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Cedarbrook's mission is to improve the lives of children and families through continuing education in child and adolescent development for professionals and parents. We provide direct services of neurofeedback, nutrition education, brain training, and counseling to youth and adults. We offer community education programs and two programs: Focus for Success (for children and adolescents) and Brain Health for Total Health at Every Age (for adults and children). In 2017, we were asked to help train orphanage workers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Results of the Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study will guide the development of the St. Vincent Initiative. We also coordinate spiritual growth opportunities, concerts, and retreats.

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Training for parents and professionals | Brain health for children, adolescents, and adults





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Helping children worldwide build resiliency, improve focus, and overcome poverty and abuse.

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Focus for Success

The St. Vincent Initiative

Emerson Spanish Immersion School Collaboration providing Focus for Success

The Bredesen Protocol for Brain Health and Preventing Dementia

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Program I: Helping traumatized children in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Resiliency can be nurtured through a relationship with a caring adult who can share a sense of hope. We will train local community members to help children in St. Vincent and the Grenadines using 3 "layers" of accompaniment. Program II: Focus for Success Improve learning and school performance for children by teaching focus and attention skills. Develop brain healthy lifestyles using the 6 pillars of brain health

Program I: Each child will be matched with adult mentor(s) based on their needs. We will provide training for adults to serve as mentors and models. Training layers will be: • Kinship Partners training – to foster long-lasting relationships between caring adults and children and teens. • Stephen Ministry training – to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to children and teens who are hurting. (Later, this might expand to serve adults as well.) • Mental Health training and Spiritual Direction – to provide guidance to overcome trauma, abuse, and to find connection to God acting in our lives. Program II: Cedarbrook’s Focus for Success Children will learn to focus using Play Attention – equipment originally developed by NASA. Sensors read brain waves much like a stethoscope reads heartbeats. Students learn to activate the "brain waves for focus" by controlling computer activities ("games") with brain activity alone. Other components fo our Emerson Focus for Success program include: • Movement – physical activities that improve brain function and focus • Nutrition – enjoy healthy brain snacks (and bring recipes home to share) • Nature and Nutrition – plant and grow a brain-healthy potted garden • Relaxation & Mindfulness – learn relaxation and calming techniques that improve focus (and likely improve sleep at home) • Interact with others at brain-stimulating strategy games (chess, checkers, Go, and others.) • Students will also coach peers to improve focus and gain the benefit of improved learning and focus for themselves

Few in number but passionate volunteers. No administrative expenses (all-volunteer). "Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow." ~ D. Everett 1797 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Helping traumatized children in St. Vincent and the Grenadines success is measured in reaching goals in the development process. After programs ane in place, we will have demographics of population served and measurements fo student success markers. Focus for Success measures brain activity for focus on a daily basis and parent and teacher report quarterly.

Accomplishments Mentors for kids in SVG Needs Assessment & 3-layered mentoring planned 2 years preparation 5 trips Enrolled local Mentor Coordinator & SVG Coordinator Kinship Training in February 2020 Stephen Ministry Leadership training Spring 2020 Training teachers & counselors in SVG 150+ teachers / 5 schools Working with & teaching traumatized children Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies Stress reduction for teachers & students Developmental Assets & Adverse Childhood Experiences Communication & Self-Awareness training for 15 Peer Counselors Attachment & Child Development training for Staff at 2 Children's Homes Delivered 100 lbs of school supplies collected by St. Francis School Emerson in Minneapolis 33 students served in Focus for Success 4 PA Brain Training systems acquired 2 workshops for 35 teachers

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