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Project Twenty1 has an EPIC mission. We Educate, Promote, Inspire, and Connect creatives through film and animation programs in the Greater Philadelphia area that attract participants from all over the world. We help turn artistic passions into careers. We help unite the world of independent artists, allow them direct paths to their audiences, and at the same time build the cultural and artistic scene in Philadelphia and beyond. We create a network of support, promotion, and distribution through which motivated filmmakers and artists can get their work seen internationally. And in the process, we witness the birth of exciting new creative relationships and truly original, entertaining films. 52% of our program alumni report receiving paid work in their artistic field as a direct result of our programs.

Notes from the Nonprofit

2014 and 2015 look poised to be game-changing years for us! We've been consulting with YOU, our wonderful friends, artists, board members, and audience members, discussing our options for 2014-2015 programs. Many of you participated in our survey sent via Vertical Response and Facebook to cast your votes, and together, we've unearthed some interesting things:

New Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival Schedule

Believe it or not, many of you would be interested in seeing PFAF take place in the spring or early summer. People are generally averse to change and vote for the familiar, so we’re taking this idea to heart and MOVING PFAF from its longstanding position in early fall.

For those of you wanting to submit to PFAF, unfortunately, it means a little longer wait for a call-for-entries, and no PFAF in autumn of 2014 as we’ve come to expect. BUT we feel that overall, this switch will give us an opportunity to expand and improve our festival services by the time the event rolls around.

21 Day Filmmaking Competition 2014

The 21-Day Filmmaking Competition is back! This year, the community has selected August 30-September 20, in order to allow people extra time off from work due to Labor Day and to allow high schools and colleges in session to participate for class credit.

What’s the same? Everything about production is the same. You still have 21 Days to make your film. There’s still a secret element. And, all films created that follow the rules will still be screened theatrically. The Best Films will still compete for awards and prizes as well as being sent to other festivals & screening partners on the filmmakers’ behalves.

So, what’s different? This year, we plan to give the 21-Day Competition an event all its own. All films made as a part of the 2014 competition will have 21-Day Competition Screenings the nights of Monday, October 6th and Tuesday, October 7th at the 300+ seat Ibrahim Theater @ International House Philadelphia, followed by parties at nearby venues to discuss and celebrate the 21-Day Filmmakers’ work. At the 21-Day Competition Screenings, the audience, along with our independent panel of judges will determine the “Best of 2014” films.
BONUS: The top dozen or so films will go on to an ADDITIONAL SCREENING at the 2015 Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival.

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Mr. Matthew Conant

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Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival (PFAF)

21-Day Filmmaking Competition

Movies from the Hill

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Project Twenty1 will be an aspiring filmmaker's go-to organization when they have hit a wall at any stage of their film career. We will act as an incubator - a resource for the next generation of Steven Spielbergs and Quentin Tarantinos.

By educating as well as allowing access to career-building connections, we will become a tool to help all levels of content creator, and to help them form the relationships needed to make a name for themselves. Project Twenty1 will guide selected projects through production, and into the hands of distributors.

Currently, our goals are to ensure our organization is financially sustainable, with a full-time staff of 2, and a facility from which we can run educational programs more regularly. In this way, we can serve our community even better and year-round, instead of primarily through seasonal programs.

We run several programs, some for students who want to see if the industry is right for them without spending $40K on a year of film school, some for novices looking for community and resources, and some for intermediates just looking for practice or to improve their show reels.

Our strategy is to raise money through development of our board, reaching out to relevant local and state grants in the summer/fall of 2017, and cultivation of donors in our existing community, to the point where we have a 2-person full-time staff by 2019 - one Executive Director handling the program needs, and one Development Director, cultivating grants, sponsorships, and individual donations, to ensure the organization will be sustainable long-term.

Implementation of our flagship programs acheives our stated goals. We have simply never had staff to devote to the organization full-time before.

We have just completed a 3-year capacity-building phase, during which we were running scaled-down versions of our educational programs without the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival, or the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition.

Thanks to a small surplus of funds from a capacity-building grant, we now have the capacity to engage in a three-prong next phase: 1) devote our newly-developed board full-time to fundraising and locating like-minded donors, 2) finding appropriate community partners to help us reach this goal 3) to pay a grant-writer hourly to write the grants determined by the board to be priorities.

After this initial push, we expect to be able to hire our first ED (who will split time between programmatic and fundraising assignments), and eventually a Development Director who will free up the ED to focus on programs.This should allow us to run our flagship programs at full capacity.

The board has agreed (4/4/17) that success will be determined by achievement of the following goals within the next 3 years (EOY 2019):

-Financial stability w/ 2 full-time employees, An Executive Director and a Fundraiser
-Running 21-Day Competition
-Running Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival
-Running Education Programs (Mentorship Program & Workshops at minimum)

We have expanded and improved our board, increasing the number of board members from 7 members, one board meeting a year, and minimal engagement, to 10 members, meetings every 2 months and a high degree of engagement.

We have created a Strategic Plan outlining the above.

We have created a Financial Plan outlining the above and defining measures of success.

We have begun the process of hiring grant-writers and educators for our fall Mentorship Program.

We are starting to scout new locations from which we can run our educational programs to increase capacity from 3 students per year to 20+.

We have plans to relaunch the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition in Spring of 2018, for the first time since Fall of 2014.

We have plans to relaunch the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival in Spring of 2019.

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