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The mission of York County Community Action Corporation is to alleviate the effects of poverty, attack its underlying causes, and to promote the dignity and self-sufficiency of the people of York County, Maine.

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A single mother with two small children struggles to pay her utility bills. She schedules an appointment with an Energy Services worker and gets assistance to keep her electricity on. An elderly man needs a ride to his weekly cancer care. He contacts the Transportation program and arranges to have a driver pick him up and bring him home each week. A young couple with an infant and another child on the way can’t afford to buy the groceries they need. They enroll in the WIC program and receive monthly food vouchers that can be used to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and milk. A family whose income has been severely cut by the loss of a job is at risk of losing their home to foreclosure. A meeting is scheduled with a foreclosure prevention specialist, and through mediation with the lender a mortgage modification is arranged.

People come to York County Community Action for many different reasons and under various circumstances. Whatever the reason, people come to us because they believe that the answer to their problem or situation begins at a place where solutions can be found—a place where empowerment lives.

Empowerment at York County Community Action starts with a vision of cultivating safe, self-sufficient communities. We see families able to meet their basic needs each day. We see schools full of safe children who flourish and excel academically. We see adults who aggressively protect the value and lives of children. We see seniors as stewards of wisdom giving back to the community in meaningful ways. We see individuals pulled in from the margins of life and restored back to confidence and hope.

Our aim, as ever, is to offer solutions, and to provide tools for empowerment to those in need.

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Executive Director

Barbara Crider

Deputy Director

Carter Friend

Main address

6 Spruce Street PO Box 72

Sanford, ME 04073 USA

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Human Service Organizations (P20)

Children's and Youth Services (P30)

Transportation (Free or Subsidized) (P52)

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Our programs

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Children's Services

YCCAC’s Children’s Services Department consists of our Head Start and Early Head Start (HS/EHS) programs. Together, these programs provide comprehensive early childhood education for children from birth to age five. HS/EHS promote children’s school-readiness of children enrolled in the program by engaging them in activities that support their developmental growth within the following domains:

• Language and literacy
• Cognition and general knowledge
• Physical development and health
• Social and emotional development
• Approaches to learning

What sets Head Start apart from other child care and early education programs is its whole-family approach, which emphasizes the critical role parents play as their child’s first and most important teacher.

Population(s) Served
Economically disadvantaged people
Children and youth

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program serves pregnant women, infants, and children from birth to age 5. WIC offers one-on-one health and nutrition counseling and breastfeeding support. WIC also helps parents and foster parents pay for nutritious food and formula, if breastfeeding is not an option. Nutrition professionals monitor weight, immunizations, and dietary needs to achieve optimal health.

Average monthly caseload FY2021: 3,340
Number of WIC permanent sites and clinics: 5

Population(s) Served
Infants and toddlers

If you are having a hard time paying for heat or electricity, you are not alone. It’s not an uncommon problem for many families in York County. That’s why YCCAC offers a wide range of fuel and energy assistance programs so you can be warm, safe, healthy, and secure in your home. And, our weatherization services can even help you save money!

• HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) helps eligible homeowners and renters cover heating costs.
• Weatherization: We offer eligible homeowners an audit of their home to check for energy efficiency and safety concerns and connect them to available funding for improvements.
• Electricity Lifeline Program helps with electricity costs, households can receive a credit to their CMP bill based on household income and estimated electricity usage.
• Energy Crisis Intervention: Emergency financial assistance for fuel or avoiding electricity cut-offs.
• Central Heating Improvement provides grant funds to repair or replace malfunctioning heating systems.

Population(s) Served

YCCAC's Transportation Department offers a range of transit options, which are open to the general public and equipped for people with disabilities. These include both public transportation and contracted/special service transport. It's programs serve to support local residents abilities to work or continue education, access medical visits and other important appointments, including cancer treatments, access local business, grocery stores and recreational activities, and to age in place be retaining independence and dignity.

Population(s) Served

YCCAC’s Department of Economic Opportunity (EO) provides a broad range of important services designed to support individuals and families to increase or retain assets (e.g. home, vehicle, savings, education and others) through homeownership education, foreclosure counseling and prevention services, financial coaching, free tax preparation, legal advocacy and opportunities for matched savings.

Recognizing that households’ capacity to achieve their financial goals depends, first, on having their underpinning basic needs—fuel, housing, food and safety—met, Economic Opportunity also offers options for emergency financial funds and other supports to stabilize households in crisis.

Economic Opportunity encompasses a number of programs, including:
• Community Outreach
• York County CA$H Campaign
• A Place for Us
• Homeownership Education & Counseling
• Foreclosure Prevention Services

Population(s) Served

YCCAC is one of approximately thirty Community Action Programs in the nation to also be a Federally Qualified Health Center. This unique capacity allows YCCAC to be a leader in the integration of Social Determinants of Health data with Nasson’s delivery of medical, dental and behavioral health care. We understand that clinical interventions may only go so far when a patient goes home to an unstable or unhealthy living situation, poor environment, bare refrigerator or empty fuel tank. Nasson is a Patient-Centered Medical Home recognized by the National Center on Quality Assurance.

Nasson Health Care is located in Springvale, and operates a satellite site in Biddeford.

