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At My Compassion we strive to Increase Awareness and Understanding through Education, Information and Advocacy of all the Medical Benefits and Healing Properties of Cannabis. Through Outreach, Understanding and Acceptance, My Compassion intends to place Cannabis on track to be Rescheduled, Researched and Readily available in its natural form, for Medical purposes.

My Compassion is the first and only Medical Cannabis Organization in the State of Michigan to be recognized by the federal government as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. We are honored to be one of only four in the country to be granted this nonprofit status.

We are a group of Patients who have witnessed the Positive effects of Cannabis on Conditions such as Cancer, Crohn's Disease, Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma and many other life impairing conditions. We have experienced first hand how Cannabis has helped these conditions while reducing many of the pharmaceutical prescriptions. Across the Country Cannabis is showing positive results in improving people's health in turn giving hope and a better way of life.

My Compassion seeks to understand, educate, connect, and energize the millions of people living with medical conditions that are losing hope with current synthetic medicines who are looking for Natural Healing thru the properties of Medical Cannabis.

We believe everyone should have access to the most current and correct information when deciding on their treatment options. No one touched by the healing properties of Medical Cannabis should ever feel alone. Together we become stronger and have the power to generate positive change in ourselves and our community through education and a better understanding about Cannabis, otherwise known as “Medical Marijuana."

Provide a variety of education opportunities in and around Michigan where we can share information with the Public, Patients, Caregivers, Healthcare professionals, Hospitals and Universities.

Facilitate networking and the exchange of ideas among new and existing Patients, Caregivers and other Healthcare Professionals. Sponsor presentations about the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and related topics by experts and by members.

Maintain lines of communication with other professional associations and foster cooperative activities of common interest that will help everyone as we learn and grow in our knowledge of medical Cannabis.

Notes from the nonprofit

Every donation makes a difference in the life of a sick adult or child. With the necessary information about the Medical Benefits of Cannabis as well as how to stay safe with the ever changing laws we have in Michigan, together we help build a better tomorrow, today. Based on this past year's projections $.85 of every dollar goes towards a My Compassion's Programs.

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Chairman and President

Mrs. Heidi Parikh

Vice President

Mr. Amish Parikh

Main address

PO Box 1701

Taylor, MI 48180 USA

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Our programs

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Community Meetings

My Compassion conducts weekly community meetings which include recurring topics on compliance with state law, medical cannabis
research, local, state and national news. Each meeting has a local speaker that will cover varying topics relating to education on medical cannabis issues. In the past, speakers have included doctors, lawyers, local government officials, and local activists. Michigan Compassion will also host four national speakers to discuss various medical topics. For example, in 2012, My Compassion hosted national speaker Irv Rosenfeld to discuss his book "my medicine."

In 2013 My Compassion will be holding two major events which will focus on education and awareness within the medical cannabis
community; four minor events which will focus on education and awareness outside of the medical cannabis community, and two seasonal events that will be open to members and the general public.

In 2014 My Compassion held a large conference called the Chicago Cannabis Conference at Navy Pier with new branches opening in Illinois and Colorado. Patient education, public safety, The American Cultivator newspaper, and Guidebook to the Medical Marihuana Act were all very large undertakings by My Compassion to provide education to the masses. College and University presentations, Hospital presentations, meetings with doctors, and more have occurred with the assistance of My Compassion sponsors and partners. In effect My Compassion has touched the lives of 575,000 individuals across the country looking for assistance on cannabis education and public safety training.

Population(s) Served

In order to educate an organization must first build
awareness. Michigan Compassion launched in December 2012 its main program
initiative "Cannabis Cures Cancer" which is an awareness building tool.
The message will be delivered throughout the State of Michigan via digital
billboards which are outside of every major metropolitan area in the State. The
message on the billboards is simple and straight-forward and designed to drive
traffic to Michigan Compassion's website and public meetings.

Population(s) Served

The community garden was started in the spring of 2012 by a small group of volunteers who wanted to make a difference in the Community. A piece of land was donated, three plots where plowed and Michigan Compassion along with its volunteers grew and shared over 300 pounds of produce with its members and other families in need. We look forward to 2013 as it will bring forth fruit and berries that were planted this year along with three additional plots.

