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Condor Fund

Avian rescue, education, and conservation.

Las Vegas, NV


1- To attract, connect, and motivate people to support avian conservation. 2- The breeding and release Andean Condors to the wild. 3- To rescue and help all types of birds in need.

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Joe Krathwohl

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bird rescue and conservation





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Humans cause an ever-increasing devastation to our planet. From unethical Palm-Oil farming to resource alteration to energy structures, the landscape is becoming more and more inhospitable to wildlife. A primary indicator of how well or poor a habitat is doing are the birds. In healthy habitats birds provide a variety of purposes including spreading seeds, pollinating plants , controlling pest species, and cleaning up dead carcasses. Thus it becomes hugely alarming to hear that 1/3 of all the migrating birds in North America, 97% of African Vultures and dozens of species of rain forest parrots, have all disappeared. One of the largest flying species, the Andean Condor, continues to decline due to shootings, poisons, and continued use in Yawar Festivals. Without an orchestrated effort among various conservation groups, these huge prehistoric birds may be soon lost forever.

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The Condor Fund has taken on the huge challenge of educating the public in hopes of slowing or stopping the vanishing of the world's precious bird species, with particular emphasis on the majestic condors.

The Condor Funds works to help birds both publicly and privately. The public approach is threefold: 1- ATTRACT people to take an interest in birds and wildlife. Using live bird shows and educational tools, including live trained condor presentations, we reach nearly 1/4 million people per year. 2- Connect audiences to the wildlife. Through the spectacular demonstrations, an emotional response is created prompting people to empathize with the birds. 3- Motivate the people to support conservation. Emotion created a need to solve the problem, which is when we can suggest ways that people can help birds such as reducing use of resources, recycling, lowering one's environmental impact, and supporting avian conservation programs. Privately, The Condor Fund owns and operates an Andean Condor breeding program designed to produce parent-reared condors for release into the wild. This expensive program requires huge amounts of dedication since Andean Condors can live to be 70 years or older.

The Condor Fund is uniquely capable to breed Andean Condors for release due to receiving several condors from zoos and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Through the presentation of live bird shows, The Condor Fund is able to reach many people every year to spread our message and collect donations to reach out goals.

Education: This is hard to measure except through direct feedback from public. The true indicators will be to see more consideration being given to birds and their habitats through donations and voting for pro-bird legislators. Conservation: These efforts rely on the birds themselves to provide us with offspring, which we will then prepare for release into the wild. The ultimate goal of seeing a captive bred condor be released into the Andes Mountains. The Condor Fund announces our progress to supporters and the public through social media and our live condor programs.

The Condor Fund has gone from an idea to help condors, to having a group of Andean Condors in huge breeding-friendly enclosures. We have conceived, created, and operate the only traveling condor program in the US, and continue to reach more and more public each year. Our next goal is to create an open to the public condor center where people, including school groups, can visit and learn about condor and other bird conservation as well as experience a condor fly over their head.

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Condor Fund

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