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T.E.N. Charities/Her Future Coalition

aka Her Future Coalition, Made By Survivors

Saint Augustine, FL


Our mission is to help survivors of slavery and severe abuse with shelter, education and employment programs that enable them to remain free forever

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Sarah Symons

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John Berger

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PO Box 3403

Saint Augustine, FL 32085 USA


slavery, human trafficking, social entrepreneurship, Southeast Asia, sex trafficking, women, self-sufficiency, economic empowerment, women's empowerment





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Economic Development (S30)

International Human Rights (Q70)

Women's Rights (R24)

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Over 40 million people in the world are enslaved, according to the UN. The majority of those trafficked for sexual exploitation are women and girls. Trafficking cuts off education and economic opportunities, blighting girls' futures and leaving them vulnerable to exploitation throughout their lives.
Trafficked girls endure physical, sexual and emotional abuse and torture. Even after rescue, they are often rejected by their families and communities, blamed for the abuse they have suffered. Many can never go home, so they need shelter until they are fully grown.
Children who have been exploited, or whose parents were trafficked, are destined to repeat the cycle unless they are given education and support to build a different kind of life.
Trafficking, as well as child marriage, have roots in poverty and in the low status of women. Without economic alternatives, girls become trapped in a life of exploitation, powerless to change the equation for themselves or their children.

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Our mission is to fight slavery with shelter, education and employment programs that enable survivors and high risk women and children to remain free and independent, forever.

Working with this population for the last 12 years, we have learned that for people facing tremendous stigma, incremental gains in economic and social status are not enough. Survivors need a significant increase in social status and income in order to rejoin society and to gain decision-making power in the family.

We aim to offer high-quality, long term, and individualized services, rather than a quick fix, one-size-fits-all solution. Because of this time and care, survivors who graduate from our programs will be able to pay it forward - rescuing, supporting, training and inspiring others. As contributing wage-earners, they will become leaders and decision makers in their families and communities.

Our long-term vision is to create a corps of empowered, educated survivors who can change their society from within, ending slavery once and for all.

SHELTER: Rescued survivors need a safe place to heal and gain life skills. Many girls can never go home, because their families were involved in trafficking them, so they need shelter until they are fully grown and able to support themselves. Working with local partner agencies, we build, expand, and improve shelters, providing beautiful, spacious, loving homes to survivors.

EDUCATION: We sponsor the schooling of trafficking survivors and children at high risk - such as children of trafficked parents and those born in red light districts and border villages with a high incidence of trafficking. We have been sponsoring many of these same kids for 5+ years, and are committed to continuing our support as far as they want to go in life, ending the cycle of slavery and poverty.

EMPLOYMENT: Our primary focus is to provide economic solutions to slavery and other social problems destroying the lives of women and girls. Trafficking, as well as child marriage, have roots in poverty and in the low status of women. Without economic alternatives, girls become trapped in a life of exploitation, powerless to change the equation for themselves or their children. We focus on high quality, well paid professions, often in areas that have traditionally been male-dominated, such as goldsmithing.
Our jewelry program is one of our most successful job programs. It offers a complete pathway to independence and dignity. We train and employ survivors to become professionals and entrepreneurs, leaving poverty behind forever. We are able to pay professional wages because we balance artisanal techniques with sophisticated business process management and technology.
To promote the artisans' dignity and self-determination, we offer entrepreneurship training, employee ownership, advancement opportunities, continuing education, savings plans, housing, and other social programs. Our jewelers are pioneers as some of India's first women goldsmiths.

For 13 years, we have worked closely with local partner agencies to discover what is needed to help people recover from the devastation of trafficking and other severe gender violence, to become independent and to rejoin and contribute to society. We have listened, watched and learned from many exemplary frontline leaders, and also from the survivors themselves.

This deep listening, and responding to the needs expressed with relevant, effective programming has been, and is our greatest strength. It has allowed us to craft programs that truly meet the needs of rescued girls, of high risk children, and of women still trapped in prostitution.

Our team in India is comprised of talented, committed women who come from the very communities we serve. They bring a unique perspective that shapes our work.

Our US team brings expertise in business strategies (our co-Founder is a former investment banker with 18 years experience on Wall St) and in healing through the arts. We are technologically savvy, and this allows us to spend more money on programs by using the best technologies and managing our IT internally.

Finally, we are passionate about collaboration. Our model has always incorporated deep and longstanding collaboration with local agencies. Working together, we can leverage our strengths and accomplish more with fewer resources. Our partners speak the local languages, and have expertise in rescue and rehabilitation, as well as how to work with government and law enforcement.

We track and review our impact and progress through yearly assessments, including surveys of program participants, and collecting and recording metrics on the physical and mental health, income and education of the women and girls in our programs. We have partnered with universities, including Babson College, to develop and improve our impact assessment tools.

Since 2005, we have helped over 2500 women and children on their journey to freedom with shelter, education and employment programs. We have built a shelter and expanded three others. We have built three Resource Centers for children and women in red light areas of Calcutta. We have educated 1500 children, including many who are now in college. We have trained and employed many women in professions which will enable them to live independently and enjoy a good quality of life.
Now that we have developed a model for success, we would like to offer it to many more women and girls. The waiting list for our programs is long. We would like to be able to offer long-term, high quality services to thousands more women and girls and to continue collaborating with other outstanding organizations, so that together we can finally bring an end to slavery.

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T.E.N. Charities/Her Future Coalition

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