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St. Augustine's National Foundation * Mission

The National Foundation of St. Augustine's Churches, University & Schools is recognized as a nonprofit, 501(C)3, tax-exempt organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service. 

The National Foundation of St. Augustine's Churches, University & Schools is registered in the District of Columbia, as St. Augustine's National Foundation; brand name.

The St. Augustine's University Foundation, recognized as the legal name is organized under the laws of the State of Michigan as St. Augustine's University Foundation, and complies with all pertinent federal and state laws and regulations.
In the capacity as a public charity, the National Foundation of St. Augustine's Churches, University & Schools serves as the fund-raising entity for the University St Augustine's & Medical Center ("USA").
Charged with the responsibility of providing capital sufficient to organize, develop, and implement professional programs of study manifesting virtual facilities that are on the cutting edge of technology.

“Let us not forget the reason for the season.... our children!"

Notes from the nonprofit

A "Strategic Plan" shall be developed, which highlights the blueprint that shall serve as a guide for
St. Augustine's National Foundation to develop a new American University, "University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine".

As such, an overview of the big-picture shall be presented featuring deliverable's comprising a forward-thinking approach to achieve the actualization of a provocative institution of higher education.


*New American University; University Charter Authority

U.S. Federal District Court
Case No. 83-03775
NARA Federal Archives
773948.9001 Historic Preservation* Order of U.S. Federal District Court
Accessioning No.: 021.90.0273
Boxes 24 & 25

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Board Co-Chair, St. Augustine's National Foundation

Dr. C. Anne Worthy PhD

Main address

1629 K Street NW Suite 300

Washington, DC 20006 USA

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Formerly known as

University St. Augustine's

Shaw College At Detroit; MeHarry College, LLC

Meharry Allied Health Learning Center, Inc.

University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine



NTEE code info

University or Technological (B43)

Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis (K05)

Specifically Named Diseases Research (H80)

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

SOURCE: Self-reported by organization

The St. Augustine's National Foundation (“St. Augustine's") joins Cathedral St. Augustine's and Historic Oak Park United Methodist Episcopalian Church.

In consideration, Cathedral St. Augustine's advocates actualization of the University St. Augustine's and Institutes of Medicine as an institution of higher education to be reorganized, and


Our programs

SOURCE: Self-reported by organization

What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Universities @ St. Augustine's Institutes: Legacy Institutes & University Academic PCC's

St. Augustine's National Foundation in alliance with a Consortia of Historical Colleges and Universities, civic organizations, non-profit and religious organizations, currently features 16 - Public Computer Centers of Learning; University Academic Public Computer Centers of Learning ("USA-PCC's") at decentralized sites throughout the state of Michigan, the Nation, and Internationally; Haiti, Ghana West Africa, and Jamaica.

The program has the capacity to provide job re-training of citizens deemed low income within MI “Cities of Promise”, and other communities in the Nation, and Internationally deemed to have the ability to benefit as a result having access to the academic program offerings the USA-PCC's provide.

Those successfully completing program requirements will qualify for placement in jobs rendering one the capacity to support a family of four (4).

Instruction disseminated via the "USA-PCC's" will be provided in several languages to outreach various cultures and include; Spanish, French, Bengali, Polish, and English.

The University Academic Public Computer Centers of Learning is a “Forward Traditional Institution on Higher Education” grounded in a tradition of excellence.

St. Augustine’s University Academic Public Computer Centers empowers potential students with a career-building skill sets. Successful graduates completing programs of study earn either a certificate, associate, bachelor’s or graduate degree credentials that employer’s value.

Academic Program and course offerings are sponsored via educational portals established in alliance with accredited traditional universities and colleges.

Financial Aid may be available; "PELL Grant", Stafford Fund. There is no SAT/ACT /GRE/GMAT required to qualify for admission.

Highly interactive e-learning is accessible from desktop or mobile devices, streaming live and cataloged video lectures and MP3/MP4 downloads; St. Augustine’s University Academic Public Computer Center of Learning, Virtual Collaborative Systems ("VCS") comprising TelePresence featuring Live Steaming, and online programs that offer the same comprehensive curriculum taught on campuses of "HBCU’s" participating in the Consortium on Higher Education.

