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The Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit dedicated to inspiring donors to make a great impact on the lives of economically disadvantaged children suffering from cancer through their financial generosity. We seek to transform children's cancer care through inspirational giving by providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and medical treatments and resolving most problems, needs and issues limiting a child's full recovery. We are able to raise, manage and distribute international grants to specific, beneficial and proven programs. This process is having an immediate, significant and measurable impact on the community by saving children's lives, reducing illness, pain, and preventable death.

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Mr. Stephen George Saunderson

Main address

707 Broadway, Suite # 1410

San Diego, CA 92101 USA

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Formerly known as

Castro Limon America

International Children's Cancer Foundation



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Cancer (G30)

Hospital (Specialty) (E24)

International Health Development (Q39)

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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The Problems, Needs and Issues We Seek to Address:

1) Number One Reason for Death: For our neighbors living across the border, cancer is number one reason of death for children ages of 5 through 14.

2) Severe Lack of Oncologists in the Country & 52% of Children Un-Insured: Medically, 180 oncologists in Mexico serve a population of 33,000,000 children. In Mexico, 3.6 Oncologist per 1,000,000; USA 29.3 per million children. 52% of Children are un-insured.

3) Substantial Poverty & Lack of Qualified Medical Facilities and Treatment: Substantial poverty levels affect over 46% of a population of 122,000,000. Living on l$53.00 to $157.00 US / Month in rural or city. Combine this level of poverty with lack of qualified medical facilities and treatment, the national 5-year survival rate is between 43% to 56%.

4) Some Lowest Health-Care Outcomes: 11th most populated county: US$620.00 per capita, # 70th healthcare expenditures, # 97 in Infant Mortality, #104 access to sanitation.

Our programs

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Of all the ways to give to the Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation, unrestricted gifts are among our most valuable. As an Unrestricted fund, it allows us the flexibility to allocate resources most efficiently and where needs are greatest. These gifts provide critical resources that allow our medical center’s leadership and staff to determine how best to serve our children’s needs on a moment’s notice. By donating to help meet our greatest needs, these donations help accomplish the greatest, immediate good for the children.

Population(s) Served

Saving the life of child suffering from cancer and living in poverty on either side of our Border Region Community is the mission and vision of our founders. This segment of our society is highly affected by a cancer diagnosis, which in effect is a death sentences given that they are severely underserved in most ways. They live in poverty, lack access to most medical services, lack access to proper medical diagnosis, suffer from a lack of a timely diagnosis as well as a lack of access to proper medically trained doctors specialized in oncology. Additionally, the families do not have the income needed to treat this sickness in any way.

Most children are un-insured with parents who are self-employed. Most do not have access to any social or medical safety-nets. Demographically speaking, a family of six will have two parents and four children living on a family income ranging between US$226.00 to US$1,000.00 a month. This means a family has zero possibilities to treat a child with cancer. Full treatment for a child with cancer in the USA is averaging over $800,000. In our hospital, we are averaging a similar treatment at a cost of $32,000 of which the family will pay nothing. Our children and all their treatments are supported entirely through philanthropy.

Population(s) Served

When you register to automatically donate monthly, you are greatly helping the Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation accomplish the promise that children’s families who suffer from pediatric cancer, will never be charged for any medical treatments, hospital stay, doctor’s bills or any other expense that may arise. By being able to offer families full medical treatments free of any charge, we are providing the family with much needed hope while at the same time releasing them from major financial worries which will then allow families to help their child live and direct their attentions to take care of the rest of the siblings. Giving monthly, via an automatic recurring charge to your credit card, is quick and easy while also being the most efficient way you can give to the Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation.

Population(s) Served

Our Major Donor Capital Campaign Program seeks to raise $ 20,000,000 US for the construction, technological, medical staff and medical treatments requirements for our center given the growing demands of patients needed to be served in our community. All funding needs are broken down by square foot and the final amount considers a fully funded project with construction, equipment, furnishings and reserves at under $226.00 per square foot – less than a fifth of the amount an empty square foot is in a new California hospital which comes in at over $1,000.00 per square foot.

