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Cristo Rey Kansas City breaks the cycle of poverty through education and student work experience. By providing a Catholic, college prep education enhanced by work experiences, the path is clear for each student: diploma, degree and career. Students reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the metro area and live in households with annual incomes of $33,000. Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, programs build upon the the sisters' more than 150 years experience in education. With its first class of graduates in 2010 and in each successive year, 100% of graduates have been accepted to college. Currently, 60% of alumni have graduated from college or are persisting to college graduation. National studies confirm that just 9-14% low income students achieve college graduation.

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John O'Connor

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211 West Linwood Boulevard

Kansas City, MO 64111 USA

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Secondary/High School (B25)

Youth Development Programs (O50)

Roman Catholic (X22)

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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At Cristo Rey Kansas City, we don't believe that Zip Code should define destiny. Our mission it to create a pipeline of young people from high economic need backgrounds who become part of the Cristo Rey Line: diplomas, degrees and careers. Education is often mentioned as the path to opening doors to the future. With education comes knowledge, skills, careers and stability. All doors, however, are not open to everyone - some are locked, some are stuck and others are reserved for certain people. Ambitious instruction in high school can be one of those guarded entry points. At Cristo Rey Kansas City every student begins with Pre-AP courses and progresses to the option of taking AP and ACCP courses. Historically, Advanced Placement programs have been an area of unequal access for low-income students and students of color. When educators make access and inclusion a priority, amazing things happen. At Cristo Rey Kansas City, the Cristo Rey Line supports students to and through college.

Our programs

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College and Career Prep Education

Every student at Cristo Rey is "college prep." Accordingly, all take core curriculum. Graduates have earned 33 credits, which is 9 more than the state requires. Qualifed students may opt into Advanced Placement (AP) courses and are eligible to participate in the A+ Scholarship Program, which provides scholarship funds to graduates of designated high schools who attend a participating colleges. Aditionally, upperclassmen may enroll in college-level coursework through the dual enrollment for college credit program. Cristo Rey is part of Project Lead the Way initiative, which focuses on inquiry-based learning. The school is in an intensive second-year focus on increasing literacy in every student.What students learn in the classroom parlays into real world scenarios through work-study. If students know that what they are learning serves a purpose and has real world applications, they are much more likely to invest themselves in schoolwork and want to succeed in academics. In a recent study exploring the reasons why American students drop out of high school, 81% of the dropouts surveyed said there should have been more opportunities for real-world learning. Students must see the connection between school and getting a job, and Cristo Rey provides this platform.

Population(s) Served

In addition to the challenging academic offerings of CRKC, students also commit to workforce development. All students at Cristo Rey Kansas City work five (5) days a month in metro area organizations as diverse as Blue Cross to Tri-Com Technical Services. Teams of four students fill the position of a full-time 40-hour a week employee. The Corporate Work Study Program provides two weeks of interpersonal and work skills training to prepare students for their work. By working in entry-level corporate positions students become productive members of society, finance a majority of their own education and empower themselves to see past their urban setting to college and beyond. CRKC brings hope to the urban youth throughout Kansas City. A longer school day and school year ensure that no instructional time is lost due to the work-study program.

Population(s) Served

Fully 39% of students are insured by Medicaid, and 25% of its families are uninsured or have an unknown insurance status. Through an aggressive home and school coordination of services, Cristo Rey assists families in getting the services they need.     Because inner city youth face pressure to engage in drug and alcohol use, 100% of our students receive nicotine, drug and alcohol awareness and prevention education.
Children who live in the inner city—particularly African-American and Latino children—suffer disproportionately from asthma. As a result, 100% of CRKC students suffering from asthma have individual Asthma Action Plans.

Studies show that many inner-city children could benefit from mental health services. Less than one-third of children needing mental health services receive adequate treatment. 100% of Cristo Rey students identified as requiring regular counseling receive needed services.

The school's mental health counselor and school nurse are on the front lines responding to whatever health issues present themselves with our students. Through partnership with other helping agencies and organizations, issues are addressed.

Population(s) Served

Campus Ministry works to provide service opportunities and spiritual development to CRKC students. Throughout the school year, students are engaged in a variety of activities that include, but are not limited to, retreats, prayer services, community service opportunities, theology classes, and social gatherings.  Because we believe that education of the whole person includes spiritual and moral development, Campus Ministry is a key component of the education we offer.

Population(s) Served

Cristo Rey students are offered a variety of extracurricular activities to complement their interests and academic development.  From coding camps to robotics, sports teams to student government, Cristo Rey aims to meet students where they are and give them tools and confidence to develop as well-rounded young adults. Our club offerings are unique because they are driven by student interest.  
Currently, 31% of students participate in extra-curricular music lessons and 30% play a team sport.

We offer all major sports for boys and girls except football.  The offerings are important because they allow students to develop interests, build their physical fitness levels, and learn how to play as part of a team.  A great amount of learning occurs on a playing field and Cristo Rey is committed to teaching its students sportsmanship and fair play in their pursuit of any interest. Athletics are also a way to build school spirit and pride.