Graduates successfully completing requirements of "VCS" and online academic programs earn the same diploma as main-campus students in one of today’s most in demand careers: 6 - Degrees of Distinction.

100% TelePresence; Virtual Collaborative Systems ("VCS").

Clinical Rotations & On- Campus Courses Required; Hospitality Management and Nursing Program*.

Through the convenience of interactive "VCS" and online learning, students may pursue a respected associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree while maintain a busy life style.

Population(s) Served


Caroline Education Community International PSA ("CECI PSA") was created to design and establish urban schools that prepare children, both academically and socially, for success in college and in the professional world beyond.

"CECI PSA" offers students an educational and cultural enrichment program that is equivalent with those found at the best college preparatory schools in the nation.


The CAROLINE EDUCATION COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL PSA; “Our Lady Caroline School of Excellence” (“CECI PSA” | “Public School Academy” | “PSA”) shall provide rigorous competition within the public school district to stimulate continual improvement in all public schools.

The School seeks to provide rigorous competition within the local district through the creation of a top-notch arts infused school with an emphasis on painting and drawing. The driving force of the School will be its emphasis on infusing artistic excellence and high standards for all into the daily curriculum.

Through a rigorous academic curriculum and a highly qualified staff in the arts (teacher development/
training), the school will provide a model for education throughout the local district.

Thus, based on the principle that infusing artistic excellence into the school is of paramount importance to a well-rounded education, the School will not only provide a rigorous academic curriculum, but also teachers driven to inspire a superior level of artistic expression and a model for the district that will stimulate and motivate ongoing improvement for all other public schools.

Our Lady Caroline School of Excellence “CECI PSA"; (Caroline Education Community International Public School Academy” | “PSA”) is designed to provide a learning environment that is conducive to the development of individual human potential, and quality education that will promote high self-esteem and academic success for all students through small, multi-aged classes.

The "CECI PSA" structure will create problem solvers, critical thinkers, and self-directness that will help the students make the transition into the upper grades, and later into society.

"CECI PSA" shall serve as a platform from which students deemed to have the ability to benefit may matriculate from a state of the art 1 - Year College Remediation Program.

CECI PSA" is a preparatory educational institution that prepares students for college, life and spiritual immortality.

Population(s) Served


The National Institute of Health ("NIH"), Library of Medicine (“NLM”) committed a project team of archivists within the History of Medicine Division, Bethesda Maryland to research, publish and edit a collection of historic documents comprising the historic “Great Lakes Lutheran Church University Charter”.  

In 2012, pursuant to authorization of the Chief Justice of the U.S. District Court Eastern District Michigan, a certified copy of "Great Lakes Lutheran University Charter" and significant Federal Court Order granting authority to establish a new American University including actualization of Faculties comprising a "College of Law", "College of Dentistry", "School of Medicine", "Teacher Education", "Liberal Arts", "Humanities" was conveyed to National Institute of Health College of Medicine to ensure the perpetual preservation of the "University Education Charter";  Shaw College At Detroit (AKA: MeHarry College,LLC);  "University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine."


Historical Prospectus

In 1921, under the auspices of the "Great Lakes Lutheran Church", organization of an Institution of Higher Education commenced. 

In 1925, the Lutheran Church Board of Directors, commissioned the development of the Institution of Higher Education advocating establishment of its existing school as a college. 

In 1936*, the Michigan State Legislature granted the Great Lakes Lutheran Church contiguous authority of  a “University Education Charter”, which was manifested as a “Normal College”. 

As such, the Lutheran Church was granted authority to organize faculties of a "University" to be actualized in the United States of America within the state of Michigan ~AND ~ within the Provinces in the Nation of Canada.   

