Inspiring, empowering, and connecting people to travel by bicycle.

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Adventure Cycling Association inspires, empowers, and connects people to travel by bicycle.

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Jennifer O'Dell

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PO Box 8308

Missoula, MT 59807 USA

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Alliance/Advocacy Organizations (N01)

Public Health Program (E70)

Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification N.E.C. (C99)

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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Active transportation (bicycling) needs to become a safer, mainstream option both for individual health and environmental reasons.

Our programs

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Adventure Cycling Route Network

Our first cycling route, the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail was created in 1976 for the celebration of America's bicentennial. Since then, we've continued to expand our Adventure Cycling Route Network, which now includes more than 40,000 miles of quiet, cycling-friendly roads throughout North America.

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Adventure Cycling Association is part of a national initiative to develop an interstate bicycle route network called the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS). Routes for the USBRS are designated with numbers and catalogued by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Adventure Cycling Association initially provided staff support to the AASHTO Task Force on U.S. Bicycle Routes in order to develop a visionary plan for the national network. AASHTO board of directors adopted the National Corridor Plan in 2008. Today, Adventure Cycling provides technical assistance and multi-state coordination to state departments of transportation that are developing these interstate bicycle routes.

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Explore the world by bicycle. Discover the adventure that awaits you. Inspire others. Whether you are new to bicycle travel or looking to build your outdoor leadership skills, The Greg Siple Award for Young Adult Bicycle Travel helps young adults get in the saddle and out on the road by providing the skills and the gear needed for a lifetime of bicycle travel adventure. In return, recipients of The Greg Siple Award will perform an outreach activity to promote bicycle travel and share it with the world.

The Greg Siple Award, named after Adventure Cycling’s cofounder, is open to young adults ages 18 to 30. (Must be 18–30 years old on March 1, 2019.) In its sixth year, The Greg Siple Award was developed in response to Adventure Cycling members’ desire to inspire more young people to travel by bicycle.

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Young adults

We know that time and cost are barriers to bike travel. To reduce these barriers Adventure Cycling is creating educational resources and engagement programs that support 3-5 day trip routes, offering rich experiences close to home that allow both experienced and new riders to confidently explore their backroads and mitigate virus risk. Our Short Trips Program will serve our current community of bike travel experts and the influx of newcomers who are eager to find self-discovery outdoors. By connecting the expertise of our members with fellow riders and new enthusiasts in their communities, we will expand our entire community.

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Through our Digital Navigation program, Adventure Cycling will engage our 50,000+ members to share their expertise and encourage new riders to try their first bicycle overnight. When it launches in 2021, our app and website will showcase our routes, service information, and U.S. Bicycle Route data all in one easy-to-use place. Cyclist’s Choice will let our member-experts rate lodging, suggest cyclist-friendly establishments, and share the roadside stops worth visiting.

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Your safety on the road is Adventure Cycling’s top priority. From poorly placed rumble strips to distracted drivers, we advocate for safer roads across the U.S. We work with communities, lawmakers, and local cycling groups for better infrastructure and policies. Our Routes Condition Mapping Tool is central to our safety program, using data such as shoulder conditions, crash data, and speed limits to assess risk and advocate for better road conditions with state DOTs. As a community of adventure cyclists, we will make bike travel safer when we take action together.

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Where we work

Goals & Strategy

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Charting impact

Four powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

We envision a future in which:
Everyone is aware of the amazing power of traveling by bicycle.
People are inspired to explore landscapes and cultures by bicycle for fun, fitness, and self-discovery.
There are national and global communities that inspire, empower and connect people to travel by bicycle.
Everyone has easy access to a national network of bicycle routes.
Barriers to bicycle travel are eliminated.
Everyone has the information and tools necessary to travel successfully by bicycle.
Bicycle tourism is a thriving part of the economy.