Finalizing this phase, will allow us to double the size of our building to 88,581 square feet, acquire the highest technological diagnostic equipment available, obtain much needed furniture and furnishings and create a much needed 24 Month medical staff and treatment reserve. Additionally, we will grow to 26 beds from 2 when we started out in 2003 and more than double the number of children being fully treated for pediatric cancer on a yearly basis. All funds raised will be applicable to participate in our Bi-National Hospital Perpetual Naming Rights program.

Use of Funds under this Capital Campaign Program are for:

A) Construction & Land Improvements - Phase II Expansion: $10,075,703
B) Medical Equipment - Phase II Expansion: $ 2,470,452
C) Furnishings and Furniture - Phase II Expansion: $ 227,048
D) Medical Treatments (*) - Phase II Expansion: $ 5,185,400
E) Medical Teams and Nurses (*) - Phase II Expansion: $ 2,017,100

Grand Total: $19,975,703

Note (*): Each area has a 24-Month Projected Expense Reserve allowing for sustainability of all hospital programs.

Population(s) Served

Where we work

Goals & Strategy

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Vision Statement:

Our foundation's vision is to build bridges through international philanthropy where any child needlessly suffering from cancer will have access to state-of-the art oncology diagnosis and treatments regardless of income level and where both, the body and spirit of the child and family are nurtured and healed. If you are interested in participating in our cause, we invite you join us in making this promising future a reality through your inspirational philanthropic investments.

Seeking to Accomplish:

1) Treat all children free of charge,
2) Continue building a Hospital and include the latest technology for diagnostics and treatment in addition to training staff for treatment of all children suffering from pediatric cancer.
3) Help bring child pediatric cancer 5-Year Survivor-ship rates up above 85% for a developing country. Currently, we are at 87% in leukemia's vs. a national average of 43%.

We have developed four programs to support the hospital main priorities to save children. Raising money for immediate needs, raising money specifically for treatment, adopting a child's needs and a capital program to finish expanding the hospital and having the latest diagnostic equipment available.

The hospital is only one of two specialized cancer centers in the country of Mexico. Additionally, it is the only hospital in Latin America that offers an integral medical treatment. This includes, treating the child medically, treating the family and children psychologically, supporting the family and children with proper nutrition, offering them spiritual support among other programs.

Additionally, they have solved the financial issues by treating children for free through local and international philanthropy, they have solved the mis-diagnosis issue by spending on diagnostic equipment, training staff and selecting medical doctors that are specialized in their field. They have also solved abandonment of treatment by following up with children on a weekly basis and if they miss their treatment send a doctor to their home to treat child. Having a specialized cancer center that only deals with cancer also helps add to survivor-ship rates as does having the proper medications on hand and laboratories at the hospital for quick results and treatments. All of these points each add to increasing survivor-ship rates.

Our organization has a competent board with many relationships in both Mexico and the USA. Additionally, we have a strong event team with an important group of volunteers. We are developing professional fund raising teams to develop major donors, corporate donors, minor donors and events.

So far, 1,439 children have been attended. 116 Events have been held to raise funds. 230 have received full medical cancer treatments, currently there is 85 children being treated. We are in construction and a second floor is being added to the hospital.

What's next: raising US$20,000,000. Finalized construction of Phase II Expansion of current Building, spend U$2,500,000 on latest diagnostic equipment. Seek funding for a Pilot Program for DNA Sequencing Testing. Set up a 24-Month Medical Treatment Reserve as well as a 24-Month Staff Salary Reserve. Develop and implement our professional fund raising teams and systems.



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Board of directors
as of 3/28/2018
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Board chair

Mr. Stephen Saunderson

Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation

Term: 2015 - 2019

Stephen Saunderson


Jose Honold


Arian Jaff


Roberto Castro

Board Member

Hector Vanegas

Board Member

Giovanna Ruiz

Board Member

Guillermo Camarena

Board Member

Roberto Encinas

Board Member

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