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CMMC's mission is to "provide exceptional healthcare services in a safe and trustful environment through the expertise, commitment and compassion of our family of caregivers." Our family of caregivers is a team of physicians, nurses, other clinicians and support personnel working together to ensure the best possible experience for every patient. Each member of the team has a unique role to play and is an essential contributor to the success of the organization.

Our MISSION evolves as our organization grows and the dictates of our field suggest. Currently, our organization has an informal adjunct to its mission statement that may or may not attain the status of formal adoption; “We will improve what we do, every day, to provide a superior patient experience” As we work through our process in looking at this we will see to what extent it continues to add value.

Our VISION is that of "uncompromising pursuit of excellence in healthcare" It is supported by the following strategic principles:
1) Community - We are committed to playing a leadership role in strengthening the overall health of the communities we serve.
2) Finance - We are committed to maintaining performance consistent with Moody’s A rating on a system-wide basis to ensure access to capital for future investments in our system.
3) Growth - We are committed to offering services that respond to the needs of the community, and to being the provider of choice in Central and Western Maine
4) Quality - We are committed to delivering safe, reliable, high-quality care for every patient every day.
5) Customer Service - We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers in every interaction.
6) People - We are committed to sustaining an exceptional work environment for our people, our most powerful asset.

Our VALUES include the following: "COMPASSION: We care deeply about the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients, families and staff. CITIZENSHIP: As a healthcare team member, we work to be involved in our community by promoting health and prevention. INTEGRITY: We commit to creating an honest and trustful environment through mutual respect, teamwork and professionalism. SERVICE: We provide exceptional quality healthcare in a safe environment where patients, staff and visitors are free from harm. EXCELLENCE: We continuously enhance our Expertise and specialized knowledge, skills and/or abilities through our commitment to exceptional patient care. COMMITMENT: We each have personal responsibility for the success of the organization."

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1) CMMC has been affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital since 2012. This fruitful partnership has gleaned important organizational competencies in TeleStroke, TeleNeurology, and Cancer (rounding on-site at CMMC). MGH also serves as an important resource for referral of patients needing quaternary care.

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Ms. Tina M. Legere MBA

Pres. Central Maine Medical Group and Pres. of the Medical Staff, CMMC

Richard Goldstein M.D.

Main address

300 Main St.


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Our programs

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What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Healthcare Services of a 250 Bed Tertiary Care Hospital and Level II Trauma Ctr.

CMMC is a leader in the state of Maine. Founded in 1891, it was the first hospital in Maine to initiate a 24-hour emergency service and was also the first to employ a full-time emergency physician. As the medical care safety net for western Maine, CMMC is, today, a 250-bed tertiary hospital and Level II Trauma Center serving 400,000 people in 7 counties of Maine’s vast west-central tier. Patients from throughout the region are routinely transferred to CMMC for specialty care. CMMC is also the keystone of a tightly integrated system of care, Central Maine Healthcare. As such, CMMC is a sister hospital of Bridgton and Rumford hospitals and works with the Parkview Adventist Medical Center in Brunswick, ME. In addition, CMMC is served by 350+ employed providers located at over 75 practice sites in 19 Maine communities. It affiliates with the Central Maine College of Health Professions, has an Air Flight ambulance service, and is also a teaching hospital having a Family Medicine Residency with rural track.

CMMC operates the busiest Emergency Dept.t in Central Maine, annually serving 48,000 patients (incl.1000 trauma patients).
Today more than 40 medical and surgical specialties are represented in CMMC’s clinical departments and affiliated private practices.

CMMC has an urban and rural service area with geographically dispersed practice locations; advanced practice design supported by Health Information Technology, and existing, demonstrated expertise in chronic disease management that includes screening and early detection of disease. In addition, CMMC has demonstrated expertise and results in Performance Improvement and LEAN Management techniques. CMMC serves among the highest at-risk individuals in Maine and a high number (64%) of publicly or non-insured patients.Staff members talk, work, plan and support each other across disciplines, communities, status and rank. They are organized to collaborate on their patients’ behalf. CMMC’s mission requires excellence in what it does, a commitment requiring continuous quality improvement. Recent awards for clinical and financial excellence indicate that CMMC is on-track. Its core organizational values require personal responsibility for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of its patients and staff.

