Mission: The Baron Jay Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the quality of life of people in living in under served communities. Our mission is to motivate and empower economically disadvantaged individuals -- especially youth -- to become productive and contributing members of society by providing: • Life skills education in healthy habits and harmonious relationships. • Culturally enriching experiences that promote self-esteem, good citizenship, leadership qualities, and empathy for others. • Extracurricular workshops in job preparedness, computer training, and financial literacy to help reduce the achievement gap and the global digital divide.

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10153 1/2 RIVERSIDE DRIVE 467


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Health Support Services (E60)

Film, Video (A31)

Other Housing Support Services (L80)

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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The Baron Jay Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt nonprofit organization that was legally incorporated in 2004. We are committed to promoting health awareness, relationship guidance, employment preparedness, and financial literacy in economically distressed and under
served communities. We host workshops and programs for at-risk youth that prepare them to become responsible, civic-minded, respectful, and productive citizens. We also sponsor free training programs in computer skills training and English literacy to local communities in underdeveloped regions of the world such as West Central Africa. One of our main goals is to increase digital literacy through computer skill development in poverty stricken communities in both the United States and the developing world. All of our workshops are designed to give our beneficiaries practical life-skills that promote self-esteem, empathy, stress reduction, anger management, academic improvement, and civic leadership.

Our programs

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What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Baron Jay Foundation Programs are

A. Filmmaker Job Shadowing / Internship
B. Financial Literacy for Personal Life Style & Filmmaking
C. Healthy Maintenance Life Style
D. STEAM Workshops & Classes with our partner STEAM:CODERS
E. Entrepreneurship: Creating Book Dealers Not Drug Dealers
F. Caddy Golf Employment & Scholarships with our partner Western Golf Association Evan Scholar
G. Baron Jay Foundation Trailblazer Award Luncheon

Population(s) Served

Riches to Wealth
It is a wild world out there when it comes to finances. In today’s world, where brainpower is the most important tool for survival, one needs to know enough to navigate the economic side of this wild world. Poverty is on the rise due to financial illiteracy. It is a discovery that shows that a large number of people go through educational institutions and still come out financially deficient. This deficiency makes it nearly impossible to navigate financial waters with ease. A lot of people don’t how the financial system of the world works and find it hard to educate themselves with self-help books and articles.
This is why ‘Riches to Wealth’ is an important initiative to sign up for. It is a light at the end of the tunnel for individuals looking to liberate themselves financially. In the book ‘Why we want you to be Rich’, Robert Kiyosaki, one of the authors of the book mentioned knowledge acquisition as one of the important behaviors that separate the haves and the have-nots of our society. One knowledge acquisition journey individuals could embark on is going to financial workshops just like ‘Riches to Wealth’.
‘Riches to Wealth’ offers a lot of benefits to partakers. When ‘Riches to Wealth’ is joined, partaking individuals have access to different benefits that include business and personal credits to help them get on their feet and put their business ideas into motion. The key to becoming wealthy is making good financial decisions and this workshop’s major aim is to ensure youths make the best of financial decisions that can lead to success.
The workshop is lined with classes that will improve the knowledge of applicants in different aspects of the financial system. Aspects like stocks financial planning and management activities. Applicants are guaranteed to leave having learned enough to ensure long-term self-sufficiency in the business world.

Population(s) Served

Where we work


Certificate of Appreciation 2015

LAUSD Career Day

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Goals & Strategy

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Learn about the organization's key goals, strategies, capabilities, and progress.

Charting impact

Four powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

1) To build good character development in our youth beneficiaries by enhancing life-skills development in self-motivation, self esteem, and anger management; awareness of health and psycho social issues relevant to their everyday lives; academic knowledge and skills; general preparedness for the job market; financial literacy; and opportunities for professional career training in specific industries.
2) To educate young people about the impact of multimedia on the public at large, including disenfranchised groups, in relation to local and world affairs; and to give them the professional tools to responsibly use media in peer-to-peer education and community outreach in order to elevate public consciousness about social responsibilities in assisting under served populations.
3) To sponsor community programs, events, and public conversations — especially peer driven activities hosted “by youth for youth" –that empower disadvantaged youth participants.
4) To hold workshops and classes, and to provide referrals to internship, apprenticeship and mentoring opportunities for participants potentially interested in professional careers in media and entertainment that give them exposure to careers in these fields.
5) To promote digital education and technology transfer on both domestic and international levels to help improve the lives of people living in low-income, undeserved communities of the developing world, including, but not limited to, countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

Program Initiatives for Youth Empowerment
• To promote age-appropriate and culturally competent health education and healthy habits in disadvantaged youth who may be at increased risk for HIV/AIDS; chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, and cancer; and violence, including domestic and date violence, and gang activity. To give a youth participants a platform for understanding health in practical terms and in ways that relate to their everyday lives.

