2024 Bronze Seal of Transparency

Get a Bronze Seal


  1. Share four simple details: primary contact, donation info, leadership info, and mission.
  2. Click publish!

Step 1

Share four simple details to earn a Bronze Seal and attract funders.

  1. Contact info: Provide a primary contact who can answer basic questions about your organization.
  2. Donation info: Add a mailing address to tell funders where to send their donations!
  3. Mission: Share your mission statement, subject area, and population(s) served to attract funders with similar missions.
  4. Leadership info: Tell us who runs your organization.

Enter these important details to your profile and click publish to earn a Bronze Seal of Transparency.

Earn a Bronze Seal

Step 2

Show off your Seal to drive funding!

Congrats! By publishing your organization’s basic details you’ve earned a Bronze Seal—the first of four Seals. As you earn Seals, amplify your achievement by adding them to your website and social media channels. Funders look for organizations with Seals to verify your work and to guide their grant giving decisions.

Get a Bronze Seal in two steps. Get started

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