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Third Culture Kids (TCKs), both adult & young, may be all around you, yet invisible because this identity of people who spent most of their development years (as "Kids") in cultures other than their passport/birth or parents' culture(s) (the “Third Culture” of being rootless) is largely overlooked in mainstream services, as are their needs. Adult TCKs have unique insights & skills as a result of growing up among worlds, which are often not fully realized until TCKs discover their personal impact of a globally transient childhood/ adolescence is shared by other TCKs. TCKidNOW not only helps to connect TCKs, but also addresses the hidden needs, including grief care, trauma education & life transition support, to help TCKS use their unique skills to give back to the world they grew up in.*

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We hope that you can participate in supporting us as one of our pioneer supporters as we launch the new projects to further impact the world's understanding and appreciation of Third Culture Kid adult and youth.

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Myra Dumapias, MSW

Executive Assistant

Erin Sinogba, MDC

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PO Box 104

Converse, TX 78109 USA

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Programs and results

What we aim to solve

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Both mainstream & TCK-focused services overlook the most vulnerable Third Culture Kids (TCKs), which can stunt their individual potential & participation in society. The impact of growing up globally rootless as a TCK is often unrecognized by most human service providers & at times even by TCKs themselves. The effects of unresolved grief & the trauma of multiple losses from frequent relocation during childhood/adolescence can manifest in adulthood as PTSD , depression, anxiety or other issues. TCKidNOW also recognizes there is little attention to the needs & voices of TCKs representing the Global South & individuals or nations with less privileges within the field of TCK & cross cultural work & services. Global disparities in the cost of living & economic opportunities per country, in travel privileges attached to passports & in the economic safety net of countries can impact the TCK experience & likewise create disparities in the focus of services & access to resources for TCKs.

Our programs

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What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Grief Care and Transition Support

The effects of unresolved grief and the trauma of multiple losses during the formative years of a globally nomadic individual can show up in adult years PTSD symptoms, depression, anxiety, addition or other issues. Mainstream counseling and mental health services can often misdiagnose the impact of a globally rootless life during the developmental years and miss providing appropriate support or treatment.

TckidNOW provides support in the forms of:

Grief Care Support Network with forum mentors that are trained to recognize and provide online support to third culture kids (TCKs) and cross cultural kids (CCKs) with referrals to professional services as necessary. Part of the venue for these services will be on our private forum in addition to other communication contact.

Self-Care Education creates and distributes information about how to recognize and address signs of PTSD, vicarious trauma, the impact abuse or bullying, unresolved grief and other forms or effects of trauma and other challenges from a globally transient life. Information is distributed via social media, TCKid TV/Radio on Youtube, our private forum, mailing lists and other mediums.

Life Stage Transition Support was created in memory of Eva, the wife of a foreign-service career diplomat for nation with little safety net for its retired public servants, who suddenly became disabled from a stroke. This program primarily aims to help individuals and/or their family members at the life stage of aging into elderly or retirement years, unexpected disability or other life stages which do not have much of a safety net. Other populations include parents of TCKs and college students.

Services will be open to TCKs and CCKs in various countries
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Population(s) Served

Bringing more awareness about the untapped knowledge base that TCKs have from growing up in different countries, TCKid Connect is a network that helps to prepare and/or connect TCKs to opportunities for community engagement in various projects needing cross cultural skills and expertise, allowing TCKs to give back to the world they grew up in.

This program includes:

TCKid Global Response, providing a bridge between emergency or disaster response organizations and our network of TCKs and their skillsets, and

TCKid Seeds Around the World, helping TCKs deposit the seeds of their unique gifts and skills to address social issues and needs around the world.

More to be announced as more funding becomes available. If you are interested in being a pioneering sponsor for this program, please send a formal inquiry to [email protected]

Program is open to TCKs and CCks in various countries, including ones not listed on the map.
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Population(s) Served

We support the research projects of our members because much more information and data is needed about our community. We offer scholarships to up to four researchers each year with dedicated space on our social networking platform (on to enable the development of relationships between those who conduct not-for profit research about the Third Culture Kid/ Cross Culture Kid populations and our community members. Other members can access our network of up to 30,000 with paid access on our forum.

We believe creating these relationships will better equip and inform researchers, as well enable researchers to be invested in the importance of relaying information back to those that helped make the research possible. Our ultimate outcome is to help increase the data, statistics and information about the TCK/ Cross Cultural population.