Population(s) Served

Cristo Rey Kansas City offers support for its alumni as they journey to and through college. The Alumni Coordinator organizes a College Send-Off Night, which provides essentials for dorm life and school supplies for beginning students. At Christmas, young alumni are invited back to campus for a holiday lunch, the coordinator uses this as an opportunity to determine if students are encountering any difficulties socially, emotionally or financially. With community support, she can offer assistance with the purchase of textbooks, transportation or other needs. Additionally, all alumni are tracked and visited on his or her college campus. The goal is to help them achieve college graduation.

Population(s) Served
Ethnic and racial groups
Multiracial people

Where we work


North Central Association of Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement - Accreditation 2015


Affiliations & memberships

AdVancEd 2016

Cristo Rey Network 2018

Our results

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Number of students who receive scholarship funds and/or tuition assistance

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Totals By Year
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Economically disadvantaged people

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College and Career Prep Education

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Direction of Success

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Our Sustainable Development Goals

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Goals & Strategy

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Charting impact

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When a generation in a high school is four years, the high school students of today must be prepared to meet the academic and career challenges of tomorrow. For students with high economic need the urgency is all the more present. Cristo Rey aims to meet urban youth where they are at, recognizing that not all have had the academic preparation that puts them on the path to college.

As there are no jobs for young people without an education, Cristo Rey pledges to partner with them to and through college. With 12 classes of graduates - and 100 percent of graduates admitted to college - the equation is not complete until they are tracked to college graduation and career. National studies confirm that only 9 -14 percent of low-income students achieve college graduation. For Cristo Rey alumni, tracking confirms that 59 percent have graduated or are persisting to college graduation.

With intentionality, Cristo Rey aims to

1. Serve only students with limited economic resources
2. Affirm students of various faiths and cultures
3. Engage families and play an active role in the community
4. Prepares all students to enter and graduate from college
5. Mentor all students as they participate in the Corporate Work Study Program
6. Integrate learning present in the work program, classroom, and extracurricular experiences for the fullest benefit of its students
7. Support students as they access and persist through college

Teachers differentiate learning to accommodate the various learners present in the classroom. In every discipline, literacy is highlighted and strengthened. Teachers deploy 21st Century skills and a variety of approaches to reach and advance every student. These skills are reinforced in each student's work study placement. The overall focus of the curriculum is college- and career-prep.

Cristo Rey builds relationships with parents to strengthen the home and school bond, and engages the business community to provide the essential connection between learning in the classroom and on the job. Prior to admission, staff make home visits to the student's home to meet the family and answer questions. All students spend two weeks in a Summer Work Training Institute learning necessary job skills.

Encouraging and allowing students to enroll in rigorous courses is a critical first step in providing equity in high school. Scaffolding and supporting students to and through college is a significant second step.

Cristo Rey is fully-accredited by AdVancED and participates in a Mission Effectiveness Review conducted by the Cristo Rey Network. All faculty members are certified to teach in his or her content area.

To ensure that student social, emotional, physical and mental health needs are met, the school employs a full-time nurse, mental health counselor and partners with a variety of human and social services agencies in the community to address critical needs.

Cristo Rey Kansas City opened in 2006 and prepared its first students for graduation in 2010. One hundred percent of the school's high school graduates - nine straight classes - have been admitted to college or university. Tracking of alumni confirm that 59 percent have graduated from college or are persisting to college graduation.

Cristo Rey also requires weekly job evaluations from job supervisors. On weekly ratings, 89 percent of student meet or exceed supervisor expectations.


Cristo Rey Kansas City

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Cristo Rey Kansas City

Board of directors
as of 02/22/2022
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Board co-chair

Ellen Martin, JD

FineLine HR Consulting

Term: 2020 - 2022

Board co-chair

Paul Fenaroli

Examinetics, Inc.

Term: 2020 - 2023

Gary Ziuraitis

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish

Marny Sherman

Community Volunteer

Matt Sharples

TriCom Technical Services

Kerm Fendler

Retired CEO, MedTrak

Bridget Romero, JD

Lathrop GPM

Phyllis Stowell, SCL

Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

Ellen Martin. JD

FineLine HR Consulting

Kevin Rauckman

BOSC, Inc.

Scott Dillabaugh


Deborah Steelman Macon


Hubert Benitez, PhD

Saint Luke's College of Health Science - Rockhurst University

Connie Fahey

Fahey Case Management

Quentin Jennings, JD


Tim Cook

Shick Esteve - Linix Group

Tim Madderom

Axis Capital

Anita Newton

Community America Credit Union

Ivan Nugent, JD

Krigel and Krigel

Paul Fenaroli

Examinetics, Inc.

Kelli Alldredge

Chicken N Pickle

Vivian Avery

Community Volunteer

Stacy Rose

Adams Gabbert

Jake Schloegel

Schloegel Design Remodel

Nick Durand

Turner Construction Company

Richard Wetzel


Kathy Maguire

Residential Sewage Treatment

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