• To give youth beneficiaries an interactive platform for understanding the dynamics of relationships, and strategies for cultivating respectful, harmonious, and positive relationships with friends, family, teachers, coaches, co-workers, employers, and others.

• To give youth participants information on, and exposure to, careers that are potentially personally interesting and financially rewarding. To assist them in discovering job possibilities and in developing the skills needed to successfully enter a specific industry.

• To expose youth participants to careers in the film entertainment and media industries that are potentially personally interesting and financially rewarding.

• To introduce youth beneficiaries to the varied job-related applications of computer technology. To refer them to nearby classes and workshops offering free or low-cost training in basic, intermediate, and advanced computer skills.

• To teach youth participants the fundamentals of financial literacy. To help them develop a rational “how-to" plan for budgeting, spending, saving and investing in the immediate and long-term future that maximizes their likelihood of economic security over a lifetime.

• To co-host, with Operation Hope, the “Banking On Our Future Financial Literacy Program" in order to teach and inform youth about our banking and monetary system.

• To motivate student to study and appreciate school and academics through our “Learn and Earn Coach Workout" by paying them to study, and to appreciate school and academics.

• To co-sponsor the Read For Literacy Book-A-Thon Tour “Battle of the Minds Game Show."
Initiatives for Global Development
• To provide local communities with innovative poverty-reducing interventions that utilize “information and communication technologies for development" (ICT4D). To provide interdisciplinary and cross-industry technology transfer to the developing world that increases literacy, helps close the global digital gap, and improves socio-economic conditions in local communities and their larger societies.

Ongoing Programs

The Founder of the Baron Jay Family Foundation, Mr. Baron Jay Littleton, is a screen actor, producer, entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist known for his seminal youth empowerment programs. Mr. Littleton is the author of the Little Black and Brown Book Series on Black and Latino Achievement, a celebration of the historically important contributions of both African American and Hispanic inventors to society. He is the creator of “Book Dealers Not Drug Dealers," a national program in which the Baron Jay Family Foundation teams up with local urban school systems to use books as an alternative to selling cookies and candy in fundraising campaigns. The Baron Jay Family Foundation is also a co-sponsor of groundbreaking edu-tainment such as “Battle of the Minds" – a unique board game about Black History.
Educational and Training Programs

New Programs

Our new flagship program, Career Horizons – Here and Now, is a series of peer-driven, mentor guide interactive workshops. The goal of this series is to give young people up-to-date information on current and emerging good job possibilities. By listening to prominent representatives of different industries – and in some cases visiting workplaces onsite — participants can discover for themselves if they are interested in a certain vocation or profession, and if it is a good fit for them. The Career Horizons modules introduce our workshop beneficiaries to employment possibilities in a wide range of jobs in high demand today.

Our proactive approach engages participants in workshops and classrooms, and also in hands-on laboratory settings and field experiences. Our workshops feature the best of academic, inspirational, and real world learning situations. Our mentors and facilitators help motivate participants to take responsibility for improving their environment and for transforming their own lives.
United States

• Knowledge Paths to Personal Success

Age-appropriate and culturally competent instruction and mentoring in the following subjects:

– Health Education

– Relationship & Family

– Job Possibilities & Career Choices

– Financial Literacy

– Computer Literacy •Entertain-Media 101

An innovative program to introduce participants to filmmaking and technical training for careers in media and entertainment. It combines entertainment and media arts instruction, including English and language arts, with career goal development.
Global Development

•Malabo Computer Learning Center (Malabo, Equatorial Guinea)

Check updates on the new nonprofit Malabo Computer Training Center we are opening in the small nation of Equatorial Guinea in West Central Africa. This project falls under our global initiative to promote computer training in local communities in the developing world.




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Board of directors
as of 01/06/2020
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Board chair

Mr Baron Littleton Jr


Term: 2019 - 2023

Baron Jay Littleton Jr









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