For more information, please message [email protected]

Population(s) Served

An educational media program that aims to increase awareness, dialogue and inspire leadership and action on all things TCK. TCKid TV/ Radio is one of the venues used for TCKidNOW's Self-Care Education and TCKidConnect programs.

One program is TCKid Talks: An Interview Series Featuring Movers and Shakers from the Third Culture and Cross Cultural Community. Categories include: Artists, Musicians & Filmmakers; Educators/Authors & Researchers; Those in Leadership Positions; and Those Who Were Involved with Historical Events as a result of being a TCK.

Please inquire more at [email protected]

Other programs to follow.

Program expansion will allow the program to be more accessible to different countries.

Population(s) Served

Where we work

Goals & Strategy

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Learn about the organization's key goals, strategies, capabilities, and progress.

Charting impact

Four powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

Our rebranding from TCKid to TCKidNOW is part of a transition to help TCKs address the question that comes after the initial exploration of what it means to be a TCK: “Now that I understand more about myself as a TCK, now what?” After helping thousands of TCKs discover the term TCK, TCKidNOW believes that we have moved beyond the question of “Where is home?” and sees the potential TCKs have in giving back to the world they grew up in.

TCKidNOW hopes to strengthen & empower TCKs, equipping them to recognize their unique skills & connect with or create opportunities to address human needs around the world.*

As a result of receiving TCKidNOW's services, we envision that there will be increase in:
- knowledge in the general (non-TCK) public about TCKs, inc. vulnerable pops.
- knowledge among TCKs about trauma & unresolved grief & its impact
- knowledge about/linkages between TCKs & helpful resources or services
- linkages between TCKs & human/ social/ professional needs globally

While utilizing its existing platforms as a way to educate the community and engage with its TCK and cross cultural population, TCKidNOW is expanding its capacity to interact on a one-on-one level and through a network of partners, an improved digital platform, and other strategies, provide a wider variety of services with more of an impact. An improved digital platform will help promote the value of TCKs in the workplace, humanitarian projects, faith community, the arts, and other sectors of society. Building the capacity of TCKidNOW to implement and scale up these improvements requires paid operational staff to maximize the value of time both long term and short term volunteer staff have already invested in the organization. Having paid operational staff on a long term basis will help sustain the organization and provide an unmet need within the field of TCK and cross cultural work and services, also supporting operational leadership representing more vulnerable TCK experiences.

The CEO/President, Myra Dumapias, has a Masters in Social Work & has worked directly with various vulnerable populations, ranging from the first group of trafficked women discovered in a police raid in El Monte, California in 1995, to Filipino-American World War II veterans living in sub-standard housing, to indigent/ homeless individuals & families in transitional housing, to homeless single mothers & their children in LA's downtown Skid Row. Ms. Dumapias also has experience with executive management & fund development, inc. 9 yrs of grant management, having served as executive director for Japan America Society of San Antonio, Foundations & Corporate Relations Manager for Big Brothers Big SIsters of South Texas, Development Director for Family Violence Prevention Services & Program Development Director for Filipino American Service Group, Inc. The combined background of its board members include media, communications, marketing, executive mgt, business start-ups & micro-financing.

TCKidNOW's early history started as an online community forum created by Brice Royer in 2008, long before the rest of social media & popular news sources used the term Third Culture Kid. played a significant role in thousands of individuals’ discovery of their TCK identity & first steps in a journey of understanding & personal growth. The private forum still holds countless dialogues that reflect stories of healing, growth, loss, unresolved grief, revelations, mutual discoveries, inspiration, change, personal journeys, the forging of friendships, & campaigns for compassion. The search for a sense of belonging became the home they found on TCKid’s forum. Under Myra Dumapias, TCKid maintained the forum & social media presence, created TCKidTV & launched smaller scales of its new programs. Today, its combined membership is approx. 30Kto 35K with eg. 5.4K engaged individuals with a 20K reach for public content & 2.5K engagements with 59K reach for original TCKidNOW content.



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Board of directors
as of 10/24/2018
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Board chair

Erin Sinogba

Paulette Bethel

Discoveries Coaching

Donnyale Ambrosino


Erik Tavenner-Acosta


Claire Miranda

Media Production

Sa-Eun Park

MagpieVenture, LLC

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