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Church of Common Good

aka CoCG Ministries

Gulfport, FL

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We have a mission ordained by our Lord Jesus Christ. That mission is to reach out to those in need of the basic necessities of survival. It is our duty as followers of Christ to spread the word of God through actions, commitment to our brethren, and compassion for the needy. We will build our Church of Common Good on a rock of independence and spread the word of Jesus through a ministry of care and concern for the well-being of others.

We believe that all mankind is equal and that leadership is the duty of Jesus Himself. It is not man’s decision in CoCG, we believe in following the decisions made by our guider, Jesus Christ. He has paved the way, lighted the torch , and gave us a roadmap to Salvation and we intend to stay on course. We are followers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and none other.

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Andrew J Stephens


Michelle D. Kellison

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4936 15th Ave. S.

Gulfport, FL 33707 USA


shipping containers, recycled, vocational, agricultural, energy conservation, housing, homeless, families





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The ultimate goal of The Church of Common Good is to build a community in a semi-rural region in Polk County, Florida. This community will provide temporary housing to homeless, a refuge for battered women, a safe place for run-away teenagers, and a resource for ex-cons seeking to change your lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ. The community is self-sustainable and encourages vocational training, energy production, agricultural activities, and has it's own energy grid, water sources, food supply, and communications and business center.

Created from fabricated recycled shipping containers, the Containers of Care community is 100% green and environmentally cautious. Set on at least a 5 acre plot, the Containers of Care community will bring residents to Polk County and encourage employment, while providing a resources that does not consume as much as it produces, adding to the resources of Polk County and it's residents.

As a faith-based facility, The Church of Common Good and Containers of Care Community is dedicated to teaching the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ with a liberal approach to preaching. Our assignment is to reach out to those that would otherwise find themselves in positions in life where temptations seems to overrun logic and morals. Family homelessness, recently released prisoners, disadvantages teens, and battered women are our target audience and CoCG intends to provide real solutions to real world issues in the glorious name of Christ, Our Lord.

In order to accomplish the goal of creating such a grand community, we have networked with shipping yards in Miami, Florida to donate shipping containers at the cost they would get for recycling them. We hope to eventually find more donors for shipping containers as we expand in the fabrication efforts. We have acquired a small recording studio, where we produce audio media and have retail merchandise that will be sold on our website and at our Fellowship Hall. We have acquired heat transfer presses to create shirts and hats for our retail merchandise.

As well as the merchandise revenue, CoCG Ministries intends to use the Fellowship Hall as a Cyber Cafe, available to the public, during hours that it is not being used for Church Meetings and Events. This will provide an additional revenue stream to progress towards the goal for Containers of Care. Last, but not least, we have created the Fellowship Hall as a utilitarian space, that can also be rented out for birthday parties, receptions, and various other events. This rental income will go directly toward progress towards the overall goals of creating the Containers of Care Community.

The Church of Common Good is getting heavily involved in crowdfunding via online efforts and channels. These crowdfunding websites will provide a global revenue stream from our online supporters. Because CoCG Ministries was founded online and initial members were anonymous online activists, we have a large support following on the internet and will use our advanced media systems and technology-advanced members to generate crowdfunded revenue that will be used towards reaching the goal.

The Church of Common Good has (2) spaces at this time. We have the CoCG Office, which has a full recording studio setup for production of audio media. This office also has the server rack and technology systems for our VOIP and media communications and serves as a secured portal for communications between staff and congregation.

We have a Chapel/Fellowship Hall that doubles as a production area for apparel and vinyl signs. This space also has a green screen and professional soft box lighting for photography, has a full DJ setup and stage for performances and praise and seats up to 50 people. This area also have an office space that is assigned to our Treasurer and Director.

CoCG Ministries has outlined a Plan with specific milestones to show progress toward the goal of creating the Containers of Care Community. Each milestone reached is celebrated as an accomplishment. You can view our milestone chart on our website at and see where we are and where we are headed.

So far we have acquired the CoCG Office space, the CoCG Chapel and Fellowship Hall, and we have equipped both spaces with the equipment necessary to produce the Church's media and run our weekly services and studies. We have also finished developing our initial online website and are working on expanding our online presence at this time.

We have a long way to go to reach our perspective goals, but we are well on our way. We still need to acquire the 5-10 acre plot in Polk County for the CoC Community, file for the building permits, cultivate the land for development, and build the community. We still need to produce the solar panels, windmills, and irrigation systems. Finally, we still need to build the Administration Building and organize the groups that will help expand the Church of Common Good into other areas.

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Church of Common Good

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