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HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services (HSVS), is a nonprofit agency that provides family and residential foster care, prevention services, adoption, mental health and medical services to children, youth, and families. As the third largest children’s services provider in New York City, HSVS has over a century of dedication to reaching and serving our community’s at-risk children and families. HSVS has a mission "to nurture and support, with dignity and respect, children, adults and families in order to expand opportunities and enhance lives.” In 2014, we provided brighter, viable futures to approximately 7,300 children, adults and families. At HSVS, we are determined to give the families, children and adults in our care the support they need to achieve their dreams.

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Executive Director

Ms. Dawn V. Saffayeh

Main address

66 Boerum Place

Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA

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Formerly known as

St. Vincent's Services



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Children's and Youth Services (P30)

Youth Development Programs (O50)

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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HeartShare St. Vincent's Services (HSVS) empowers children, individuals and families to overcome the challenges of family crises, addiction, mental illness and poverty.

Our programs

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Foster Care and Adoption Services

HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services’ (HSVS) Foster Care and Adoption Services ensures that children in foster care experience a seamless transition to a safe, stable and loving home, whether that means their reunification with biological parents or an adoption. As a part of the HSVS team, foster parents work to ensure the well-being of the child. Many times, the foster parents develop such a bond with the child that they become adoptive parents.

With donor support, HSVS also offers extensive adoption services to the families and communities served. HSVS also provides intensive case management for older adolescents and their foster and biological families to prepare them for aging out of care and coping with the transition to adulthood.

For more information on Foster Care and Adoption Services, call (718) 422-2292 for the Brooklyn office and (718) 739-5000 for the Queens office.

Population(s) Served

HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services’ Family Service Centers provide free community-based services to help families in crisis and to ensure their children remain safe in their homes. In addition to individual, family and group counseling, staff members provide guidance to families on where to find essential help and resources. HSVS places a great importance on helping families stay together and work through the issues confronting them. HSVS offers a helping hand to resolve conflict or crisis by supporting and strengthening the family.

Bensonhurst Family Services
138 Bay 20th Street, Brooklyn
(718) 234-1717
Surfside Tanyhill Family Services
2315 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn
(718) 372-0580

East Brooklyn Family Services
123 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn
(347) 770-8155

Specialized Prevention Program
(Borough Wide)
66 Boerum Place, Brooklyn
(718) 422-2455

Population(s) Served

Youth Residences

HSVS has four Youth Residences that serve foster care youth in Queens and Staten Island. Each home provides support for gaining independent living skills, which include learning financial literacy, pursuing an education, obtaining gainful employment, utilizing health resources and securing housing. The young men and women in our residences benefit greatly from living in safe, stable homes, where they receive caring attention and work to overcome their challenges. In this environment, our young people attend school, participate in community activities, and are part of a family, including several housemates who have also experienced foster care and dedicated staff that offer personal, academic and career counseling.

Children’s Community Residences

HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services’ Children’s Community Residences (CCR) in Laurelton, Springfield and St. Alban’s, Queens, provide short-term residential care and targeted intervention for youth ages 13-18 whose behavioral and/or emotional needs prevent them from safely and productively residing at home. Our clinicians and trained residential staff work with our youth and families to identify attainable goals, focusing on areas of highest need, such as behavioral management or skill building focused on coping. Staff then work with the youth to achieve these goals and to build the skills necessary to support a safe and stable transition home, or to a home-like setting. The program is licensed by the NYS Office of Mental Health and all applications must first be screened by Children’s Single Point of Access (CSPOA).

For more information on CCRs, call (718) 422-2210.

Supported Housing

The Supported Housing Program, first launched in 2007, serves adult clients referred from local hospitals who struggle with substance abuse, mental health issues, or are living with HIV/AIDS. Residents are connected to support services, such as mental health and drug treatment programs, to help them become self-sufficient.

Supported housing, coupled with such services, provides an affordable, safe and permanent place to live for people facing homelessness. In addition to allowing tenants to build their independence and become a part of a community, this type of program reduces long-term costs to the city and state, such as for psychiatric inpatient care and emergency rooms.

For more information on Supported Housing, call (917) 618-3160.

