Research nonprofits and identify prospects with GuideStar Pro Plus

GuideStar Pro Plus gives you access to the most comprehensive nonprofit insights available.

Streamline your lead prospect research

Search 2 million+ nonprofits through GuideStar Pro Plus’ intuitive search functionality. Target organizations that matter to you based on Geography, Organizational structure or staff size, and their financial metrics. Sample fields available:


  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Metropolitan statistical area (MSA)
  • County

Organization structure

  • Number of employees
  • Cause area, subcause area
  • IRS subsection, IRS form type, and more


  • Revenue
  • Total contributions
  • Total expenses spent on services
  • Accounting and legal fees
  • Investible assets

Power up your nonprofit analysis

GuideStar Pro Plus gives you access to the most all-encompassing source of nonprofit data. We have insights on over 2 million 501c nonprofits, and it’s the only source you’ll need.

Compare nonprofits side by side, get financial trend reporting and other key facts critical for building a stronger philanthropic sector. Our outreach to the nonprofit community brings you the closest thing to real time data available in the sector.

screenshot of Nonprofit Profile's Peer Analysis section

GuideStar Charity Check, included in GuideStar Pro Plus, provides the easiest pre-grant due diligence available. You can determine the charitable status of a nonprofit with just one click.

Screenshot of Nonprofit Profile top section, with Charity Check widget called out.
GuideStar Charity Check widget is located at the top right hand corner of a Nonprofit Profile.

Meet your most intricate analytical needs

Pro Plus allows you to export 5,000 data records each month. Each record contains up to 50 data fields to meet even the most robust requirements.