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Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Through our free technology and content, we’ve opened up access to first-rate education at a scale that was never before possible. By engaging students to gain mastery over material at their own pace and empowering the teachers that support them, we are accelerating measurable education outcomes both inside and outside the classroom.

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Founder & CEO

Salman Khan

President & COO

Ginny Lee

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PO Box 1630

Mountain View, CA 94042 USA

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Education N.E.C. (B99)

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What we aim to solve

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Education is a fundamental human right, and every child has the potential to grow and learn. Yet millions of students and their teachers do not have access to the tools and resources necessary to unlock learners' full potential. Millions more around the world are denied any schooling at all. Even after decades of effort, closing the opportunity gap still remains elusive. Khan Academy is working with teachers, students, and education leaders around the world to transform education. Our resources are 100% free and provide personalized learning in core academic subjects from preschool to university and beyond for more than 60 million registered users across 190 countries.

Our programs

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Platform and Content Development

Khan Academy offers unlimited practice and instruction on a platform that empowers learners of any age and homeschoolers to remediate and advance at their own pace. We offer complete progressions in core academic subjects, including math, science, computer programming, history, economics, and much more. To date, 63 million registered users in 190 countries have benefited from Khan Academy, and each month, 18 million learners accelerate their education with our free platform.

Over the next few years, we’ll continue to build this platform to enable deep personalization and invest in analytics and research to better diagnose students’ progress and offer smart recommendations. We’ll scale our reach through the internalization of our site, the development of mobile applications, and the creation of features that improve overall engagement. We’ll also continue to add more world-class content—videos, exercises, articles, and questions— that is created by experts with subject matter expertise, many of whom have PhD’s. We believe that education can change lives and that our supporters help inspire a lifelong passion for learning among millions of classroom and independent learners.

Population(s) Served

By bringing Khan Academy into the classroom, teachers significantly increase learning outcomes for their students. Each student can remediate gaps or move ahead, according to their needs. Khan Academy also provides additional practice, instructional support, and personalized data on how each student is doing so teachers can identify gaps and provide tailored instruction. This enables teachers to have more time to do what they do best — connecting with and inspiring their students.

Millions of teachers and students are already using Khan Academy to improve their lives. 87 percent of low income students who have used Khan Academy say it helps prepare them for college. Among teachers who have used Khan Academy, over 90 percent say that it is an effective learning resource. Success on external assessments confirm this—US-based students who completed 60% of their grade-level math on Khan Academy nearly doubled their growth, according to a nationally-recognized academic progress test (NWEA MAP).

With the help of our supporters, Khan Academy will continue to build teacher and student-facing tools and deliver in-person, online, and peer-to-peer trainings that make educational success a reality for more students and teachers.

Population(s) Served

Khan Academy Kids, launched in 2018, helps children develop the foundational academic and social-emotional skills they’ll need to get ready for kindergarten and a lifetime of learning. The app, developed with early childhood education experts, engages kids with fun lessons on math, literacy, and other early learning topics while encouraging real-life interactions between parents and children. The app is 100% free and 100% add free.

Studies show that a quarter of low-income students don’t enter kindergarten ready to learn, and kindergarten readiness is a leading indicator of future success. Over the next few years, Khan Academy will continue to improve Khan Academy Kids. We’ll also work to raise awareness among more families to ensure that all children can begin their education ready to learn and succeed.

Population(s) Served

We’re helping level the playing field by offering free, robust practice tools for key standardized exams that are critical for higher education and employment. In fact, twice as many US high school students used Khan Academy to prepare for the SAT than paid for a tutor or course. We also recently launched free prep for the LSAT, the admission exam for US law schools. Soon, we’ll launch prep for Praxis Core, a key exam many aspiring teachers need to take.

Many students are taking their education to the next level with test prep on Khan Academy. Twenty hours of Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy is associated with an average 115-point score increase from the PSAT/NMSQT to the SAT, nearly two times the average gain among students who do not use Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. Score gains are consistent across gender, family income, race, ethnicity, and parental education level. We’ll continue to improve our current offerings and explore additional offerings that ensure that access to high quality resources isn’t a barrier to higher education access.

Population(s) Served

Nearly one third of Khan Academy’s usage occurs outside the United States. We work with governments and education leaders in Brazil, India, Mexico, and Peru to develop localized content specifically designed to address the most critical scholastic needs of each country. We will expand our targeted localization efforts to other countries over the long term. This focused, disciplined approach will maintain the quality of our curriculum while simultaneously adapting to local needs and priorities.

In the meantime, Khan Academy remains committed to growing and improving their language offerings for the more than 30 languages on their platform with the support of a community of volunteer advocates, who span the world from Turkey to Bangladesh, with more languages on the way for 2019.

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Every day, we help more learners across 190 countries access the resources they need to fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams.

Goals & Strategy

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Khan Academy is committed to providing learners of all ages with a world-class education for free. We envision a world where Khan Academy enables every student to master core academic material at the pace that is right for them, whether independently or in a classroom. This means a young girl in a slum in Mumbai who only has access to her family’s smartphone can self-educate on Khan Academy—learning everything from early literacy to calculus. A teacher in Los Angeles can quickly diagnose gaps in the knowledge of each student and assign personalized practice to address those gaps, building students’ skills and confidence for years to come. A student in the suburbs of Atlanta can get homework help, explore new subjects and develop passions, and prepare for the SAT at his own pace.

Every day we add new educational content to our website and we continue to improve the user experience (e.g., guided learning experiences, user interface, and interactive tools for tracking progress). In addition, we continue to translate our platform into different languages to make our resources more accessible around the world.

Behind every success at Khan Academy—every app, video, practice exercise, and new product—is a team of seasoned leaders. From top technology executives to former teachers and academics, our staff is drawn from the best of education and technology. Our diverse team hails from Google, Microsoft, Intuit, McKinsey, Oracle, Pixar, technology start-ups, and government and education insitutitions like Teach for America.

We also partner with leading educational institutions to deliver world-class resources. From partnering with the College Board to create free SAT prep to collaborating with PERTS, a Stanford research center, to create growth mindset curriculum, we’re always looking for opportunities that will ensure a free, world-class education is accessible to everyone.

Khan Academy has laid a strong foundation to build on to achieve our mission of a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. We have developed a content library covering core academic subject areas across math, science and engineering, humanities, test prep, and more. We have become the official provider of free SAT prep via our partnership with the College Board and free LSAT prep via our partnership with the Law School Admission Council. And, through our robust technology platform we have proven the ability to reach learners at scale in more than 190 countries, with more than 60 million registered learners on our site.

We still have much more to do to reach all of the learners who need our resources, and with the help of our supporters, we’ll continue to invest deeply in platform enhancements, content creation, and adoption efforts to achieve our mission in and out of the classroom.



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Board of directors
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Board chair

Ann Doerr

Larry Cohen


Dan Benton

Andor Capital Management

Ted Mitchell

US Department of Education

Sean O'Sullivan

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Salman Khan

Khan Academy

James Manyika


Curtis Feeny

Silicon Valley Data Capital and Voyager Capital