary to facilitate community integration and enriched quality of life. Residential Services is committed to providing quality care to ABI survivors by providing 24-hour nursing support performed by Licensed Nurses and Certified Nurse’s Aides. All staff is provided with training specific to the unique needs of the individuals served.

Less than 24-hour Supports are also available. The number of hours per day is dependent on the specific needs and goals of the individual. Supports may be in the form of providing assistance with household budgeting, making and keeping medical appointments, and assisting the individual with meaningful integration into their local community.
We believe that each person should be integrated into their community in a way that is meaningful for them while we assist them in facilitating relationships with family and friends. Individuals can be supported by our programs and continue to live at home with their family while taking advantage of other programs in the Agency designed to provide different opportunities in the community.

The Residential Services division of People Incorporated has been providing residential supports for 50 years, and we continue to contribute to the highest quality of life for each of the individuals we serve.

Population(s) Served

Day Habilitation Services
Day Habilitation Services are therapeutically based supports offering physical, occupational and speech therapy, behavior supports and nursing services. In addition to therapy services, the program provides an array of activities both in the facility and community. The activities range from adult daily living skills, volunteering, social and recreational activities, exercise both in the program and at the YMCA, music, art, yoga, cooking, and gardening.

Elder Day Habilitation Services
Elder Day Habilitation offers the same therapeutic and daily activities as the day habilitation program; however, the activities are geared toward an aging population. Our staff is specifically trained in aging issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, mobility and nutrition.

Life Skills Day Habilitation
Life Skills Day Habilitation offers therapeutic skills as day habilitation services with a focus on independent living skills. Skills training includes budgeting, grocery shopping, volunteering, meal planning, cooking, computer skills, laundry, cleaning, social skills, safety skills, and health and fitness. A majority of the activities occur in the community.

Population(s) Served

People Incorporated's Early Intervention Program has been servicing the developmental and therapeutic needs of children ages birth to three for over 30 years. Any child under the age of three can be referred for developmental assessment by our team of therapists and professionals. Parents, physicians, childcare providers, and caregivers can contact the program to initiate a referral.

Service Coordination
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Aquatics Therapy
Maternal/Child Health Nursing Services
Vision Services
Deaf-education Services
Infant Massage Instruction
Sensory Integration Therapy
Behavioral/Social Emotional Intervention

Experienced therapists and clinicians work with the family to provide a comprehensive delivery of services which best meets the child’s and family’s needs. These services can occur in the family home, at a childcare center, at any requested community space or the home of an extended family member.

Population(s) Served

The primary goal of the People Incorporated Preschool is to support families in promoting their child’s optimal development. The Preschool is a strength-based childcare program with goals that are family-centered, focusing on facilitating social interaction, exploration, and autonomy.

The People Incorporated Preschool is a unique childcare experience blending children’s interests with developmentally appropriate curriculum and experiences. The Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a stringent model of quality care and educational practices. The curriculum is based on NAEYC and Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care regulations, policies, and best practice standards. Children receive timely, comprehensive services, resources, and supports to assist them in maximizing their development while respecting the diversity of families and communities. Children served by the Preschool are ages 2.9 to 6 years. Children of all abilities are welcome.

Family Involvement
Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to visit the center. Families may also schedule conferences with the director, the child’s teacher, school nurse, or family advocate to discuss the program, ask questions, or discuss their individual child. We believe that an ongoing parent and professional dialogue is needed to develop, implement, monitor, and modify developmental activities.

Screenings and Support
Children enrolled at the People, Incorporated Preschool have the opportunity to participate in a developmental screening. This information helps teachers plan individual goals for children. Families are encouraged to schedule meetings with teachers and/or the director to discuss their child’s progress as well as set future goals.

Care is provided from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm year-round
Daily notes on activities and progress from classroom teacher
Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided each day
Schedule of weekly events, activities, and meals
Support services are available for families
Accredited by the NAEYC

Population(s) Served

Where we work

Our Sustainable Development Goals

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Goals & Strategy

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Charting impact

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Our Agency’s primary goal is to not only to enhance our current services that individuals and funders need, respect, appreciate, and wish to continue, but to also expand services such as educational, children’s, mental health, autism, and elder services. We are always striving to increase the quality of the services and programs we provide and maintain continuous improvement in order to adapt to and address the ever-changing, complex challenges within our community.