The Central Maine Heart and Vascular Institute
50,000-member Accountable Care Organization
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing
Sam and Jennie Bennett Breast Care Center
Orthopaedic Inst. of Central Maine
Medical Rehabilitation
Weight Loss/Bariatric Surgery
Hospitality House for Patient Families – Free of Charge
LifeFlight of Maine – Air ambulance service
Clinical Affiliation - with The Mass. General Hosp. in TeleStroke, Teleneurology, cancer and cardiovascular specialties

Population(s) Served

Quality and Patient Safety are intrinsically bound and these dimensions inform our core work of transforming CMMC from providing fee-for-service care to value-based care. We currently implement initiatives related to disease management and prevention for people having, or at-risk for, chronic diseases (Diabetes, Heart Failure, Cancer and related diagnoses). CMMC’s growth, its patients’ experience, its engagement with staff and its financial position are all tied to patient-centric measures for quality and safety that are driven by the degree to which payers and patients place value on these services.

DISEASE MANAGEMENT - CMMC is in position to excel with these services because it has the data infrastructure to keep patient outcomes front and center. It is currently using technology to direct staff away from episodic care toward care that includes a tight therapeutic plan for each patient. Our efforts of the last several years in adopting Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for 100% of our inpatient and outpatient sites as well as our adoption of powerful Disease Registry tools for data mining, enables us to direct and monitor the care that we give.

Through our “Saving Lives” program, CMMC uses its Disease Registry to identify from among thousands of people in its database those who have risk factors related to; ; Heart Failure, Diabetes, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms, Colorectal and Cervical cancers, Breast Cancer, as well as pneumococcal and flu exposure. These individuals then are notified of their risk and are offered the opportunity to be screened. To date, those who screen positive are directed to their Primary Care Physician for follow-up care.

The data below show, to date, the % of patients screened of those eligible to be screened for the diseases noted above, per the US Preventive Task Force guidelines.

Breast CA. - 77%
Cervical CA. - 80%
Colorectal CA. - 75%
Flu (2013) - 80%
Pneu. Vac. - 87%

Because Primary Care is the level of care at which patient-centered and accountable care originates, is managed and is measured, we have focused diligently on enhancing these services and elevating the practitioners who provide it. CMMC has been very successful in recruiting highly talented practitioners to its heavily rural area by using a hospital employment model in which the organization can provide practitioners with the capital resources, remuneration and job security necessary to keep them here.

MEDICAL HOMES and ACO - To date, 21 of our 23 primary care practices are federally accredited “Medical Homes” from which we provide care management to all patients who are most severely at risk for chronic disease issues. Our Central Maine Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is the “parent” contracting and management vehicle for all of CMMC’s value based care. Its 50,527 members constitute 46% of CMMC’s outpatient base.

DISEASE PREVENTION - CMMC's National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Population(s) Served

ENHANCE THE CULTURE OF SAFETY - We have determined that the path to achieving this goal is to work toward high reliability, using as a foundation the model associated with Highly Reliable Organizations (HRO). Our organization’s vision is “the uncompromising pursuit of excellence in healthcare”. To this end, we realize that in order to achieve excellence in quality we need ultimately to eliminate patient harm. The strategies we have chosen to achieve this are characteristic of “high reliability” practice. High Reliability Organizations are sensitive to operations, they maintain zero tolerance for failure, they are reluctant to over-simplify, they are committed to resilience, and they defer to expertise. These characteristics result in an elevated state of mindfulness for all who work within the organization.

We are committed to delivering safe, reliable,high-quality care for every patient every day. CMMC has developed a strategic plan to guide its efforts; one that has thirty-two key change ideas tied to ten building blocks that will help us develop the high reliability we seek. Many best practices of HROs have been woven into these key change ideas. Each idea has its own timeline, action plan, and associated process and outcome metrics that will be used to measure progress. Due to the enormity of the strategic plan, we have broken it down further into phases of implementation and believe a balanced approach is wise. Therefore, Phase 1 key change ideas are tied to the several building blocks that include leadership, teamwork, communication, psychological safety, transparency and reliable process. Leadership is one of the key foundational building blocks, and is launched first because high reliability requires strong leadership in order to be successful and sustained. CMMC has begun to implement Phase 1 key change ideas.

Population(s) Served

CMMC’s culture is built on a strong foundation on service quality and its improvement – for every facet of the care that it provides. While we meet standard federal reporting requirements (H-CAHPS) for patient satisfaction, we go far beyond these requirements on behalf of our patients and focus on a myriad of other activities such as staff communication skills and family support, that contribute positively to the patient experience at CMMC.

PATIENT EXPERIENCE - Over the course of the last two years one area of focus has been on skill building for all team members in the area of communication with patients. Each member of the nursing team, both nurses and certified nursing assistants, has attended a mandatory course in communication skills followed by ongoing shadowing and mentoring. These activities enable caregivers to hone their skills in areas such as literacy, listening and communicating. At the same time, our inpatient hospitalists (physicians) went through similar training and ongoing skill building through shadowing and mentoring. We have also used this model with our Patient Service Representatives in the field and are about to launch a similar model with all 350 of our outpatient providers located at 75 practice sites in 17 communities.