Thus, the Michigan State Legislature duly authorized the "University Charter" formerly known as the "Great Lakes Lutheran University Charter", which subsequently manifested as "Shaw College At Detroit".
Successively the U.S. Federal District Court sanctioned the "University Charter" as MeHarry College, LLC, and ultimately authorized designation of the "University Charter" as a new American University to be known as the “University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine."  

Thus, the Successor of the "Great Lakes Lutheran Church Charter" is vested as the "University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine."

MeHarry College, LLC (CECI Trust):  Assignee Designation; Authorized pursuant to Federal Court Order; Case # 83-03775-G; 11.27.1995;

NARA, Chicago IL., Case File: #83-03775. Accessioning I.D #: 021-90-0273, Boxes 24-25;


Presidential Executive Order 12320--Historically Black Colleges & Universities~

Pursuant to provisions of Executive Order 12320 of Sept. 15, 1981, appearing at 46 FR 46107, 3 CFR, 1981 Comp., former President of the United States of America; Ronald Reagan.

As such, the designation of "Shaw College At Detroit" was firmed a "Historical Black College & University" ("HBCU").

Population(s) Served

Crystal Villages Condominium Residences are located in the state of Michigan within the communities of Oakland Township, Novi Township, Van Buren Township, Genesee County, and in the state of Maryland, at Oxen Hill.
Each community offers exceptional independent living and personalized assisted living options designed with seniors in mind. 
The Affordable Senior Housing Communities feature beautiful rolling acres consisting of trees, ponds, walkways, and natural wetlands. A wild heron rookery is featured at the community located in Oakland Twp. and beautiful water features.  
The communities within Crystal Villages Condominium Residences, Senior Living Communities are strategically located nearby a convenient shopping district. There is quick access to any number of your favorite restaurants or other local attractions. Crystal Villages Condominium Residences communities are near major Interstates.
All communities within Crystal Villages Condominium Residences feature Premiere Energy Star Programs which has been designed to ensure energy efficiency for cost effectiveness. 
Several beautiful golf courses abound Crystal Villages Condominium Residences which is accessible to its residents.  Residences have the privilege of active enrollment and participation in the Gold Star Club - A
Hollywood Golf Institute.
Crystal Villages Condominium Residences feature elegant dining facilities, IMAX Entertainment, and
Tele- Medicine Care Services.

Population(s) Served

“Elizabeth’s Heart" is located at Oakland Hunt South in Oakland Twp.

Partnerships and alliances included Caroline Education Community International Public School Academy (“CECI PSA”), the National Autism Association and Jack’s Place Autism Foundation.
This collaborative process addresses specific competency requirements and learning objectives, producing the best possible customized program.

 Flexible delivery refers to CECI PSA's insistence on offering the programs in a learning format most suitable for adult’s diagnosed as Autistic.

The program offerings are designed with the requirements of the Autistic adult in mind, consistent with specifications of medical professionals, educators, family, and regulatory statutes.

This residential care program utilizes the most recent advances in palliative care, instructional technology and proven traditional methodologies combined with compassion and nurturing of loved ones whose care has been entrusted to the non-profit, faith-based healthcare services fiduciary of St. Augustine's National Foundation.

Population(s) Served

Comprehensive employment/training program designed to eliminate the economic divide and facilitate development of a new workforce consistent with careers deemed in demand; entry level job skills are provided to a population that could benefit.

Population(s) Served

S.T.E.M. Program; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics + Art and Athletics

This program will target youth to ensure a “best in the class” disposition.

Competencies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are presented by renowned scholars. The Arts Program in alliance with the Classic Conservatory on Fine and Performing Art; and the Athletics Programs including PGA Golf Management in alliance with Hollywood Golf Institute.

Population(s) Served

Caroline Education Community International Public School Academy~After School Program

The Math & Science Institute will operate as a competitive preparatory instrument to provide engaging fun-filled readiness exercises for students planning to engage in regional and national Mathematics & Science competitions.

Performing Arts will be offered for discipline and training in dance, constructive positive rap, singing, instrumental performance, poetry, and uniform stepping. Guest artists will periodically perform and tutor during select after school sessions.

