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The Center for Sustainable & Cooperative Culture at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Live lightly

aka Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Rutledge, MO


The mission of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is "To create a society, the size of a small town or village, made up of individuals and communities of various sizes and social structures, which allows and encourages its members to live sustainably. To encourage this sustainable society to grow to have the size and recognition necessary to have an influence on the global community by example, education, and research." The purpose of the CSCC is to use the example of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage to catalyze the creation of a resilient, sustainable world, by inspiring individuals and communities to take action to reduce human harm to the natural world and create livable, sustainable cultures through our outreach, experiential education programs, and research.

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Danielle Williams

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1 Dancing Rabbit Ln

Rutledge, MO 63563 USA

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Dancing Rabbit, Inc.


sustainability, solar power, community, straw bale, permaculture, restoration, ecovillage, organic, intentional community, renewable energy, natural building, green building





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Environmental Education and Outdoor Survival Programs (C60)

Natural Resource Conservation and Protection (C30)

Community, Neighborhood Development, Improvement (S20)

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What we aim to solve

The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (DR), we understand how difficult it can be to live sustainably and responsibly within modern US culture. We believe that we can work to build a healthy alternative: a social structure that is both non-exploitative and vibrant. As our village grows, we see this ideal take shape more clearly every day: a diverse range of people living sustainable lives in a community that truly serves as an example of cooperative human interaction within the natural world.

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Sustainable Living Visitor Program

Permaculture Design Certification Course

Ecovillage Immersion Study Program

Natural Building Workshop

Singing Rabbit

Where we work

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We believe in human interaction for the benefit of nature. Controlled burns allow under-story plants to establish and for some native grasses to properly germinate and flourish.

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By integrating ecological, economic, social and personal technologies, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage models a lifestyle that maximizes quality of life while minimizing resource consumption and carbon emissions. Among the social and environmental ills we address most directly are climate change and social isolation. Dancing Rabbit Inc acts through: Education--sharing skills and information, making the lessons of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage widely known and accessible, and providing inspiration for people and communities to evolve to the next level. Research into ecologically and socially sustainable living, including village scale technologies. Supporting the development, growth, health and increasing sustainability of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. While our programs serve a wide range of people, we are interested in becoming more effective through reaching existent and emerging change-makers who are influential in their own areas, including individuals, practitioners and planners. We see young people as potential change-makers, and have some focus on youth. We aim to attract and work with fellow thought leaders, to provide mutual inspiration and learning. Our focus is on the developed world, as we see our most effective leverage for global influence to be changing the practices, policies and mindsets of the populations with the greatest per capita negative ecological impacts on the planet. Our five-year goals are as follows: Expand our reputation and role as a thought leader, sought out for our educational programs, published works, research, speakers, and expertise. Create mutually beneficial partnerships with a variety of institutions (other nonprofits, universities, etc.) that will help us multiply our impact. Build a professional, robust, organization that is sustainably funded and well staffed with individuals with strong and relevant skill sets, knowledge and passion for their work. Inspire the formation of new communities (residential and social) and the transformation of neighborhoods. Work cooperatively with the ecovillage to meet both the village and non-profit infrastructure needs. Assist Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage to become more sustainable and fulfill its potential as a center for research and education.

In order to make ongoing strategic decisions, we ask: How strongly does the program/initiative advance our mission? How impactful is it? Is there current organizational capacity, or will the program/initiative build it? Is it financially viable? Is there a high benefit for the cost (including time, money and energy)? (We consider this in light of the triple bottom line model: people, planet and profits.) How well does it target emergent/existing change makers? How well does it build DR Inc.'s brand and/or leadership capacity? (Includes both the leadership capacity of DR in the sustainability world and individuals within DR.) Each program is also considered based on: How well the project contributes to our programs being balanced; and How well it contributes the health of the Ecovillage

Although Dancing Rabbit strives for some level of self-sufficiency and economic independence, we do not sequester ourselves from mainstream America. Rather, outreach and education are integral to our goals. We vigorously promote ourselves as a viable example of sustainable living, and spread our ideas and discoveries through visitor programs, workshops, academic and other publications, and speaking engagements.

We collect data, quotes and stories from program participants and visitors. These anecdotal accounts guide our future planning, programs, and development as an organization. Through observation of our impact on the environment we inhabit we measure our ecological care of our 280+ acres. We have monitored the direct impact of: human waste systems, natural building (including breakdown), recycling, trash reduction, energy production/usage, and water consumption. In 2016, we completed an Eco-audit, a major research project which assessed the carbon footprint and resource use of people living at Dancing Rabbit. This data was compiled and compared to US averages, and serves as a marker of our impact reduction as well as a measure of our progress in sustainable living. Through this research we discovered that Dancing Rabbit residents have cut their resource use by 90% in some of the areas that are most key for reversing the effects of climate change.

The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture has supported Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage's success into it's 22nd year. Through the sustainable and cooperative practices occurring on a daily basis, we have established a lifestyle in harmony with the natural world surrounding us. We have in turn shared these practices, insights and experiences with many visitors, an extended web audience and the communities movement at large. Furthermore we have pursued a culture that questions mainstream practices of consumption and other unsustainable living practices. We will continue to expand our membership and the skills we are offering. Our available programs have expanded in recent years and will continue to inspire those individuals that we connect with. We will continue to research viable solutions for combating climate change and living lightly. This will be done both to inspire the audience we are engaging and to improve village we are promoting.

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The Center for Sustainable & Cooperative Culture at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

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