We also aim to address challenges and weaknesses within our Agency including staff recruitment, retention, and professional development. We believe that addressing these issues is essential to maintaining and improving the quality of our services because our greatest asset is our dedicated, caring workforce that can maintain relationships with the individuals and caregivers receiving our services and collaborate across programs. As a result, we have set additional goals to increase recruitment, hiring, and retention by increasing the percentage of employees retained for one year by 60% and reducing turnover to 20-25%.

Additionally, we strive to increase the growth and sustainability of our Agency to ensure a stable and secure future, strengthen our resources, develop creative solutions, manage risk, and build our community.

To ensure that our menu of services continues to expand to meet the needs of individuals not currently served, we will add one new program, service, or program site each year. Our strategies to maintain and improve quality in our current offerings are remaining open to criticism, being transparent in our actions, delegating significant responsibilities to our management team, and gathering and responding to input from many sources and offering many vehicles through which ideas and suggestions surface to the highest levels of the organization.

To address challenges regarding staff recruitment, retention, and professional development we must improve our internal structure. We need to do a better job of recognizing our employees and of continuously making sure they realize they are valued. We must continue to educate and provide the skillsets they need to grow their career. We must empower our employees and continue to improve on giving them feedback and coaching. We must look at our culture and make sure that we are meeting our employees’ needs for having an opportunity for development, challenging and meaningful work, and a sense of belonging.

Our greatest asset to accomplishing our goals is our dedicated and educated workforce and our leadership message. Our message of “Accountability and Responsibility = Success” helps us maintain focus on our vision and goals. We believe that we must be held accountable to, and responsible for, the principles that will guide us and assure that we are successful. Our leaders’ dedication to this message is what allows them to implement our strategies and address new challenges effectively. The culture of honest and candid communication that our Agency cultivates through open and positive relationships between employees and management also encourages new ideas and criticism when working to meet our goals.

Furthermore, we are committed to measuring our successes by actively seeking feedback and questions from employees, soliciting input from individuals receiving our services, and collecting data on our programs. We analyze this information and use it to assess our progress and develop strategies on how we can improve.

People Incorporated has accomplished a multitude of goals and achieved substantial growth over our more than 50 years of service. We began with one residential home and one sheltered workshop in 1968 and have expanded to provide extensive residential, day habilitation, employment, educational, behavioral, early intervention, and community-based services.

We have expanded our Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) supports, including specialized services and residential homes to meet the needs of individuals living with ABI.

Working with community partnerships, we have maintained and expanded affiliate programs such as comprehensive Community Engagement Centers, the SMILES mentoring program, the Diabetes Association Inc., and Camp Jack which serves children with Type 1 diabetes.

Additionally, we have done extensive work to create a comprehensive Behavior Services Division within our agency that employs specialists to develop behavior plans and collaborate with other programs, including day habilitation and residential, to ensure individuals receive top quality services in all the programs in which they participate.

As we continuously seek improvement as an Agency, our goals are to expand and improve the quality of these services and create new opportunities in the community for people of all abilities.

How we listen

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  • Which of the following feedback practices does your organization routinely carry out?

  • What challenges does the organization face when collecting feedback?

    We don't have any major challenges to collecting feedback


People Incorporated

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People Incorporated

Board of directors
as of 10/30/2020
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Board chair

Mr. David Bedard

CompNet Insurance Solutions, Inc.

Joseph Baptista

Mechanics Cooperative Bank

William Burns

Southcoast Health

Deborah Dutra

G. Lopes Construction

Renee Howayeck

Law Office of Gary P. Hawayeck, P.C.

Jason Rua

Rua-Dumont-Audet Insurance

Rene Lachapelle

RALCO Electric & Generator

Janna Lafrance

Lafrance Hospitality

Dennis Read

Read Insurance and Financial Services

Janice Carrigg

Bristol Pacific Homes

James Wallace

BayCoast Bank

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