HIV / AIDS Community Follow-up

HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services’ supportive and dedicated staff provides individual and family-centered case management services. By increasing access to HIV-related services, HSVS helps to prevent or delay unnecessary crisis in the lives of individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. The agency uses a team approach with a specially-trained case management staff to develop a comprehensive plan, advocate for needed services offered by other providers, and obtain consistent and ongoing access to medical care.

Population(s) Served

Youth Development
HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services’ (HSVS) Office of Youth Development is responsible for the development, coordination and delivery of innovative strategies to provide youth in foster care with the skills they need to become successful adults.
HSVS serves approximately 243 youth ages 14-21 who are placed in Family or Residential Foster Care settings. Additionally, HSVS provides services to youth who have previously aged out of foster care and continue to need support. With over a century of experience working with disconnected youth, HSVS has extensive, successful experience in providing opportunities for youth to participate in pro-social community activities, independent living, and educational and job readiness opportunities through incentives and other engagement strategies.

After School & Community Services
In today's world, children need a safe place where they can develop their interests, make friends, and become their own individuals. HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services offers such a place at our After-School and Summer Camp programs. HSVS creates exciting programs that reflect the needs, interests, and diversity of the hundreds of students aged 7 to 16 years old served each year.
McKinley I.S. 259 Beacon Program
7301 Fort Hamilton Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11228
(718) 836-3620
Hours: 3:00 to 6:00 pm
Ages served: 8 to 16 years

P.S. 102 One World COMPASS Program
211 72nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Hours: 2:40 to 5:40
Ages served: 7 to 13 years

P.S. 288 Shirley Tanyhill Beacon Program
2950 W. 25th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11224
(718) 714-0103
Hours: 3:00 to 6:00 pm
Ages served: 8 to 16 years

Carey Gardens Cornerstone Program
2315 Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224

Surfside Gardens Cornerstone Program
2315 Surf Avenue (temporary location)
Brooklyn, NY 11224

O’Dwyer Gardens Cornerstone Program
2945 West 33rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11224

Population(s) Served

HSVS not only encourages our young people to dream big and reach for success—we do whatever it takes to make their dreams happen. SVS launched the American Dream Program (ADP), privately funded through the support of generous donors, to help foster care youth achieve educational and vocational success.

The History of ADP
Since its inception, the program has changed the lives of 100 young men and women. Every year, ADP scholars, who have demonstrated extraordinary academic, professional and personal progress, are recognized with the Youth of the Year Award, an annual tradition since 1967.

According to a 2007 study of ADP, ADP Scholars graduate from post-secondary institutions at a significantly higher rate (53%) than the national average for young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds (39.6%) and compare favorably with the national average (58%) for young people from all socioeconomic backgrounds—and this success was solely from our youth receiving financial assistance. Today, we expect even greater success rates as our College Scholars now benefit from educational, financial, employment, and emotional support.

ADP Today
ADP is a support program unique to HSVS. No other local foster care agency provides the same caliber of financial, emotional, educational, and job supports for its college-bound youth. Even more remarkable is the fact that ADP is solely funded by our individual and corporate sponsors who share our commitment to investing in the dreams of our young people. An investment in ADP means that we will be able to alleviate the financial stress of college for our Scholars by providing them with tuition assistance, monthly metro cards, monthly stipends, and textbooks.

In 2015, HSVS launched the newly revamped ADP, which is exclusively supervised and staffed by the Office of Youth Development, to provide more individualized, comprehensive support for youth in foster care. Today, ADP is a wrap-around educational, emotional support and career advancement program that empowers older youth to overcome their personal challenges and excel as adults.
The newly revamped ADP helps our young people find their own paths, make a plan, and develop the skills they need to take on the challenges of work, education, finances, and adult responsibilities with energy and confidence. We support our youth breaking through to success by focusing on four areas that we believe are the foundations for achieving their versions of the American Dream: Educational Achievement, Job Readiness, Emotional Support, and Financial Literacy.

Our experience has shown us that helping youth get into college is not enough. Once they find themselves immersed in college life, our youth face additional barriers. The goal of ADP is to help our young people be successful in school and complete their degrees.

