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New York, NY

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Physical Address:
New York, NY 10005 
Ms. Kristin Kearns Jordan
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Physical Address:
New York, NY 10005 
Ruling Year:

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Tortora Sillcox Family Foundation is to contribute to the steadily growing number of young people in New York City who overcome socioeconomic barriers to graduate from public high school - and then from college - prepared for meaningful employment and robust civic participation.    Increasingly our economy and society are knowledge based. New York’s young people seek economic security and rewarding lives, and our city requires a skilled workforce and citizens who can solve complex problems. Meeting both the individual and the collective needs will be a function of education, but a high school diploma is no longer enough to ensure successful participation in the rapidly-evolving economy and vibrant civic society of New York City.    Organizations supported by the foundation advance the foundation’s mission by increasing the level of academic rigor and the level of guidance and support for students, resulting in increased rates of high school graduation, college enrollment, and college persistence.    The foundation achieves its mission through support of non-profit organizations that: ·         Educate and guide underserved young people, thus helping them to live civically responsible and financially secure lives;   ·         Provide intellectual connectivity, organizational capacity, human capital development, and opportunities for efficiency to schools that effectively serve young people living in poverty;   ·         Communicate the needs of low-income students and effective urban schools to the public and policy makers;   ·         Provide strategic guidance to state and local governmental employees with the responsibility for implementing school reform initiatives. The Foundation receives requests primarily by invitation but is open to email inquiries at: ts-ff@lmsnyc.com(mailto:ts-ff@hotmail.com) .

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Program: Education Reform Grantmaking

Population Served:
Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.)

Program Description:

Support of education reform initiatives in New York City

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Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

Six critical outcomes lead to achievement of the mission:   1.  Teaching is less didactic and more student centered. 2.  Best practices and innovations spread beyond their narrow niches. 3.  Teacher employment and compensation decisions are made based on merit rather than seniority. 4.  Teacher education is connected to the practice of teaching. 5.   Continuous high-quality guidance keeps students in school at institutions that challenge them intellectually - through high school and higher education. 6.   A strengthened pipeline produces a new generation of school leadership.

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