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St. Bonaventure Indian Mission & School

AKA St. Bonaventure Mission

Thoreau, NM

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St. Bonaventure Indian Mission & School

Also Known As:
St. Bonaventure Mission
Physical Address:
Thoreau, NM 87323 0160
Web URL:
Mr Christopher Halter
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Basic Organization Information

St. Bonaventure Indian Mission & School

Also Known As:
St. Bonaventure Mission
Physical Address:
Thoreau, NM 87323 0160
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
B Educational Institutions 
B24 Primary/Elementary Schools 
J Employment, Job Related 
J99 Employment, Job Related N.E.C. 
L Housing, Shelter 
L80 Other Housing Support Services 
Ruling Year:

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Mission Statement

1. Quality PreK to Grade Eight education 2. Employment in an area where unemployment is over 35% 3. Provide the necessities of water, clothing, food and home repair to the very poor

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Mr Christopher Halter


Mr. Christopher Halter is a career non-profit exeutive. He has been working in areas of extreme poverty for 23 years. Developed a non-profit organization in Guatemala. He is a graduate of the University Of Washington in Seattle. He came to St. Bonaventure in November 2006.

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