Athletics will be offered in select sports including Hollywood Golf PGA Institute, basketball and soccer. This program will stress physical fitness, sportsmanship, team contribution, and discipline.

The Tutorial Services, with emphasis on reading and mathematics, will offer creative insights into problem solving, reading across the curriculum and math as a second language.

Math Olympics will be used to take competitive group mathematics to the next level.

Exciting games like Steal the Integer, Multiplication Rap, Math Facts Relay, Giant Mystery Squares, and Two-Step Equation Scavenger Hunt will drive the students toward math excellence while providing them with physical exercise and great fun.

Population(s) Served

Children’s Literacy Program

Program offerings are presented and offered in alliance with CECI PSA Children’s Library of the Arts.


School Age Programs

As part of our commitment to community outreach, the Children’s Literacy Program shall offer free Story Times and programs that can be customized for community schools, children’s group or organization.

Puppet Productions and Programs for school-aged children are offered during the season (November through April) on select weekdays and Saturdays.

Preschool Story Time

The Children's Literacy Program offers free Preschool Story Time programs to children age’s birth to four-years-old at 10:30 a.m. on
Mondays and Thursdays, October through April.


Population(s) Served

CECI PSA; Adult Day Care Center

Families in need of assistance in caring for a loved one, CECI PSA; Adult Day Care Center, has the capacity to serve Wayne, Oakland, Genesee Counties. Concentration of services will initiate in the Northeast region of Detroit.

Families and caregivers alike may count on CECI PSA; Adult Day Care Center for compassionate, “client-centered care” services.

The Center has access to physicians and professionals on site to ensure the safety of your loved one.

Clients are provided transportation, meals, medication management and access to a diverse, multi-lingual staff.

It is the goal of CECI PSA to provide a caring, safe environment to help improve the quality of life for both our clients and their families.

Population(s) Served

The overreaching goal of the Division of Institutional Advancement is to raise private scholarship endowment funds for both need-and merit-based scholarships.

St. Augustine's Charities is committed to providing the opportunity for high quality, values-based educational experiences for which the University Academic Public Computer Centers; CECI PSA (0 - 12); Adult Daycare Center; the "College of Law" and Carolina's Community College; Faculties within the University St. Augustine's & Medical Center, faculty and staff shall bring distinction to their fields of study, in their teaching and in their research.

The "Planned Gift Giving" initiative in alliance with St. Augustine's Charitable Trust, Incorporated advocates an investment in the ministries that serve to empower the mission of St. Augustine’s National Foundation thanks to the financial opportunity donors provided.

Population(s) Served

Consistent with corporate objectives to sustain a viable business enterprise,

St. Augustine’s must infuse new strategic thinking into its organizational planning and implement innovative initiatives that can be supported through strategic investments, diversified funding and collaborative partnerships.

In this capacity, St. Augustine’s will provide Community Support Coordination Services that is essentially comprised of three components including; “CSCS”, Wellness Center Services and Community Living Support Services.

Population(s) Served

A provocative collaboration in alliance with Historic Oak Park Church.

"Haitian Initiative" ~ "The Power of One"; advocating the outreach to provide educational services to @ 200 Haiti orphans, ages 0 - 12 in a secure, nurturing residential environment featuring a French-Speaking Public Charter school located in secured venue within metropolitan Detroit.

Population(s) Served

“Cathedral St. Augustine’s; Heritage Legacy Trust”

Remembrance Services:

In alliance with authorized “Remembrance Providers” and “Mortuary Directors”, that are mindful of a family’s every need as professional memorial services are provided, Cathedral St. Augustine's sponsor's "Heritage Legacy Family Services" that are helpful of every wish, at the request of the family on behalf of the departed Loved One. .

In the capacity as a "family caregiver", with integrity and the highest standards, the "Heritage Legacy Family Services" in consultation with the family in need, provides complimentary assistance with internment products and services.

Cathedral St. Augustine's; Heritage Legacy Family Services pledges to the family of the departed Loved One the utmost respect and to help in every way in the most difficult time of need.