Population(s) Served

Where we work

Affiliations & memberships

United Way Member Agency 1965

Goals & Strategy

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Charting impact

Four powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

YCCAC aspires to achieve for our neighbors and communities, the vision set forth in the Preamble to the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964:

York County Community Action Corporation has undergone—and continues to undergo—changes to improve its ability to deliver services to all clients, and to be as efficient and effective in our goals as possible.

Over the past fiscal year (2015/16), YCCAC established a program called Economic Opportunity, which oversees Community Outreach (Social Work/Case Management),York County CA$H (Creating Assets Savings & Hope), A Place for Us (formerly Pathways to Prosperity), and Access to Justice (Legal Advocacy). The Economic Opportunity program has been successful in integrating all YCCAC programs, so that clients are better served and YCCAC resources are used efficiently and to their best effect.

Our Children's Services program, which includes Head Start and Early Head Start, has expanded to new locations—Saco and Old Orchard Beach. There are now Head Start sites in nine (9) York County towns and cities (Biddeford, Buxton, Kittery, Lyman, North Berwick, Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Sanford and Waterboro), with a new total of 22 classrooms.

Nasson Health Care, our Health Services program, has expanded, with sites now in Biddeford, North Berwick, Alfred and Springvale. The North Berwick clinic is located at Noble High School, and is a collaborative effort between Nasson Health Care and Maine School Administrative District 60.

Women, Infant & Children, commonly called WIC, relocated its office in Limerick this year to better serve a growing need. The WIC program has six (6) clinic sites: Sanford, Biddeford, Kittery, Limerick, South Berwick, and Buxton.

In Energy Services, we introduced an easy and efficient way for LIHEAP clients to complete their applications—by phone.

In August, previous LIHEAP clients were notified by postcard of a date and time-range for a phone call from a LIHEAP Intake Specialist. The phone call took no more than 15 minutes, and the completed application was then mailed to the client, for review and signature. The client then returned the signed application—by mail or in person—and any outstanding documentation (e.g., electric bill, pay stubs) to the YCCAC Energy Services Department, in Sanford. It was that simple!

In addition, Energy Services has made an outreach to residents of Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beach this year, with the expectation of reaching a significant number of residents who may be eligible for LIHEAP benefits but had never applied.

York County Community Action Corporation is on solid financial footing. Our programs are expanding, to provide better services to a body of individuals and families throughout York County, As noted in the “strategies" section of this report, we have instituted changes within the organization to make our programs more efficient, and to better utilize the our available resources.

Over the past two years, we have had several program directors retire. This has allowed us the opportunity to replace the leadership positions of Children's Services, Transportation, and Economic Opportunity (formerly known as Community Outreach), with new staff. These new leaders come to YCCAC with “fresh eyes," which allows for new perspectives on how to approach issues for better results, how to address problems from different angles, how to . . . “see" things that we may not have seen before. New leaders bring fresh ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm finding new ways to reach solutions.

In addition, we have created two new positions within the agency: Operations/Special Initiatives Manager, and Volunteer Coordinator. The Operations/Special Initiatives Manager has undertaken an extensive study of space usage at our main office complex in Sanford, and has made changes to office use to better serve our clients and our agency. (For example: All staff who do not work directly with clients but instead serve in a supportive capacity have been relocated to offices away from the main entry; YCCAC staff who do see clients now occupy those offices. The clients are now better able to meet with the YCCAC staff quickly, and the staff can greet the clients and escort them to their offices only a short distance from the reception room.) The volunteer coordinator has assumed responsibility for fundraising activities and creating/maintaining a solid volunteer base for the agency.

Nasson Health Care—our Health Care program and the only Community Health Center in York County—now has offices in Springvale, North Berwick, Alfred and Biddeford. This expansion has made access to quality medical, dental and behavioral health services available to more York County residents of low or-no income than ever before. With a current patient volume of just over 3,500, our goal is to provide care for 6,000 York County residents over the next 3 to 5 years.

The program formerly known as Community Outreach is now named Economic Opportunity, and houses the Community Outreach program and Housing Services program. Outreach staff have been more evenly distributed throughout York County to provide residents of the Biddeford, Saco, and Old Orchard Beach areas greater ease at accessing the services provided by Community Outreach.

Head Start, after closing classrooms as a result of funding cuts in recent years, has at last begun to grow, opening new classrooms in Saco and Old Orchard Beach over the past two years. We hope to continue this growth into 2017 and beyond

We have accomplished a great deal in recent years, but there is still much to be done.

Better integration of services is an area that the Economic Opportunity director has worked on this year, and will continue to improve. Our WIC program is reaching out to day care centers, schools, hospitals, and other non-profits to promote healthy eating, breastfeeding, and access to food vouchers for eligible clients. Our Transportation program is seeking new areas of service, to provide access to medical care, school and job training, and shopping for those without means of transport.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our level of service. Our clients are always our first priority, and serving them better—more efficiently, more effectively, and with the best possible outcome—is our challenge, and our reward.


York County Community Action Corp.

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York County Community Action Corp.

Board of directors
as of 02/14/2022
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Board chair

Claudette Dupee

Claudette Dupee

Donna Finneran

Don Burns

Lisa Carter

Grady Collins

Jane McCabe

Joan Nass

Isabelle Palin

David Wright

Betsy Kelly

Pat McLaughlin

Jean Walsh

William Hygh

Paul St. Denis