Our awareness of the needs of patients and families is highlighted by Arbor House, our 20 year hospitality house which has offered a place for patients and their loved ones to stay free of charge . Each year over 400 people take advantage of this 15 bedroom house; many call it a ‘godsend’; we call it a ‘home away from home’ for the people we serve.

Recognizing that communication is key in any interaction with patients, CMMC changed its model for delivering interpreter services for our East African non-English speaking patients (7,000 of whom live in CMMC’s immediate community). We now rely on one service which offers video conferencing for the languages we are called on to provide most often, as well as audio conferencing for 300 other languages. In the past when we used local interpreting agencies we had concerns about the level of competence of those who were providing bilingual interpreting. Currently, our new vendor, located in Seattle, Washington, ensures that all of their interpreters are either nationally certified or working toward national certification.

RESULTS: CMMC’s 2014 H-CAHPS scores indicate that the organization has made substantial progress in its targeted work to enhance communication with patients. From December 2012 to June, 2014, CMMC scored within expected Achievement Range for each of the areas of; "Communication with Nurses", "Communication with Doctors", and "Responsiveness of Hospital Staff" (as shown in the Metrics section below). Furthermore, outcomes in these three areas for 2014 indicate an increase for all three of them of between 2.2% to 3.7%

Population(s) Served


EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT - is closely tied to patient safety and quality of care. Without engaged and satisfied employees we lose our most important asset - our staff; without whom the care of our patients declines as does our revenue and viability as an organization. When we talk about employee engagement we talk about; good communication, transparency, compensation, rewards and participation. In order to analyze these factors for CMMC staff, the organization administers an (anonymous) engagement survey to all employees at two-year intervals, using an on-line instrument developed by the Advisory Board. In addition, CMMC's President presides over a series of informational forumsat least every six months with all staff who wish to participate. Conducted in face-to-face group meetings or using a web-based town-hall forum, CMMC's President interactively exchanges ideas with staff and is able to get the pulse on their areas of interest and / or concern.

Population(s) Served

Where we work

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) - Medicare Certification 2014

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) - Medical Rehabilitation - 3 Year Accreditation 2014

American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Bureau of Professional Education - Accreditation 2014

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology - Accreditation 2014

American Association of Blood Banks - Accreditation 2014

American College of Surgeons 2014

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) - Hospital Accreditation 2014


CMMC and Rumford Named Top Hospitals in National Survey 2012

Leapfrog Group

CMMC Named Top Hospital by Consumer Reports 2012 2012

Consumer Reports

CMMC Receives "A" Rating 2014

Leapfrog Group

CMMC Wins Most Wired - Advanced Organization Award 2014 2014

Most Wired

CMMC Earns AHA Quality Award 2013

American Heart Association/American Stroke Associatin

Best Place to Work in Maine 2010 2010

Society for Human Resource Mgt. and Maine State Chamber of Commerce

CMMC Director of Volunteer Services Receives Coveted Leadership Award 2014

Maine Society Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services

Highest Award Rating - 3 Star 2013

Society of Thoracic Surgeons

CMMC Receives "A" Rating 2013

Leapfrog Group

Recognized for inclusion in 2014 Annual Report: "America's Hospitals - Improving Quality and Safety" 2014

Joint Commission

Affiliations & memberships

American Heart Association, Inc. 2014

Goals & Strategy

SOURCE: Self-reported by organization

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Charting impact

Four powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

CMMC will become the high quality, low cost, go-to provider in Maine, particularly so for “our people”, 400,000 strong, living in 7 counties of Maine’s vast, west-central tier. We will accomplish this in 3 ways; 1) by executing on value, 2) by preserving the clinical and financial integrity of our organization, and 3) by positioning our organization for a rapidly evolving future. The healthcare world is changing at a furious rate as we transition from a system of care in which payers reimburse for volume of patients seen to one that values the care they receive. CMMC’s core strategy is to develop the competencies needed to meet this new reality head on – and drive it.

OUR PEOPLE – live in the most rural state in the country and specifically within 3 of the most rural counties in Maine. They are also the oldest population in the country, exceeding national averages by 4%. Maine is also the poorest state in New England with annual per-capita income of $26,464; the median household income of our service area averages only $39,900. Our people are also among the highest at risk for chronic disease in the country, with Maine ranking among the top 7 states with the highest incidence of 7 chronic diseases – cancers (all 24 sites), diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, mental inactivity, and unhealthy eating (Milken Inst.). Our western district has the highest rates for hypertension, high cholesterol and chronic lower respiratory disease in Maine, two of our western counties are among the highest in the nation for adults who are obese (BMI > 30.9%) and are in the top two (2) quintiles nationally for prevalence of both diabetes and obesity (BRFSS).