If you would like to volunteer at the Community garden in 2013 or know of a person or Family in need of fresh vegetables please contact us here and someone will contact you shortly.

Population(s) Served
Population(s) Served

Currently My Compassion has printed publications for the The Guide to Understanding the MMMA, Chronic Condition Brochures, and The American Cultivator newspaper. Donation of The American Cultivator was in 12/1013 as the date of completion.

Population(s) Served

Where we work

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CFC Code: 90376 2013

Combined Federal Campaign

Affiliations & memberships

Association of Fundraising Professionals - Member 2013

Goals & Strategy

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We help people eat right, get active, quit smoking, and get screenings. We develop guidelines for recommended health screenings and nutrition and physical activity, so people know what tests they need to find ailments early.

On our Web site,, individuals can create a personalized health action plan to discuss with their doctor that shows which health screening tests are right for them, as well as healthy lifestyle choices to consider. Whether you have questions about cannabis, need practical solutions to daily problems like finding treatment, or just want support from someone who has been through it all before, we’ve got answers around the clock.

Each year, we provide information, help, and support to the nearly 25,000 individuals who call us or contact us online. Our Web site, which serves more than 280 thousand visitors each year, offers access to the latest information and news on cannabis and helps people find programs and services in their area.

Through My Compassion Clinical Studies Matching Service, we connect patients with the newest treatment options. We also offer an online support community for survivors and caregivers that has brought together more than 25,000 people since 2008.
My Compassion Patient Navigator Program provides one-on-one guidance to people facing a variety of conditions through every step of their journey. In 2012, the program served more than 25,000 people and fulfilled more than 11,000 requests for services.
At its core, My Compassion is a grassroots force of one hundred passionate volunteers who tirelessly seek to save lives from many conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, AIDS/HIV and many others. We work with lawmakers everywhere to make this world a healthier place to live and we rally communities around the globe to join our fight.

Whether it’s passing patient friendly laws, increasing funding for research, improving access to quality health care, or inspiring communities to take up the fight, we fight on all fronts, because the lessons we learn from one battlefield can mean victory on another.
Patient services
Support groups
Social services
Medical equipment
Wigs and prostheses
Financial programs
Local events
Volunteer opportunities in your community
How to make a donation
Participating in research
Fighting back with My Compassion and other advocacy opportunities
Cannabis Information Specialists are available 24/7 to answer your questions about:
Specific conditions
Treatment options
Side effects
Coping with variety of conditions
Medicine Options
Pain control
Clinical trials
Quitting tobacco

Additional Advisory Board Members added in 2014 for both Medical and Legal with 3 additions to the Board - Sam Borek as General Counsel, Donald Mongrain as Trustee, and Phil DeVries as Trustee.

The American Cultivator 2013 - 2104
275,000 in print
Team Members: Board of Directors, Larry Gabriel - Editor, Philip Skarich - Layout, Host of writers, Mansa Musa - Director of Sales & Marketing, Sponsors.
Locations: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio

Chicago Cannabis Conference 6/2014
Navy Pier
50 booths, with over 15 speakers from Business Professionals, Doctors, Politicians, and Patients.
Team Members: Board of Directors and Illinois team.

Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Guidebook 2012 - 2013
March 2013 to Present
Team Members: Heidi Parikh, Brad Forrester, Heidi Parikh
Guidebook about the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act that is being built into a curriculum.

2013 Michigan Compassion Calendar
February 2013 to Present
Team Members: Heidi Parikh, Heidi Parikh
Completed 2013 Michigan Compassion Calendar and is now for sale. Has recipes, quotes, moon positions, sponsor ads, and some beautiful backgrounds.

Billboard Awareness Project
December 2012 to Present
Team Members: Heidi Parikh, James Campbell CPA
The Countdown begins for the first Cannabis Awareness Billboard to light up on I-75 and Outer Drive on 12/17/12 @ 12:01AM. The Billboard will then bounce to 9 other digital billboards around the Detroit Metro Area. On January 17th 2013 - 3 Billboards will light up in Detroit, Battle Creek and Lansing with the assistance of our sponsors. Michigan Compassion's current sponsors are as follows: SGS, Hydrogiant, The Cultivation Station, BDT's, The Karmacy, Applied Analytical Laboratories, The Grow Stop in Monroe, Chronic Releaf and the General Public.

