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The mission of the Camaraderie Foundation is to “provide healing for the invisible wounds of war through counseling, emotional, and spiritual support for all branches of military service members, veterans and their families.”

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Mr Neftali Rodriguez

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2488 E. Michigan Street % Neftali Rodriguez

Orlando, FL 32806 USA


mental health/crisis services, military, veterans, counseling, family services, youth, marriage, spiritual,





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Counseling Support Groups (F60)

Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling (P46)

Other Youth Development N.E.C. (O99)

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Our programs

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Camaraderie Foundation Individual Counseling

C.A.M. (Community and Military) Family Funday

C.A.M. (Community and Military) Groups

Mentor Leadership Program

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Our Results

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Related program

Camaraderie Foundation Individual Counseling

Number of veterans who report a decrease in depression

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Related program

Camaraderie Foundation Individual Counseling

Context notes

Client progress is measured using the Outcomes Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS). In addition, formal evaluations are conducted at 3, 6 and 9 month mark for sustainability of progress

Charting Impact

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Foundation has identified four interdependent goals to fulfill its mission and
achieve its three-year vision. Each goal is a high priority effort and will be
tactically pursued in a variety of ways. Each goal has a specific desired
outcome which will help accomplish the Foundation’s mission. Progress on
achieving these goals will be reported to the Board on a quarterly basis.
Goal 1: Increase counseling support services
throughout Central Florida and Tampa Region to award an additional 690
scholarships by FY 2018.Goal 2: Optimize the
impact of Camaraderie’s programs and projects through evaluation and process
improvement.Goal 3: In order to expand the number of
clients served, increase individual, corporate and foundation giving by 15% per
year, reaching a revenue goal of nearly $1 million by the end of FY 2018.Goal 4:Develop and implement a comprehensive
communications plan.

Strategies and Action Plans:
Goal 1: The assumptions in this scenario are we
have the money that we need. This will be accomplished by implementing an outreach and promotional plan targeted at specific community groups to increase
visibility of the Foundation and to build relationships among these groups to ensure client access, increased client referrals, enhanced service coordination, and increased giving. This plan will be focused throughout
Central Florida and Tampa Bay (I-4 Corridor). Partnerships will be developed to expand services provided where there is the most potential for growth.
Goal 2: Develop policies, procedures and practices
based on results of the above. Design and implement continuous, integrated quality assurance and improvement processes with specific attention to ongoing assessment, capacity needs and development, planning and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.
Goal 3: Camaraderie Foundation will be a highly
visible, well-respected, nonprofit organization that attracts increased numbers of volunteers and higher levels of contributions to support and expand programs and operations.
Goal 4: Establish a relationship with journalists
from key media outlets. Each year, educate more than 5,000 community members via speaking engagements, through Camaraderie's programs and community
activities, about the nature or extent of services and support that can be addressed by the Foundation programs.

The Foundation has the resources and capabilities necessary to successfully serve many Post-9/11 military
families. Primary resources include an experienced executive director who holds a MBA and whose widely experienced background includes organizational
management, strategy, community relations and revenue funding. The Foundation's programs team is currently comprised of two Veterans, each with a Masters
degree, and extensive experience in developing and administering programs. The development manager holds a Bachelors degree and is a seasoned professional
with proven success in cultivating corporate and individual giving, special events and volunteer leadership development. All current team members are highly
dedicated to the Foundation's mission and are well trained in their areas of responsibility. During 2017, a second development
manager was hired to coordinate development and program activities through
the Tampa Region.
Camaraderie Foundation's Board of Directors is a diverse group of professionals who have knowledge, passion and
community connections to the organization, including 21 members who are high ranking military retirees and four who are law enforcement or first responder officials. In addition, the Foundation has shown strong capacity to tap into key community leaders in Central Florida for financial support through both personal and professional relationships of its co-founders, the Executive
Director and Board members. The Foundation has also leveraged relationships with active duty military and Veteran leaders for outreach in local communities. The organization holds very close ties with key leaders in the
fields of defense, homeland security, aviation and aerospace industries, law enforcement and first responders, construction, information technology field,
and financial and professional services.

Prior to 2018, Camaraderie has made great strides in
achieving its goals. Key highlights of the Foundation’s accomplishments
Through FY2017, Camaraderie’s counseling program has
provided counseling services to 1,026 Post-9/11 Veterans, Service members and their family
members (approx. 99,900 counseling sessions). During 2017, 271 unduplicated
clients were served, an increase from 217 2016.
Though headquartered in Orlando, Florida, to date, the
Foundation has served – or is currently serving – counseling scholarships and
case management services to Post-9/11 Veterans, Service members and their
families in 30 different states.
Camaraderie’s counseling program utilizes the Outcome Rating
Scale/Session Rating Scale (ORS/SRS) Tool to continually monitor its client’s
progress in treatment with each particular therapist. An important indicator of
therapeutic effectiveness is the client’s decision to attend therapy sessions.
The national dropout rate averages 47%. This is the unilateral decision by
clients to quit therapy. The ORS/SRS Tool not only measures therapeutic
effectiveness, it helps develop a therapeutic relationship between the client
and therapist that improves the amount of sessions that a client attends to
achieve the therapeutic goal. By implementing this tool for our clients and
providers, Camaraderie’s clients have a 82% rate of completion of sessions to
reach the therapeutic goal as dictated by the treatment plan, an increase from
78% from 2015.
In order to connect with Veterans and their families,
Camaraderie regularly holds high-profile events and community activities, and
it participates in those types of activities with partner agencies. Additionally,
the Foundation and its community partners have worked together on numerous
outreach events to raise awareness about PTS and other mental health issues
that present barriers to the successful reintegration of Post-9/11 and other
Veterans. The attendance at Camaraderie’s community events alone exceeded 3,200
in FY2017.
Importantly, the needs of the population we serve are
growing and constantly changing. Although we have achieved much, there is still
much to do. Our 2016-2018 Strategic Plan is intended to spur collaboration and
partnership among public, private and community partners.

The impact
of Camaraderie Foundation's nine years of providing healing for invisible wounds of war is beyond
calculation. The work of Camaraderie through its Community and Military Programs has immeasurably improved the
lives of literally hundreds of Post-9/11 Service Members and their families struggling
with the effects of war, multiple deployments, and reintegration
challenges. But the War on Terrorism is far
from over. Each day, more families are coping with the burden of combat
deployments.Thousands of Military
families are still falling through the cracks of government. Camaraderie
Foundation, through its programs and services, has accepted the challenge and
is here to help. By ensuring our Service
Members and their families can succeed in life post-deployment, we will have
done no more than our moral duty.

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Camaraderie Foundation Inc.

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