Cathedral St. Augustine's embraces endeavors of the family and caregivers to create a “Legacy Heritage of Remembrances” as a means to healing.

Cathedral St. Augustine's "Heritage Legacy Family Services” are provided as a donation to families that qualify.

St. Augustine’s National Foundation; Heritage Legacy Trust is sponsored in alliance with benefactors that generously contribute finances and products to support the public charitable endeavors of our faith based organization.

Thereby, enabling Cathedral St. Augustine’s to provide comfort to the family in need of professional services on behalf of their departed loved one.

Administrative Management & Historic Preservation Services

Cathedral St. Augustine’s; Heritage provides administrative services that advocate the acquisition, preservation, restoration, and management of cemeteries nationwide.

Population(s) Served

The Province Retreat is an initiative of Cathedral
St. Augustine’s Archiepiscopal Community & Family Services. Under the administration of PHMP, Inc, and operated in alliance with Travelers Aid Society,SSVA, JUDAH Recovery, and HEARTH Initiative in partnership with Core Community institutions.

An off-site campus community established as a National Pilot Clinic operated in alliance with PHMP, Inc., an affiliated Ministry, Cathedral St. Augustine's.

“The Province Retreat” features the privacy of an environment that provides its residents access to a lifestyle featuring professional assistance that has the capacity to facilitate recovery from OPIOID's


Transition from a release re-entry initiative into mainstream America.

The Province Retreat offers impressive amenities featuring fully furnished housing units in a variety of floor plans, individualized-institutional liability leases.

Population(s) Served

St. Aug Pantry serves thousands of tri-county families living in poverty and at risk of hungry.

St. Aug Pantry in alliance with recipient agencies in the network of the Historic Oak Park Church (“HOC”) provides Child Nutrition Services including school breakfast and lunch, and a harvest of Thanksgiving from Carrie’s Heart.

Oak Park United Methodist Episcopalian Church is a Fiscal Fiduciary of St. Augustine’s National Foundation pursuant to an alliance with the St. Augustine’s Archiepiscopies International.

Population(s) Served

MSHDA sanctioned, St. Augustine’s Non-profit Housing Corporation endeavors to provide supportive housing with a tradition of excellent service in an environment of homelike amenities, caring and professional staff, and a commitment to cutting-edge transitional care services.

St. Augustine’s Non-profit Housing Corporation offers a wide range of senior living options for its residents, displaced families,
including Crystal Villages Senior Living Retirement Communities, The Province Retreat, and The Holy Heart of Jesus Our Savior.

In collaboration with community partners in the health care community, St. Augustine’s Non-profit Housing Corporation offers
a full continuum of care that includes independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitative care and memory loss
and dementia care, and adult daycare services.

Community partners include Peoples Community Services, St. Vincent DePaul, Trinity Physical Therapy, United Way, and St. Aug
Food Pantry, TLC AFC, numerous religious, civic, and community organizations.

Population(s) Served

St. Augustine's Community Improvement Development Program.

A “$23,500,000” TAX EXEMPT BOND ISSUE DECLARATION; The official intent is to issue a private activity bond comprising qualified 501(c) (3) tax exempt bonds.

St. Augustine's CDC is recognized as a CHODO - Federal Authorized.

A "$50,000,000 TAX CREDIT CAPITAL FUND PROGRAM; Energy Efficiency Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, and if deemed financially applicable, New Market Tax Credits Capitalization Program.

Expenditure of bond proceeds and tax credit initiatives shall prescribe to the approved capital plan that the General Advisory Council on Economic Development; Asset & Wealth Management recognized and endorsed.

The capital plan essentially advocate’s expansion of existing educational program offerings; primary, secondary, and post-secondary.

As well, the capital plan includes the asset acquisition of historic commercial real estate; Detroit International Riverfront comprising historic properties on a 25 acre campus of the Detroit River.

Assets acquired in the Detroit International Riverfront District will feature the heritage legacy library, conference center, and educational institutes.

Authorized upgrades of the infrastructure within the assets acquired will be accomplished.