With additional members joining in Michigan, Illinois and Colorado My Compassion is poised to open branches in 15 states by the end of 2015. Our capabilities have broadened with the addition of The American Cultivator, Internet Radio Station, Community Meetings, and Conferences.

Marketing strategy will be provided by Google Adwords, Partners & Sponsors, The Guide for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, E-Book thru iUniverse, and our local advertising accomplished via Public Meetings.

5th Annual Holiday Gala & Fundraiser @ Ann Arbor Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh, Glenda Vance, Tom Korany, Mark Passerini
December - 14

Edwards Wildman: Cannabis Recommendations How to for Doctors @ Chicago Completed
Phil DeVries, DeAndre Allen, Patty Schuler
November - 14

The American Cultivator Fall Edition - Chicago Completed
Heidi Parikh, Larry Gabriel, Philip Skarich, Mansa Musa, Donald Mongrain
October - 14

Wellness House: Cancer and Cannabis presentation - Hinsdale Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh, DeAndre Allen, Phil DeVries, Patty Schuler, Dr. Elliot Levine, Dr. Hermon Toney
September - 14

My Compassion Illinois Branch Development @ Chicago Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh, Phil DeVries, DeAndre Allen, Dionne Hayden, Patty Schuler, Jeremy Garrity

My Compassion Volunteer Annual Meeting @ Romulus Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh, Bruce Bedford, Glenda Vance, Callen Latz

My Compassion Charter Member Annual Meeting @ Trenton Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh, Glenda Vance, Bruce Bedford

The American Cultivator Summer Release @ Michigan & Illinois Completed
40,000 in Michigan and 25,000 in Illinois

Chicago Cannabis Conference at Navy Pier Chicago Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh, DeAndre Allen, Dionne Hayden, Patty Schuler, Phil DeVries, Mark Passerini, SAMRC, Sara Ringle

The American Cultivator Chicago Special Edition Completed
50,000 Distributed throughout Chicago

Central Michigan University @ Mt. Pleasant Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh

The American Cultivator 1st Release - State of MI & OH: Quarterly releases - Next issue End of July; FT Editor starts in August.
Amish & Heidi Parikh, Bruce Bedford, Shantel Papin, Barb Ingalls, Phil Skarich, & Donald Mongrain.

Wayne State University - 3rd year Law School @ Detroit Completed
Amish Parikh, Dr. Mark Neumann, The Erwin Family, Ian Elliott.

Calvin College - Nursing Class @ Grand Rapids Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh,

The American Cultivator Donation Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh, Bruce Bedford.

Public Meetings
Completed 300+
Amish & Heidi Parikh, Glenda Vance, Daniel Fuentes, and Volunteers.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Public Meetings Heidi Parikh, Amish Parikh, Glenda Vance and Volunteers

Michigan Medical Marijuana Tradeshow @ Taylor Completed
Amish & Heidi Parikh, Glenda Vance, Sara Ringle, Patricia Jernigan, Georgia Brown, Volunteers.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
CFC Charity Fair: FDA Bdg & US Patent Office - Detroit, MI Amish Parikh and Heidi Parikh

Friday, October 25, 2013
CFC Charity Fair: McNamara Federal Bdg – Detroit, MI Amish Parikh and Heidi Parikh

Thursday, October 24, 2013
CFC Charity Fair: US Army TACOM – Warren, MI Amish Parikh and Heidi Parikh

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
CFC Charity Fair: Theodore Levin US Court House – Detroit,MI Amish Parikh and Heidi Parikh


My Compassion

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My Compassion

Board of directors
as of 08/30/2016
SOURCE: Self-reported by organization
Board co-chair

Mrs. Heidi Parikh

My Compassion

Term: 2012 - 2016

Board co-chair

Mr. Amish Parikh

My Compassion

Term: 2012 - 2016

Tom Korany

My Compassion

Glenda Vance

My Compassion

Donald Mongrain

My Compassion

Sam Borek

My Compassion

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