Population(s) Served

HSVS is deeply committed to giving our youth in foster care everything they need to become successful adults. In addition to supporting their college dreams, this commitment also means replicating the critical resources, supports and opportunities many non-foster care teenagers enjoy. Through the generous support of the Redlich Horwitz Foundation, HSVS is delighted to launch our Permanency Pact Program, which creates a formalized, facilitated process to connect youth in foster care with a Supportive Adult who has pledged to offer lifelong friendship, professional guidance and emotional support.

What do our Youth Need?
Finding positive connections and developing supportive networks are fundamental to navigating the intricacies of adulthood. For all youth—not just for our young people who are aging out of care—transitioning into adulthood brings about a number of challenges.

Youth aging out of foster care need responsible adults to supplement their education, internships and job trainings to ensure they are on the right paths. Without the benefits of responsible adults to guide and support them, foster youth are at a significant disadvantage. While their counterparts can turn to parents, aunts or cousins for advice on taking college courses, buying cars or finding job opportunities, youth aging out of foster care are often left to face the challenges of the real world on their own. Without the support of responsible adults to guide and support them, foster youth will continue to face staggering odds.

The HSVS Permanency Pact Program focuses on youth ages 18-21 and closes the gap for our young people by providing them with a safety net as they navigate adulthood. We know that with the support of responsible, dedicated adults, our young people will beat the odds and break through to success.

What is a Permanency Pact?
Each HSVS Permanency Pact will be formalized in a written agreement memorializing the types of supports the Supportive Adult is willing to provide. These pacts provide a safety net for youth as they navigate adulthood with a responsible adult who has pledged to provide ongoing support and guidance.

Whether it is help to co-sign a lease, select an insurance plan or learn how to balance a budget, youth aging out of foster care need the same support that their peers often receive from parents or family members. Each Permanency Pact will provide a safety net for youth as they navigate adulthood with a responsible adult who has pledged to provide ongoing support and guidance.

What is a Supportive Adult?
As a Supportive Adult, you may offer a range of supports to the young person, from providing a place to spend the holidays, to career counseling, to house hunting, to offering spiritual guidance.

How to Get Involved
Interested in becoming a Supportive Adult? For more information, contact HSVS's Permanency Pact Coordinator Donny Duggan at (917) 618-422, or by email at [email protected]

Population(s) Served

Article 31 Clinics

HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services, which aims to provide holistic supports to children and teens in and aging out of foster care, has an Article 31 clinic. As a part of its Integrated Health Services, the clinic is staffed by psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, mental health counselors, nurse practitioners and art therapists. In particular, the Foster Care Clinical Program employs therapists and psychologists equipped to treat our children and young men and women in foster care, as well as their families.

Treatment begins with our comprehensive initial assessment, incorporating both a pyscho-social and psychiatric evaluation, which together forms the foundation for each client’s highly individualized treatment plan. Our clinicians each use a variety of evidence-based interventions to meet the specific needs of each individual with whom we work and maintain evening and weekend hours to make services easy to access.

For more information on the Mental Health Outpatient Clinics, please call 718-522-6011.

Chemical Dependence Treatment Program

HSVS Outpatient Chemical Dependence Treatment Program (CD) is a comprehensive treatment program designed to empower individuals to stop using mood-altering substances, assume their parental responsibilities, strengthen their family and social relationships, develop a healthy network in their communities, and ultimately achieve long term abstinence from substance abuse. The program connects clients to external agencies to provide further support for their educational and occupational goals.

Staffed with Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASAC’s), Clinical Social Workers, a Psychiatrist and a Nurse, our program designs an individualized treatment plan for each of our clients, which may include individual and group therapy, drug abstinence monitoring and mental health treatment on site. Our experienced multidisciplinary team uniquely allows us to provide effective and convenient treatment for individuals with dual diagnoses, in a single location.

For more information on the HSVS Chemical Dependency Clinics, call (718) 257-3880 for the Canarsie, Brooklyn location, (718) 206-0218 for the Jamaica, Queens location and (718) 981-7861 for the Staten Island location.

Population(s) Served

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Our results

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Number of children in foster care who have stable placements

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Number of people who received clinical mental health care

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HeartShare St. Vincent's Services empowers children and adults to achieve heightened wellbeing through mental health and chemical dependency clinics.

