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AKA Belwin Conservancy

Afton, MN

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Also Known As:
Belwin Conservancy
Physical Address:
Afton, MN 55001 
Web URL:
Steve Hobbs
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Also Known As:
Belwin Conservancy
Physical Address:
Afton, MN 55001 
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
C Environmental Quality Protection, Beautification 
C30 Natural Resource Conservation and Protection 
C Environmental Quality Protection, Beautification 
C60 Environmental Education and Outdoor Survival Programs 
C Environmental Quality Protection, Beautification 
C32 Water Resource, Wetlands Conservation and Management 
Ruling Year:

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Belwin Conservancy is inspiring our connection to the natural world. Our land serves as an ideal platform to imbue in visitors the beauty and fragility of our natural world. We have a unique opportunity, given our proximity to a large metropolitan area, to give the young and old a chance to see bison in their native habitat, to walk a path through towering prairie grass, or to hike through the woods and experience a quite and tranquility that is truly rare today. Aside from Belwin Conservancy members and the general public, students have been coming to the Belwin Conservancy from urban settings for nearly 40 years often experiencing nature for the first time and, often, they are forever changed by the experience. In addition to offering a respite from our busy lives, Belwin Conservancy lands also serve as an important venue for research. Our diverse lands and private setting gives scientists a rare opportunity to conduct long-term ecological research in an area that they always know will be protected. We hope to use this research to further our understanding of the natural processes and to develop methods for restoring lands in a manner that is economically sustainable.

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Steve Hobbs


Since June 2007


Steve Hobbs joined the Belwin Conservancy in 2007. Steve has more than 25 years of conservation experience, the majority being with The Nature Conservancy working in Virginia and Nevada.

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Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

The Belwin Conservancy’s property is a microcosm of diverse habitats. Prairie, oak savanna, wetlands, ponds, pine forests, streams, goat prairies, and deciduous forest can all be found on our over 1,300 acre preserve. The Belwin Conservancy incorporates programs and rewarding opportunities for the general public to be exposed to its land allowing people to be changed by experiencing its rich diversity. The Belwin Conservancy incorporates programs of land management and stewardship, ecological research, environmental education, and safe recreational facilities. The Belwin Conservancy is widely recognized for its land management efforts. All our preserved lands and waters are part of long-term plans that specify restoration goals and methods. We apply the best available science and update these plans as needed. The need to teach our children about the importance of nature has never been greater. The Valley Branch Environmental Learning Center at Belwin Conservancy hosts over 10,000 students a year, keeping them in touch with the natural world. For more than 30 years, the Belwin Conservancy has welcomed university professors, PhD candidates, undergraduates, high school students, government researchers and volunteers to participate in ecological research on our preserve.

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Evidence of Impact

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This organization is protecting critical land in the St. Croix River watershed, ensuring better water quality, and natural areas that enhance quality of life. Also, they operate an important program of bringing school kids in for environmental education. They are innovative; for example they have a program to bring bison onto the land each summer to graze to help naturally manage the prairie. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Belwin has completed dramatic land restoration activities along Valley Creek in Afton and is working successfully with private landowners in the area to protect the stream and its watershed. Other
They have wonderful educational programs, especially birding and the buffalo. Foundation Professional
Belwin Conservancy operates a significant parcel of land that has been the main source of environmental education for St. Paul students. The Belwin Conservancy funds the teachers, needed facility and any other needs except the bus service. The 1,400 acres of diverse habitat within 30 minutes of downtown offers a rare look at native habitat, its wildlife and how to make maple syrup, keep bees, count birds and test water quality. Nonprofit Senior Staff

Organizational Strengths

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This is a well-financed non-profit, with a solid leader, fiscally prudent and creative. Nonprofit Senior Staff
They have a very strong strategic plan and do a good job of evaluating the activities needed to protect the stream (whether restoration, land acquisition, or other). Other
They have solid private funding, and they know their mission and stick to it. Foundation Professional
Belwin Conservancy has moved into non-traditional areas to teach about natural resources. It opened soccer and baseball fields next to nature trails and prairies with bison. The refreshment center was environmentally friendly with recyclables and a water-saving toilet. A new partnership with the Minnesota Astrological Society has given this group a place to watch stars with an agreement to teach children. A new Art and Nature Center is also being explored as a location for resident artists to work with nature in all of the art forms. Nonprofit Senior Staff

Areas for Improvement

There are no summaries available for this organization.

It would be nice if the main center were open to the public, especially for people living in the local communities. Other
Belwin has moved from a family owned and operated organization to a public nonprofit that has both sides testing their boundaries. The family is a noteworthy supporter, thus other support is difficult. Nonprofit Senior Staff

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