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The Family Center as a meeting place and a resource library, aims to be a comprehensive resource for the diverse needs of Central Kentucky families while creating a sustainable community. Today's parents are both busier than ever before and burdened with a desire to be the best parent possible, while being overwhelmed by an increasing volume of information often from polarizing perspectives. Our goal is to create a healthy community with connections to local agencies, organizations and individuals utilizing the rich resources already available while equipping families with the ability to share with their neighbors and friends. "World peace by way of the family," was the motto of TPFEC when we merged (May 2017). We agree that by equipping and encouraging families, we can change the world!

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Tara Lenore Hall

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334 E Main Street

Wilmore, KY 40390 USA


Meeting Place, Resource Library, Community, Support Groups, Play group





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Neighborhood Center, Settlement House (P28)

Rural (S32)

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Today's parents are both busier than ever before and burdened with a desire to be the best parent possible, while being overwhelmed by an increasing volume of information often from polarizing perspectives. These pressures coupled with a lack of community and extended family are leaving parents dealing with anxiety, depression, or even worse apathy with attachment disorders for both parent and child.

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Our goal is to create a healthy community with connections to local agencies, organizations and individuals utilizing the rich resources available already while equipping families with the ability to share with their neighbors and friends. As families cycle in and out of our meetings, groups and classes, The Family Center community will benefit from their unique experiences, individual talents and time in addition they will add to our growing lending libraries sowing back into the organization and equipping others with reliable resources. We recognize today's parents have diverse needs and philosophies and model respect for each family's decisions. Thus, we provide a spectrum of resources recommended by parents and classes taught by both peers and professionals from the best practices of various viewpoints. Our resource libraries currently contain over 3000 items in four areas: educational resources, family exercise, parenting, and baby carriers. The Family Center has an holistic approach to nurturing families with a plan for sustainability within the culture of the local community.

We believe we can best address our communities needs through 5 areas of focus. One or more of these areas would be covered in any playgroup, support group, workshop, or class. Parent Education: Caregivers are able to access classes, workshops and resources on a variety of topics. However, our unique atmosphere of peer learning and mutual respect of individual's experiences and knowledge has proven to be driving force of education as well. Parents learn best from those who identify with their questions and struggles. Our program style allows families to model Child Enrichment: We will be a connectional community where parents can bring their children for educational opportunities including skill based play for school readiness, socialization with diversity, presentations of healthy habits, the Arts, literacy enrichment, STEM activities and more. Parents as the primary educators in their family will feel equipped with ideas to continue the experiences at home. Meaningful Family Experiences: We like to say, "We are making time for your family." With limited time and resources its important for families to carve out meaningful time together, making memories, and just sharing experiences. Current educational data shows families learn, interpret and integrate new information as a unit. We expect most programming regardless if the primary focus is caregiver or child, will in some way embrace a holistic family learning model. Connect with Others: The Family Center supports smaller communities of like-minded or similarly-situated families called Connect Groups. Families with children of special needs, a single parents, and domestic violence survivors have found both support and vital information over the last year. As Wilmore's Meeting Place, The Family Center desires to serve as a home for any existing support groups allowing them to put down roots and flourish through the multiple benefits of a shared facility and leadership. Downtown Wilmore: As downtown businesses, community minded organizations. city officials and departments seek to revitalize, promote and invigorate downtown Wilmore, The Family Center will be an ambassador for community families. This not only means highlighting the needs of families but relaying beneficial information back to the families we serve. The Family Center serves as a hospitality location by having family friendly bathrooms, changing tables, a relaxed atmosphere for caregivers, and a play place where babies or toddlers can be contained. Providing a special place for families particularly ones with small children extends an invitation to deeper community involvement.

We possess gifted and energetic leadership in our Director and her family who have sacrificed to serve this community. We've been able to successfully identify civic groups, organizations, businesses, professionals and individuals as partners who not only provide content but connect with the families we serve. Our capacity to serve has been strengthened by these valued connections within our greater community. By consistently providing quality events and programming our reputation is strengthened, we continue to see growth in attendance, participation and giving every quarter. Our membership and leadership is enriched by the educational benefits of Wilmore as a college town with a higher than average array of bachelors, masters and doctorates. This also gives us invaluable connections from which to grow our board and spheres of influence.

The Family Center of Wilmore, Inc. will maintain records of all of its offerings, and will include evaluations with the key programs. These evaluations will be monitored over time, and feedback will be used to continually improve and refine the programs. Attendance is a obviously a key indicator of success. However, the primary indicators for sustainable success are not short-term gains in attendance but the ability for families to plug in and continue to find their needs met at The Family Center. Even more goals are met when families begin to mentor others, or to simply become invested as members or volunteers. Transformational stories of success in the clients' goals might prove to be even the best indicators. We expect families to surpass our expectations and find unexpressed needs met and unintended successes.

Over the last year The Family Center has seen over 1000 people come through it doors. We have interacted and served between 50 and 100 families on a more personal basis, they all feel a part of our community. Our reach has extended to include members (monthly supporters) from Winchester, Richmond, Georgetown and Lancaster. We are seeing parents not only travel to see us but investing in us as well. The Family Center is working on instituting a new system to track families and their level of involvement in our community and programming beginning Jan 1st. Also we are going to launch some community needs surveys in Spring 2018. Encouraging testimonials through social media and videos, while better tracking our progression should enable us to reach further into our service area.

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