Digitizing IRS Form 990 Data
Financial information digitized from an organization's IRS Form 990, 990EZ, or 990PF is available to all GuideStar Pro Search subscribers. The key below shows the line(s) on Form 990 (form year 2008 and later) from which the data are extracted.

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Revenue and Expenses (Form 990) Revenue
Part VIII Line 1a + 1b + 1c + 1d + 1f
Government Grants
Part VIII Line 1e
Program Services
Part VIII Line 2g (A)
Part VIII Line 3 (A) + 4 (A) + 6d (A) + 7d (A)
Special Events
Part VIII Line 8c (A) + 9c (A)
Part VIII Line 10c (A)
Part VIII Line 5 (A) + 11e (A)
Total Revenue
Part VIII Line 12 (A)
Program Services
Part IX Line 25 (B)
Part IX Line 25 (C)
Part IX Line 25 (D)
Total Expenses
Part IX Line 25 (A)
Net Gain/Loss
Net Gain/Loss
Part VIII Line 12 (A) – Part IX Line 25 (A)
Functional Expenses
Accounting Fees
Part IX Line 11c (A)
Advertising & Promotion
Part IX Line 12 (A)
Information Technology Expenses
Part IX Line 14 (A)
Insurance Expenses
Part IX Line 23 (A)
Interest Expense
Part IX Line 20 (A)
Investment Management Fees
Part IX Line 11f (A)
Legal Fees
Part IX Line 11b (A)
Pension Plan Contributions
Part IX Line 8 (A)
Printing & Publications
n/a (990PF only)
Professional Fundraising Expenses
Part IX Line 11e (A)
Balance Sheet (Form 990) Assets
Cash & Equivalent
Part X Line 1 + 2
Accounts Receivable
Part X Line 4
Pledges & Grants Receivable
Part X Line 3
Receivable, Other
Part X Line 5 + 6
Inventories for Sale or Use
Part X Line 8
Investments, Securities
Part X Line 11 + 12
Investments, Other
Part X Line 13
Fixed Assets
Part X Line 10
Part X Line 15 + 9 + 14
Total Assets
Part X Line 16
Accounts Payable
Part X Line 17
Grants Payable
Part X Line 18
Deferred Revenue
Part X Line 19
Loans and Notes
Part X Line 22 + 23 + 24
Tax-Exempt Bond Liabilities
Part X Line 20
Part X Line 25 + 21
Total Liabilities
Part X Line 26
Fund Balance
Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Part X Line 28 (B)*
Permanently Restricted Net Assets
Part X Line 29 (B)*
Restricted Net Assets
Part X Line 28 (B)**
Unrestricted Net Assets
Part X Line 27 (B)
Net Assets
Part X Line 32 (B)***
*Temporarily Restricted and Permanently Restricted Net Assets were reported on Forms 990 prior to the version of the form introduced in 2019.
**Restricted Net Assets is reported on the version of the Form 990 introduced in 2019. This figure represents an organization’s total restricted net assets. For ease of multi-year comparison, Temporarily and Permanently Restricted Net Assets reported on prior versions of the Form 990 have been summed to provide a total restricted net assets figure for previous years.

***Prior to the 2019 version of the Form 990, Net Assets (EOY) were reported on Line 33(B).

Revenue and Expenses (Form 990PF) Revenue
Investments (Net)
Part I Line 27 (B)
Adjusted Net Income
Part I Line 27 (C)
Total Operating & Administrative Expenses
Part I Line 24 (A)
Contributions, Gifts, Grants Paid
Part I Line 25 (A)
Total Expenses & Disbursements
Part I Line 26 (A)
Functional Expenses
Accounting Fees
Part I Line 16b (A)
Interest Expense
Part I Line 17 (A)
Legal Fees
Part I Line 16a (A)
Other Professional Fees
Part I Line 16c (A)
Pension Plans/Employee Benefits
Part I Line 15 (A)
Printing & Publications
Part I Line 22 (A)
Balance Sheet (Form 990PF) Assets
Cash & Equivalent
Part II Line 1 (C) + 2 (C)
Investments, US & State Government
Part II Line 10a (C)
Investments, Corporate Stock
Part II Line 10b (C)
Investments, Corporate Bonds
Part II Line 10c (C)
Investments, Other
Part II Line 13 (C)
Land, Buildings, and Equipment
Part II Line 14 (C)
Part II Line 15
Total Assets (FMV)
Part II Line 16
Total Liabilities
Part II Line 23
Fund Balance
Net Assets
Part II Line 16c - 23b
Revenue and Expenses (Form 990EZ) Revenue
Part I Line 1
Program Services
Part I Line 2
Part I Line 4
Special Events
Part I Line 6d
Part I Line 5c + 7c
Part I Line 3 + 8
Total Revenue
Part I Line 9
Part I Line 10
Salaries & Employee Benefits
Part I Line 12
Professional Fees
Part I Line 13
Part I Line 14
Printing, Publications, Postage, etc.
Part I Line 15
Other Expenses
Part I Line 11 + 16
Total Expenses
Part I Line 17
Net Gain/Loss
Net Gain/Loss
Part I Line 18
Balance Sheet (Form 990EZ) Assets
Cash, Savings, and Investments
Part II Line 22
Land and Buildings
Part II Line 23
Other Assets
Part II Line 24
Total Assets
Part II Line 25
Total Liabilities
Part II Line 26
Fund Balance
Net Assets or Fund Balances
Part II Line 27
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