To fulfill this mission and achieve our overarching goal between 2018 and 2023, we will make the following transformational pivots and pursue five strategic goals :
We will move from expert to community in part by creating a digital engagement platform. This platform will transform our communication strategy from providing all information at once (for example, a cluttered website home page) to providing simpler pathways to discovery and engagement for new visitors while maintaining a pathway to more detailed information and interaction for our devoted members and subscribers.
We will mobilize and engage a large network of volunteers to help create and deliver bike travel experiences, contribute to route and service information, connect with the public, and advocate for better bike travel conditions.
We will offer a much larger palette of bicycle travel experiences, partly through more guided tours but especially through more DIY events such as Bike Overnights created and delivered by volunteers. We will also offer major participation events such as Bike Travel Weekend and Bike Your Park Day. These will be supplemented by larger “peak attendance” paid overnight events.
We will fully interconnect the Adventure Cycling Route Network and US Bicycle Route System, in the process connecting America’s major metro areas and foremost national parks.
We will transform the Routes and Mapping program into a “digital first” operation, with an emphasis on delivering routes and services through apps and web services, and will perform community-based service data collection and curation.
We will amplify our advocacy efforts to include an emphasis on safety, along with continuing to improve bicycle travel conditions, including improved access to parks, rail service and airlines.

Develop a top-to-bottom engagement funnel to draw in new visitors, more engaged subscribers, more members and a more diverse and connected bike travel community. Continue to fortify this community through better means of digital communication, existing tools (especially Adventure Cyclist magazine) and leveraged strategic partnerships.
Combine our guided tours program with the bike travel outreach program into a new program area called Bike Travel Experiences. Our “pivots” include: 1) Expanding the existing guided tour program, using our current tour types; 2) Increasing the number and level of trainings of our members and volunteers who organize and deliver thousands of DIY bike-travel experiences throughout the year and across the country; and, 3) Building on the success of our BTW/BYPD format by expanding it to two BTWs and one BYPD.
Shift our primary delivery vehicle from printed maps to a highly interactive, community-driven routes and services database with frequent updates delivered to our Bicycle Route Navigator app, as well as other distribution partners. Our “pivot” areas include: 1) Completing our transition to “digital first” by reorganizing staff, systems and processes to merge and standardize all route and service data into a spatially-enabled database for both the Adventure Cycling Route Network and the US Bicycle Route System. This will allow our own Bicycle Route Navigator app to “consume” this data, and we will secure our position as the premier bicycle route developer by making this data available via open web standards; 2) Exploring the concept of a paid monthly subscription to the BIcycle Route Navigator (BRN) app that gives subscribers access to every route we have, across the ACRN and USBRS. This allows a bicycle traveler to use any and all of our routes to easily plan and undertake their travel; and, 3) Developing a community-driven data collection program (or partner with an existing one) to power a rating system for essential bike travel services such as bike shops, campgrounds, restaurants, laundromats, and grocery and convenience stores.
Broaden and deepen our current efforts to create the best possible bike travel conditions in the United States, through development of the US Bicycle Route System, partnerships with state and national parks, improved bicycle access to long-haul rail and airline systems, and collaboration to promote bicycle tourism. Our “pivot” is a greater investment in advocacy for safe rural and suburban cycling conditions.
Maintain and magnify its role as the largest and most effective cycling organization in North America. We will continue to cultivate a growing and diversified financial base, a talented, well-trained and well-supported staff, and a culture dedicated to helping each other and achieving our mission. We will make special efforts to boost our organizational infrastructure systems, in particular information technology, and our volunteer corps and leadership.

Our most recent annual impact report is available on our website

In 2019, we reached 14,070 miles on the U.S. Bicycle Route System (in 27 states), and developed a model rumble strip policy to improve safety, and two new states adopted state park no-turn-away policies, bringing the total to 11.

We sent over 40,000 print, digital, and app maps to inspired cyclists, and 3700+ people installed our app. Participants rode over 500.000 miles on Bike Travel Weekend, and had about $14,500 folks cycling through state, national, city and county parks on Bike Your Park Day.



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Board of directors
as of 11/15/2023
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Board chair

Ms. Maria Elena Price

Joyce Casey

Maria Elena Price

Co-owns ExperiencePlus!

Jenny Park

The Trust for Public Lands

Mike Dillon

Elizabeth Kiker

House of Ruth

Noel Kegel

Wheel & Sprocket

Erick Cedeño

Scott Edwards

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