Candid profile best practices

1. Claim your profile

A Candid profile enables your organization to get noticed by millions of potential donors and have your information shared with 200+ charitable partners (like Facebook).

Appoint a designated Profile Manager to claim your profile and get started today!

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2. Earn a Seal of Transparency

Once you’ve claimed your nonprofit profile, start updating to share your story and earn a Seal of Transparency.

2024 Bronze Seal of Transparency


Make sure donors can find you.

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2024 Silver Seal of Transparency


Tell donors about your work to guide their funding decisions.

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2024 Gold Seal of Transparency


Share your financials and highlight your commitment to inclusivity to gain funders’ trust and support.

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2024 Platinum Seal of Transparency


Highlight your impact. Share your strategic plan, progress, and results to boost your funding.

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