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Mission Live Action works to defend the human rights of the most vulnerable in society: preborn children. With the largest online reach in the pro-life movement, Live Action changes hearts and minds about abortion - inspiring the culture of life through national media campaigns, investigative reporting, and targeted youth education programs. Vision Our vision is the end of abortion in America, ensuring all preborn babies are safe from the violence of abortion and their mothers and families have the resources and care they need. We envision a culture of life that fully respects and protects every human life.

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Ms. Lila Grace Rose

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Mr. Josef Lipp

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2200 Wilson Blvd Suite 102, PMB 111

Arlington, VA 22201 USA


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Right to Life (R62)

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Live Action's mission is to create a culture of life and change hearts and minds on abortion by creating and distributing compelling, multi-platform media content that will educate, inspire and activate audiences around the world.

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Lasting cultural change only comes from changing the heart and mind of the individual: Live Action's content, platforms and strategy will uniquely position us to reach and impact individuals, especially young people, and our activation programs will ensure these individuals join the cultural revolution to protect and value every human life. We will accomplish this through three major efforts:

1. Make abortion unthinkable - Expose abortion as a grave human rights violation, and give Americans an encounter with the humanity of the preborn child and the horror of abortion.

2. Create an environment favorable to passage of pro-life laws – Make the life issue the top human rights priority for all leaders, including state attorneys general, state governors, judges, lawmakers and other government officials by demonstrating that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are not “health care providers," and show why forced taxpayer funding should end for abortion facilities.

3. Mobilize activists – Create a social reform movement, recruiting activists and giving them the resources, content, and arguments they need to help educate and activate their networks and communities about abortion.

Live Action spreads the truth about abortion and counters the lies of the abortion industry with unique and engaging content that reaches millions of abortion supporters to change their hearts and minds. We reach pro-lifers to strengthen their resolve, convince them to speak up, and give them the knowledge and tools they need to persuade others. Live Action specializes in investigative journalism and targeted media campaigns to educate, inspire, and activate the public about the dignity of the preborn child and the injustice of abortion. Through our multi-state undercover investigations, we've produced hundreds of hours of video evidence of unspeakable abuses by Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses, revealing flagrant corruption and a contempt for human life and the safety of their clients -- from covering up sexual abuse of minors to promoting infanticide as a viable "solution" to babies born alive after failed abortions. Our investigations are ongoing, and the documentation of our findings to-date can be explored at Additionally, the best way to counter the mainstream media's reluctance to cover life issues -- sometimes including the results of our investigations -- is to become the media ourselves. Live Action News is a leading pro-life online publication, reaching hundreds of thousands of readers each week with informative, hard-hitting current events pieces related to the sanctity of human life. Live Action News, along with our social media and web presence, serves as a key distributor for all of our educational graphics, articles, videos, and petitions. Through the strategic release of our content, we shape the narrative on abortion. As a leading voice for the pro-life movement, Live Action also sets the tone for the national discussion on behalf of the preborn. Through our grassroots education and activism, we work to create an environment conducive for passing new legal protections for preborn children and their mothers. Our investigative work and reporting have been requested by congressional committees and state governments to help address abortion issues like the pressing need to defund abortion corporations as inhumane agents of death.

With over 4.4 million followers on social media, Live Action reaches millions of people each week with compelling pro-life content. Live Action's videos have garnered over 1 billion lifetime video views. Live Action's high-­performing online ad campaigns have had incredible success to­ date, consistently ranking in the top 90-99% of ads on social media platforms. Live Action's investigative and reporting teams are always generating and curating new content to distribute, and our production team has the know­-how to continually create impactful videos, hard-hitting graphics, and online ads. Our media team works to get our content in the hands of news outlets to generate news coverage and reach an even wider audience, and our government relations team ensures that those on Capitol Hill and our allies in the pro-life movement are kept up-to-date on the latest developments. With your critical support, we will continue to increase our content production and distribution, and expand our powerful platforms to educate the public about the humanity of preborn children and the abortion industry that threatens them. With additional funding, Live Action will also be able to grow its efforts to expose the abortion industry's rampant abuses and corrupt activities through more investigative reporting.

At Live Action, we're all about combining a non-profit's drive and clarity of vision with the efficiency and effectiveness of a for-profit enterprise. We use the same rules that apply to successful for-profit media companies to track and analyze the impact of our content.

Live Action already has incredibly effective content needed to saturate social media, with our own in-­house production team with the know­-how to continue creating our powerful, viral-­ready video content. We monitor the success of our content by the growth of our reach through these platforms, measuring the effectiveness of our content through ad campaigns, focus groups, and surveys. Live Action's high-­performing online ad campaigns have had incredible success to­ date, consistently ranking in the top 90-99% of ads on social media platforms. By tracking our media hits, “likes," shares, and comments from people viewing our content and changing their minds on abortion, we constantly work to analyze and improve our efforts to shift the culture to one that protects and defends life.

Live Action has a proven track record of changing attitudes about abortion and advancing a pro-life climate in America that leads to transformation in broader spheres. The Live Action team sees hearts and minds changed through our strategic education campaigns. Comments about our groundbreaking “Abortion Procedures" videos pour through our Facebook feeds and range from comments like, “I didn't know this is how it was done," to, "I have always been pro-choice, but after seeing this video, I would have to say I am now pro-life. Tears are running down my face as I watch this." We will continue to promote these videos online, and are working with other pro-life organizations, pregnancy centers, schools, and churches to make the videos available to millions more people. Our educational initiatives and our investigations have led to the most historic pro-life legislation to date, including motions to defund Planned Parenthood at the state level, and our footage has been used by everyone from local law enforcement to congressional panels investigating the abortion industry. Live Action's videos have been viewed over 952 million times through social media, reaching millions of people each week with our content. Before Live Action began releasing our undercover videos, legislative efforts to defund Planned Parenthood were rare. Live Action's efforts are changing that trend. In the wake of our investigations: Eight different states have revoked taxpayer subsidies from local Planned Parenthood affiliates, Planned Parenthood lost over $60 million in government funding, and congress opened its first ever investigation of Planned Parenthood. Live Action will provide every of-age American an encounter with the horror of abortion, as well as the basic educational formation to "connect the dots" of abortion's violence and injustice against the most innocent and defenseless among us. We approach education apolitically and without a religious bent, ensuring that regardless of one's religious or political background, we can be effective in persuading and inspiring. Live Action will saturate our networks and expand our media impact with anti-abortion and life-affirming content (videos, news reporting, etc.). In addition to hard-hitting content about abortion, Live Action will create content that subtly introduces a pro-life ethic to those who are not necessarily looking for it. The mainstream media already accomplishes this for Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby, but pro-life values have been sorely underrepresented on television, in print, and other forms of media. Live Action must continue creating content and mobilizing activists to stop the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and all abortion providers. We must continue to build the public case against Planned Parenthood until it becomes politically untenable to fund it or any abortion.

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