Number of youth receiving services (e.g., groups, skills and job training, etc.) with youths living in their community

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HSVS encourages children and youth in our community programs and our youth in foster care to develop positive and constructive relationships, expand their experiences and achieve their dreams.

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HeartShare St. Vincent's Services offered resources to strengthen families in crisis.

Number of youth who plan to attend post-secondary education

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HeartShare St. Vincent's Services supported youth in foster care achieve their college and career dreams through the American Dream Program.

Goals & Strategy

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With four programmatic divisions - Foster Care and Preventive Programs; Integrated Health Services; Residential and Housing Programs; Youth Development and Community Programs - HSVS staff members serve over 5,000 New Yorkers each year, including over 2,700 of the city's most vulnerable youth. This continuum of services enables HSVS to meet clients' unique circumstances and needs, equipping them with tools and skills needed to achieve their dreams.

HeartShare St. Vincent's Services developed four program divisions to help clients lead healthy, happy lives.

Foster Care and Preventive Program strengthens families in times of crisis. We partner with parents to provide the tools and skills necessary to build loving, happy family foundations for children and youth to thrive.

Integrated Health Services provides skills-based therapy and healthcare management to empower individuals to achieve wellness. We guide clients as they work to strengthen their family and social relationships, achieve personal goals and more meaningfully contribute to their communities.

Residential and Housing Programs provide safe homes to those most in need. By providing a safe, caring, and stable living situation and targeted support services, our clients are able to begin the work needed to overcome the challenges in their lives.

Youth Development and Community Programs encourage the participants in our community programs and our youth in foster care to make positive connections, expand their experiences and achieve their dreams.

HeartShare St. Vincent's Services has programs in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island in each of its division areas.

HSVS has a robust foster care and adoption team throughout the city, providing training, resources and support to foster and adoptive parents.

HSVS also has preventive programs, or Family Service Centers, which offer resources and counseling to prevent the placement of children into the foster care system.

HSVS has group homes for older youth in foster care, as well as children's community residences for children experiencing behavioral difficulties. HSVS supported apartments are for those affected by HIV/AIDS, severe mental illness or have been recently released from incarceration.

HSVS youth development programs help young men and women in foster care access their college and career dreams, including financial, emotional and other support to navigate the challenges of young adulthood from applying to college to apartment hunting. HSVS community programs include after school and summer camp programs providing an enriching and safe space for children.

By offering a stable home, a safe place to go after school, a means to graduate college and the skills to achieve physical and mental well-being, HSVS creates opportunities for the clients we serve.

In 2014, the affiliation between HeartShare and St. Vincent's Services produced the third largest children's services agency in New York City.

Since the affiliation, HeartShare St. Vincent's has streamlined and established a solid programmatic infrastructure governed by the four divisions. There has been significant growth and innovation within the divisions, especially creating new programs to support older youth aging out of care.

The agency's American Dream Program, a tuition scholarship for college or vocational school, internship, job and career guidance, as well as emotional support, has a record 50 enrolled students.

The agency's Preparing Youth for Adulthood (PYA) Program is a series of workshops opening up dialogue on budgeting and personal responsibility, healthy romantic and sexual relationships, and experiences with systemic racism.

HSVS also is the first agency in New York City to implement Intensive Permanency Services, which will help youth heal from past trauma, in order to help them to develop healthy relationships for greater wellbeing and security.

HeartShare St. Vincent's Services aims to continue to uphold its support for older youth in care, especially the Intensive Permanency Services in partnership with Foundations and ALIA.

HeartShare St. Vincent's Services has not only become a thought leader within New York City in child welfare, but also leading the discussion on the prescription drug epidemic on Staten Island. HSVS will continue to inform and expand its services to high need communities.

HeartShare St. Vincent's also has developed a strong leadership and Board of Directors, including cultivating young professionals through its Junior Board.


HeartShare St. Vincent's Services, Inc.

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HeartShare St. Vincent's Services, Inc.

Board of directors
as of 06/18/2019
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Board chair

Mr. Kenneth P. Nolan

Speiser, Krause, Nolan & Granito

Robert M Cowen

John Mullins & Co., Inc.

Craig A Eaton, Esq

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Monsignor Robert M Harris

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