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Veritas Impact Partners targets greater outcomes of improved education, health & wellness, and economic advancement for workforce communities. Our current COVID-19 relief priority is bringing affordable telemedicine to as many communities as we can, so as to ensure residents have 24/7 access to the highest quality medical professionals available.

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Veritas is proud to share our vision, values, operating model and social impact results progress as a Platinum rated GuideStar member. Please reach out to us – we welcome all comments, contributions and opportunities for shared community!

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Rob Hanna

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809 N. Cuernavaca Drive

Austin, TX 78733 USA

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Community Improvement, Capacity Building N.E.C. (S99)

Human Services - Multipurpose and Other N.E.C. (P99)

Philanthropy / Charity / Voluntarism Promotion (General) (T50)

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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Our direct experience reveals 11.9 million individual and family workforce households pay rent in large (> 50 household) multifamily, apartment complexes. These households struggle to sustain basic needs due to endemic challenges. 1. Cost & debt burdened – spending more than 30% of total income on rising housing costs means an inability to save for economic shocks: where missed paychecks or illness destroys living standards and/or leads to eviction and even homelessness; 2. Early childhood risks – daycare is unaffordable and hardworking families lack free time for meeting early childhood needs and development challenges; and; 3. Fitness & health risks – high-deductible health insurance means families forego costs of routine medical care and learning of prevention until too late, or chronic illnesses prevail. These needs remain overlooked by philanthropy, and include challenges of families accepting charitable intents with preserved dignity.

Our programs

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Veritas targets outcomes of positive learning improvements for children, adults and entire communities.

Our education interventions focus on individual and group household priorities in each community we serve. Spotlight example: we deliver Harvard-based curriculum of proven, age-curated exercises to parents with infants and young children as their ongoing, daily development activity; older children get after school programming and adults desiring higher incomes get skill training for career advancement.

Population(s) Served

Veritas targets outcomes of positive behaviors and improved environments consequential to greater health and wellness gains for children and adults across their entire community.

Our health & wellness interventions assess individual and community risk factors and focus on activating latent, self-actualizing potentials for behavioral change adherence. Spotlight example: where individuals face obesity issues we intervene with metabolic testing, monthly tracking and nutritional counseling; we organize sport competitions for engaging youth into group activities; and, we create healthy home improvement challenges to activate neighbors across their community.

Population(s) Served

Veritas targets outcomes of increased incomes and decreased cost of living expenses for households across all dimensions of community economic development.

Our economic advancement interventions focus on individual and community capacities for collective cost reductions and individual potentials for greater household income generation. Spotlight example: we provide career advancement skill training to place residents in higher paying jobs (without initial costs) through income sharing agreements tied to their gaining higher paying careers – and staying in them.

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Where we work

Our results

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Context Notes

Program prototyping began June 2018 with 2,192 residents at 4 community sites in Texas, testing resident desires and priorities for participation levels and pacing of intervention events offered.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

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Goals & Strategy

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Charting impact

Four powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

Veritas Impact Partners frames the following vision as our intended accomplishments:

1. Success for all 11.9 million workforce households living in large multifamily housing apartments – we intend all these individual and family households to gain improved outcomes of better education, greater health & wellness and economic advancement by becoming engaged neighbors in their shared community.

We believe multifamily neighbors are untapped resources able to bottom-up innovate collective benefits, model proven methods and drive progress in greater quality of life improvements for all workforce households in their shared community; and,

2. Success for large multifamily investors, owners and operators – we can’t achieve our above primary goal without guiding our partners to evolve better investment and operating models in their industry. When multifamily industry participants value community social impacts we will be able to harness the power of market forces to systemically drive positive, sustainable outcome achievements for all workforce residents:

Our massive transformational purpose is to make greater resident and community social impacts an integral part of multifamily real estate industry capital investments and net operating income business models; and,

3. Success for Veritas – we intend gaining ongoing financial support from governments, philanthropy and paying customers who see value in our replication, scale and distribution of collaborative impact innovations in communities.

