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Placing Pinball Machines in Children's Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses Across Our Nation

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Project Pinball Charity Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing therapeutic assistance and recreational relief to our small patients and their families as well as the physicians and nurses who care for them at our local Children's Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Homes across the United States. We have been very successful with our goals and programs as we provide and service over twenty-five locations from coast to coast.

Our pinball machine programs are centered around a powerful instrument that offers many benefits that are considered educational and therapeutic, which fit perfectly with the dynamic of a modern hospital environment. These programs also promote patient and family activities that are welcomed through difficult times. As a charity, Project Pinball provides all of the equipment, supplies, and the regular maintenance at no cost to the host location.

In addition, through our Rx Pinball Program, we provide S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Learning and special needs programs. Our programs are developed with specific goals that aim to foster collaboration skills, logical reasoning, and inquiring minds. It is an amazing educational program that we can involve many aspects of a pinball machine, with therapeutic and education benefits as our priority. With a complete program integration, our goal is to help assist the child life specialist in these hospital settings.

We would love to have your assistance in helping our charity's mission to help those people in need.

Thank you,

Project Pinball Charity

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Mr. Daniel Spolar

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PO Box 368022

Bonita Springs, FL 34136 USA


Pinball Machine, Children's Hospital, Charity





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Human Services - Multipurpose and Other N.E.C. (P99)

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Project Pinball, through their Pinball Placement Program and Rx Pinball program, aims to place pinball machines across the country to provide therapeutic assistance and recreational relief to small patients and their families in children's hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses. In addition, through our Rx Pinball Program, we aim to provide S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) learning developed with goals that aim to foster collaboration skills, logical reasoning, and inquiring minds. Also through our Rx Pinball Program, we hope to be able to research and develop new ways to provide therapeutic benefits to these small patients and their families.

To help us better benefit the hospitals and patients within them, within project Pinball we have created two separate programs, the Pinball Placement Program and Rx Pinball Program. The primary goals of the Pinball Placement Program are to placement program is to place pinball machines in children's hospitals and Ronald McDonald House Charities throughout the country at no cost to the hose location. The Rx Pinball Program's goals are to provide STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education to schools and within the hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses themselves. Because of these ambitious programs, donations and fundraising are important in allowing us to maintain these programs. These fundraising events help us raise money to place the pinball machines, provide transport, regular maintenance on the machines, purchase materials needed for STEAM events, provide specialized equipment, pay for travel costs to visit hospitals, as well as research and develop new educational programs and therapeutic benefits through the Rx Pinball Program. With these funds, we also maintain a small group of employees, and at times offer volunteers the opportunity to become employees. To spread awareness about our program, we have a very active social media presence through websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and contact news organizations throughout the country. We also table at educational events such as STEAM learning conventions to teach kids about how the machines work and inform their families about our program. To ensure these things can be accomplished in a reasonable period, we maintain close connections with a large network of volunteers and supporting hospitals throughout the country.

Our growing number of volunteers and sponsors allow us to accomplish our goals in a timely manner that maximizes. Because of this, we are able to put a very high rate of donations directly into our programs with very little overhead needed. Furthermore the funds we have gained from donations and events make us capable to purchase new machines to place into hospitals, maintain the machines, cover travel expenses to deliver the machines, be involved in STEAM events, and research and develop new therapeutic benefits that can be applied to the Rx Pinball Program.

The indicators we use to gauge our success include the number of pinball machines we have placed in children's hospitals and Ronald McDonald House Charities, the number of sponsors we have accumulated to support us, the extensive volunteer force across the country that helps us implement our program, and that our charity is running at a very efficient financial rate of at least 80% or higher of all funds donated going directly into our program, with only 20% at maximum being used for overhead.

We have accomplished placing 25 pinball machines in 23 hospitals spanning 15 states and a volunteer network that spans the country. We host annual fundraisers such as our event each winter holiday season at Norman love Confectionery, our July Campaign that brings our charity across the country to deliver new machines set up information booths, and our Winter Tour that also provides the delivery of new machines and information across the country. We have recently also established the Rx Pinball Program which provides STEAM learning to children and information about our charity to their families. What we would like to be able to accomplish in the future is to expand into further hospitals across the country, and research and develop further therapeutic benefits that we can provide through our charity.

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