As well, installation of energy efficiency systems and community improvements initiatives will be implemented.

Population(s) Served

An International Ministry, the Cathedral of St. Augustine's advocates economic empowerment of the communities served. --

Its primary ministry advocates the the following initiatives.---

Asset acquisition, operation and management of 30 Michigan Cemeteries. --

Organize VA National Digital Memorial Services; Peace Chapel. --

Operate and Administer Heritage Legacy Family Services & Trusts. --

Organize, Develop, and Administer the following initiatives within the auspices of the Institutes of Medicine; --*--

The Institutes of Medicine, University
St. Augustine's; School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Nursing, School of Allied Health Services, College of Agricultural Sciences. ---

Organize| Manage the SSVA Ambulatory Health Care Clinics in alliance with PHMP, Inc.;

CareTrust-DRIP ("Infusion Centers") Health Care Initiative in collaboration with renowned national healthcare providers';

St. Augustine's Community Development Corporation; CHODO.

K - 12 Christian International Schools; CECI, PSA

Population(s) Served

Where we work


Resolution, University St. Augustine's & Medical Center 1990

City of Detroit, Council

Recognition, Historical Black College & University 1981

U.S. Presidential Executive Order 12320 ~ President Ronald Reagan

U.S. Federal Court Order ~ Assignment; Great Lakes Lutheran University Charter; 1931 1985

U.S. Federal District Court Order ~ Honorable Ray Reynold Graves

U.S. Federal Court Order ~ Authorization; University St. Augustine's & Medical Center 1995

U.S. Federal District Court Order ~ Honorable Ray Reynold Graves

Promotion of Excellence, Innovative & Sustainability; Historical Black Colleges & Universities 2010

U.S. Presidential Executive Order 13532 ~ President Barack Obama

The Power Of One ~ Haiti ~ Out Reach Commitment 2010

Resolution - St. Augustine's National Foundation ~ Haiti ~ Out Reach Commitment

Urban University Designation; University St. Augustine's & Medical Center 1998

City of Highland Park, Mayor

Largest Foundations, Michigan; St. Augustine's National Foundation 2014

Crain's Business - Largest Foundation Recognition Award

Affiliations & memberships

American Association for Higher Education 1982

Education 1982

Goals & Strategy

SOURCE: Self-reported by organization

Learn about the organization's key goals, strategies, capabilities, and progress.

Charting impact

Four powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

Achievement of a Divine Purposes; Manifestation of the "University St. Augustine's & institutes of Medicine" as a viable institution of higher education.

Cathedral St. Augustine's request endorsement of its request for an endorsement of new Congressional legislation that assures equity and educational parity, and authorization of an “Endowment";

bequest research initiatives that renowned and professional members of the Education Coalition on Preservation; Advisory Council shall initiate and facilitate development of narrations that shall serve as the escessence for the beginning or introduction of Faculties within the University System; College of Nursing, College of Hospitality and Management, College of Medicine, College of Teacher Education, College of Agricultural Science, College of Law.

Bequest research initiatives that renowned and professional members of the Education Coalition on Preservation; Advisory Council shall initiate and facilitate development of narrations that shall serve as the essence for the beginning or introduction of Faculties within the University System; College of Nursing, College of Hospitality and Management, College of Medicine, College of Teacher Education, College of Agricultural Science, College of Law.

In its capacity as facilitator of the historic Institution of Higher Education, actualized as the University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine ("USA"), USA shall serve as an “Anchor" within the City of Detroit, and throughout the state of Michigan and shall significantly impact communities undergoing rapid gentrification, and dejure segregation in Michigan communities within “Cities of Promise" according to rightful entitlements the US Congressional Laws, and U.S. Federal Courts have sanctioned in the interest of Michigan Public Schools Dissolution; Grades PreK-12 Proprietary Education School,Education, and Health Care.

Thereby, leveraging access to quality academic education; elementary, middle, upper school, post-secondary, and higher education.

As well, enabling economic innovations to ensure equality and economic empowerment opportunities to gain status as middle class on behalf of a population.