VALUE-BASED CARE – Currently, CMMC is the lowest cost hospital of its size in Maine by 18.5% - 30.9% (Cost per Adjusted Discharge) and also scores at the 90th percentile for core aspects of our Inpatient quality metrics that our federal payer (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) have asked us to meet. Our success in this respect is testament to the path we have chosen. We plan to build on the success we have achieved to date by transitioning and greatly expanding our work to the next level at both inpatient and outpatient levels. Our foundational pillars for achieving this success are: 1) the tightly integrated healthcare system we have built and within which we now operate, and 2) our corporate-wide commitment to LEAN Process Improvement.

TOWARD THE FUTURE: CMMC believes that transformation from episodic care to that which is patient centered and delivered through a population health model is an essential priority. With our longstanding commitment to improvement of care, participation in a growing and integrated healthcare delivery system and multiple strategic partners, we are well positioned to align with current, national healthcare goals.

Improving outcomes and costs in a value-based environment requires a different organizational mindset, culture, incentive system, and management and reporting structures (KaufmanHall); requirements achieved by CMMC using aggressive strategies since 2008. Collaborative work is also needed to develop new systems to manage patient care – particularly in regard to chronic illnesses. New governance and management structures are also required to incentivize providers and move from single site focus to a systems-based model. In turn, operating and reporting lines must be reshaped to support the new model. CMMC has engaged in a multi-year effort to position itself for this reality by developing the competencies necessary to meet and sustain these requirements within a tightly integrated healthcare system.


MANAGEMENT ALIGNMENT - In 2010 CMMC instituted role and responsibility realignment throughout the medical structure of its system so that clinical management could more effectively drive performance and create a single standard of care. Management recognized that a single standard of care throughout the system would go far in creating accountability for quality outcomes. On May 20, 2010 CMMC’s Medical staff voted to support Medical Staff By-Law Changes to integrate the leadership functions of the Group with that of the hospital Medical Staff.

PROCESS IMPROVEMENT - In 2010 CMMC adopted the principles of LEAN Process Improvement and Clinical Microsystems into a single set of tools and principles. In 2012, CMMC rolled out the Central Maine Operating System (CMOS) - a methodology for managing the day, standardizing processes, and identifying opportunities for improvement. All of our leaders are requiired to attend this 64 hour course and, to date, 80% have. They are now utilizing these tools and techniques to drive change and improve processes in their own departments.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Our new model of care uses Health Information Technology (HIT) to identify, track, treat, and create a tight therapeutic plan for each patient. Due to the efforts of the last several years, CMMC now uses HIT as a means not only to support care redesign, but to conduct it; particularly in regard to treatment of chronic disease. Key components include 100% adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) across all inpatient and outpatient sites as well as implementation of a Disease Registry used for patients needing preventive services. It also measures provider performance against national standards.

PARTNERSHIPS - Gone are the days when (any) healthcare system can go it alone to meet the ever increasing demands of quality and Return on Investment in today’s value-based environment. CMMC establishes partnerships... vertically to add skill sets and competencies, horizontally to increase patient access, and internally to ensure success among staff for every discipline of the 40 plus services offered by the hospital.

CMMC’s Vision is that of “uncompromising pursuit of excellence in healthcare.” The organization can serve its vision and expand its reach to the broader region due to: 1) its signature strength in clinical practice design supported by information platforms, 2) its experience with population-based (chronic disease) management and prevention, and 3) its statewide stature with public and private sector payers. CMMC has MAJOR INITIATIVES in place to foster these capabilities.

ENHANCED PRIMARY CARE - CMMC is laser focused on its transition from volume-based treatment models to models which build quality and efficiency to a sustainable level of practice. CMH’s strongly integrated IT platform allows flexibility to explore and rapidly deploy new models of care for the communities it serves. These new models of care focus on enhancing primary care as a means to manage chronic disease and /or prevent its onset. They enable team-based care utilizing clinical and non-clinical health professionals, behavioral health integration, care management stratified for medium to high risk patients, medication management and nutrition programming.

OUR VALUE-BASED CARE AND CONTRACTING - is expressed in the form of 21 Medical Home contracts which are included within a 50,000 member (46% of total patients) Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Our ACO is contracted to 9 state, regional and national payers. CMMC is in position to excel in these services because it has the data infrastructure to keep patient outcomes front and center.

CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT - Through the “Saving Lives” program, our system identifies and screens thousands of existing (and potential) patients who are at-risk for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Cervical Cancer, as well as flu and pneumococcal exposure for adults over 65. To date, the program has screened over 62,000 individuals in the total CMMC patient base. Once identified, those who have screened positive are referred to care which is then monitored for performance against evidence-based national standards.

…. AND PREVENTION - CMMC has a nationally recognized CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) with site accreditation expected in the fall, 2014. It is also the only recognized NDPP site in southern Maine with demonstrated results from its pre-diabetes work. This is a prevention model that will soon be used for other chronic diseases.

PARTNERSHIPS – Some of our many partnerships include those with; 1) Mass. General Hospital for Telestroke, TeleNeurology, cancer and cardiovascular consultation, 2) Maine DHHS Medicaid Program, 3) Maine Division of Population Health CDC, 4) Bath Iron Works (large employer) and 5)Tri-County Mental Health Services, now embedded in all of CMMC’s 21 primary care Medical Homes for on-site behavioral health services.

CMMC is now a high performing, high impact, tertiary care hospital that is having a profound impact on its region by using its core capabilities, toolsets and strategies to drive leading edge outcomes. These activities point to a very nimble organization with the tools to reap a very innovative return on healthcare investment. CMMC’s cost to quality position offers funders a potential laboratory for wise stewardship of many grant funded initiatives.

CMMC HAS ACHIEVED - engaged leadership and motivated staff, a mission driven approach to health care, a strategic vision that is informed by and aligned with the field’s needs, intention to improve quality (as a core value), orientation toward and history with best-practice programming, strong community connections and support, existing partnerships with other organizations, an integrated and value-based health delivery system, engagement with a network of rural hospitals and clinic locations, engagement with a large East African immigrant population, primary grant interests that are aligned with areas of institutional investment, involvement in state wide collaborations/committees, and connections with research-based hospitals and institutions of higher education that are closely identified with medical research.

RECENT AWARDS - CMMC recently received an “A” rating (2013) by the Leap Frog Group, a prestigious hospital rating organization. In 2012 CMMC was cited by this same organization as one of 67 “Top Hospitals” in the country and also received commendation (in 2012) by Consumer Reports as “Safest Hospital in Maine”. In July, 2014 CMMC was cited by the Maine Hospital Association as being the “Lowest Cost Tertiary System from a Total Cost of Care” perspective in all of Maine. CMH is also well positioned for IT Meaningful Use designation and is in the top 2%-3% of the country for adoption of Health Information Technology. The hospital was named “Most Improved” in Wired Magazine’s 2014 annual survey and among the top 20 hospitals in the country in its “Advanced” category. CMMC was also named Best Place to Work in Maine in 2010, and is in contention for this award in 2014.

FINANCIAL STRENGTH - Implementation of LEAN Process Improvement has afforded CMMC the ability to work on its cost structure and improve its processes of throughput so that it can maintain and exceed quality levels that are expected in the field today. This, in effect, drives efficiency and drives CMMC’s ability to continue to serve its people. CMMC’s Cost per Adjusted Discharge ($9,947) is the lowest in the state for hospitals of its size.

“Every day every one of our employees has two jobs; 1) Do their work and, 2) improve their work. We capture the power of 2,400 employees improving their own jobs.” [Tina Legere – President, Central Maine Medical Center


Our work with Patient Satisfaction and Employee Engagement has improved but is not where we want it to be.



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Board of directors
as of 6/24/2016
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Board co-chair

Mr. Richard L Roy

Mechanics Private Bank

Term: June 2000 - 2014

Board co-chair

Mr. Mark A Adams

Sebago Technics, Inc.

Term: June 2002 - 2014

Pauline Beale Optometrist

Optometric Associates

John Blanchard Exec. VP

HE Callahan

Sharon Buckley V P / Treasurer

Patrons Oxford Insurance Co.

Mark Carrier CPA, CVA Shareholder

Ouellette & Associates, PA

Peter Chalke Pres. and CEO Central Maine Medical Family

Central Maine Healthcare

Tina Legere President

Central Maine Medical Center

Richard Goldstein President, Medical Staff

Central Maine Healthcare and Central Maine Medical Group

Phil Nadeau Deputy City Administrator

City of Lewiston

Lanny Oliver active physician

Central Maine Medical Center

Ronald Peyser Retired

Sharon Poulin Retired

Candace Sanborn Owner

Provider Power

Michael Tompkins Exec. VP Operations

Oxford Networks

Donald "Raj" Woolever Director

CMMC Family Medicine Residency

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