Our ultimate success is when all others spontaneously use our proven examples to drive greater learning, health & wellness and economic advancement gains in their own workforce communities.

Veritas' strategies include:

1. Energy – all collaborative participants' enthusiasms, organizational priorities and environmental factors are key to driving significant outcomes for residents and community. We discern levels of energy among all participants to determine probabilities for success, both when selecting opportunities and after committing services. Ongoing energy alignment in collaborations can also evolve by keeping shared focus on desired end state outcomes – this strategy is our most essential requirement for driving mission success;

2. Portfolio discipline – we differentiate and refine opportunities by high-value, social return on investment measures of resident and community impacts. Our portfolio approach clarifies expected results and enables supporters and partners to make better strategic use of their given time, talent and treasure;

3. Qualifying capacity and readiness – we vet supporters, partners, customers and residents by applying clear criteria on their potentials for success in every undertaking. We further drive initial high capacity and high readiness engagements by early milestones, rapid progress, ongoing improvements, sustaining proven innovations and pacing expectations in direct relation to vetted, existing and evolving potentials;

4. Prototyping and modeling – we rapidly design and refine products (i.e. goods, services, events, etc.) by testing all assumptions in the field, refining operating principles to support what works, and promote customers with visible examples of success for others to easily see, replicate and drive scale in their domain;

5. Activating best practitioners – high performing individuals improve entire organizations and communities and are excellent examples for others to model their own behaviors and dispositions: we provide six, clear criteria of self-selective discovery anyone ready, willing and able can choose to activate and use to drive resident and community improvements (as well as any other positive outcomes the might wish for others to achieve!).

The Veritas team is comprised of experienced, collaborative practitioners. Each Board member, advisor and executive is an accomplished veteran with unique expertise highly applicable to guiding and improving probabilities for Veritas mission success:

Our team includes multifamily private equity owners, property operating partners, community activators, program outcome improvement professionals, military and commercial logistics experts, entrepreneurs and social impact investors.

Our operating model is lean, nimble and focused on deploying rapid innovations. Our program and product development frameworks are outcome driven for ensuring proven workforce social impacts can be replicated and grown to achieve scale levels of significance desired for national, transformational results.

Veritas publicly launched in 2019 and has accomplished three early milestones:

1. Field work and services delivery with households including 2,192 individuals at four large multifamily communities in Texas, prototyping and pilot testing initial program assumptions, curated partnerships and social impact methodologies;

2. Engagement with workforce property owners, management and staff, vetting capacity and readiness potentials, supplementing needed potentials and course-correcting participation levels for greater success;

3. Broadening and diversifying Veritas' direct support base, including recruiting new team members;

“What's next” is forging multiple, strategic relationships with financially capable partners. The challenge of achieving children's development and education, household health & wellness and career advancement for hardworking individuals desiring to improve their incomes depends upon major contributors and supporters. Veritas will take early stage risks, and support ongoing innovations – but we do need to identify organizations and individuals passionate about scaling these high quality, community impacts over time. What's next is finding and engaging a tribe of supporters who desire to play a social impact role at any level of local, regional and/or national scale significance.


Veritas Impact Partners

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Veritas Impact Partners

Board of directors
as of 05/28/2020
SOURCE: Self-reported by organization
Board co-chair

J. Antonio Marquez

Principal - Comunidad Realty Partners

Term: 2019 - 2022

Board co-chair

JP Newman

CEO - Thrive FP

Term: 2019 - 2022

Tracy Thompson

US Army Major General, retired

Rachel Dietemeyer

Comunidad Realty Partners

Rob Hanna

Social Wealth Investment Management

Antony Tarter

Bellwether Enterprise

Tom Bacon

Civicap Partners

Sonal Shah

Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation at Georgetown University

Roger Davis

Active Duty First Responder/Firefighter Austin Texas

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