Significant as well, mitigate Health Care issues in minority cultures that manifest as inequities, and environmental contamination.

Execution of assignments commissioned consistent with the St. Augustine's National Foundation; General Advisory Council on Education and the authority as granted via the Consortia on Historical Colleges & Universities.




Pursuant to the authority vested in compliance with the U.S. Federal District Court Order, Honorable Ray Reynolds Graves; 1.9.1985; and the U.S. Presidential Executive Order 12320; President Ronald Reagan; 9.15.1981 ***

St. Augustine's National Foundation advocates implementation a comprehensive "Strategic Master Plan" designed to empower actualization of the "University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine".

In pursuit of goals to achieve its mission, St. Augustine's National Foundation endorses "Public Trust Initiatives" that encourage specific, concrete steps to ensure adherence to high ethical standards and strong governance principles.

As such, St. Augustine's "Public Trust Initiative" strives for excellence in realizing its missions, managing resources effectively, and governing well.

Trustees, St. Augustine's National Foundation, advocates the U.S. Congress Enforcement of Laws of Congress.

Significantly, St. Augustine's National Foundation, seeks to perfect "Enforcement"; 1985, & 1995 U.S. Federal Court Orders & 1985/1986 U.S. Federal Appeals Court Order;

1).Granting Authority to Own, Re-organize and Continue Operations as an Education Corporation "Shaw College At Detroit" pursuant to Authority bestowed via a MI Legislative "University Education Charter"; 1936.

2) "Enforcement" 1987 U.S. Federal District Court Order that mandates MDE reissue Institutional Licenses authorizing operations as follows.

a). Re-organization and re-authorization as aPost-secondary Higher Education Institution, with re-in-statement of full National Institutional Accreditation status, all rights preserved; HEA 1965 ~ Title IV, ESSA, FCC, U.S.D.A., U.S.D.C and Retroactive to 1987

b). Re-organize and continue operations as an Upper Level College/University, Restoration National Accreditation; all rights preserved; HEA 1965,Amended* Title IV, ESSA, FCC, HBCU***U.S.D.A, Morrill Act; 1890; 1994 Land Grant, Amended.

c). Restoration and Reorganization 14 MI Minority communities multiple K-12 Private School Academies, wherein Public School System has been dissolved via MI Legislation/MDE endorsement effective 2014.

Thus, compliance with Federal Court Order that grants Authority, and re-authorization to reorganize the former College; Shaw At Detroit and Private School Academies as University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine ("USA & IOM").

The legacy of St. Augustine's National Foundation is manifesting as a viable community faith based non-profit tax exempted institution.

St. Augustine's is highly favored, as much as been accomplished over a span of 35 years. Sustained, though numerous quite perfect storms, the way has been ordered in the spiritual realm to ensure manifestation of the "University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine" ("USA & IOM").

"USA & IOM" is progressing as a provocative institution of higher education ~ empowered to service the academic needs of constituents that have the capacity to benefit as a result of the blessings bestowed.

St. Augustine's "CVS" Operative IT Broadcast Live Streaming alliances established to facilitate distribution of academic studies in nursing, allied health, and hospitality management careers programs that are in demand.



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Board of directors
as of 04/27/2022
SOURCE: Self-reported by organization
Board co-chair

Dr. Prezell Robinson

University St. Augustine's & Medical Center

Term: 1997 - 2021

Board co-chair

Elder Annie Austin

Cathedral St. Augustine's

Term: 2002 - 2021

C. A Horne

St. Augustine's CDC * National CME Church Organization * Cathedral of St. Augustine's

Michelle Lewis

St. Augustine's Non-profit Housing Corporation

Ella Ruth Mosby

St. Augustine's National Foundation; Heritage Legacy Services

THaland Logan

St. Augustine's National Foundation; Board of Directors GAC; Asset Wealth Management

Stylist Klyce

Heritage Legacy Trust

Durry NKanga

St. Augustine's National Foundation

Drexell Claytor


Annie P. Austin

Cathedral of St. Augustine's

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