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A Christian Non-Profit Providing Disaster Relief Around The World For Weary Bodies And Thirsty Souls

Corpus Christi, TX


Our organization seeks to love our neighbors locally and internationally by providing disaster relief to the hardest-hit crisis areas in the world as a tangible display of the love of Christ. We conduct a variety of missions including clean water projects, bulk goods distribution, recovery/rebuild assistance, education programs for the poor/marginalized, general WASH projects and medical assistance. We are an all-volunteer organization and none of our current staff take a salary of any kind, all are employed in other industries or own businesses and volunteer their time/talents to help free of cost.

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Mr. Daniel Sem

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P.O. Box 4791

Corpus Christi, TX 78469 USA


disaster relief, clean water, refugee relief, refugee education, disaster recovery





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Disaster Preparedness and Relief Services (M20)

Community, Neighborhood Development, Improvement (S20)

Christian (X20)

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The primary problem we address is a gap in relief and development aid amongst populations impacted by catastrophic disasters. We seek to help the neediest, the overlooked and the marginalized that may exist outside of the main centers for relief and development aid within a given disaster situation. We are a small organization that can respond swiftly due to centralized decision making and small logistics footprint, enabling us to find and help people "falling through the cracks" in a given disaster context.

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Refugee Pregnancy Assistance Program

Refugee Education Assistance Program

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

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We seek to provide relief and development assistance in hard-hit disaster areas throughout the world based on our available resources. Relief is focused on providing for immediate needs such as secure food supply, clean water, adequate shelter and dignified medical care. Development is focused on providing sustainable skills training to underprivileged populations to enable them to work with dignity and provide for their own needs beyond dependency on a relief organization.

As a grassroots non-profit that works with a bottom-up approach we begin working with church and community leaders to identify valid needs and partner with communities to enable relief and development projects to succeed. We do not develop programs outside of direct involvement with local/indigenous influencers. We do not seek to implement programs based on "Western" solutions to majority-world problems, but work alongside local leaders for solutions that while survive in their context.

Our capabilities are determined by the current base of volunteers. We rely entirely on volunteerism and thus have to craft our response to a need based on available skill sets. We have a modest network throughout the USA and Britain of church-based volunteers that may be ready at any time to volunteer their time, money and talent towards the next disaster response or ongoing project. We also have an established digital presence to ensure general awareness of needs within a given disaster context.

We do not measure progress in what we did, but what change actually resulted within a community. While we track and log relief activities and distributions of goods to communities, we measure progress based on the resulting change. Are communities avoiding disease from access to clean water? Are children avoiding malnutrition through access to secure food supplies? Are working-age people less dependent on social programs and enabled to work in a new skill or trade? This is measured both qualitatively through interviews and observations, and quantitatively at times through survey data.

We have successfully responded to disasters in the Philippines, Iraq, Turkey, Nepal, Lebanon and the USA. We have provided access to millions of gallons of clean water to storm-affected communities helping to prevent disease. We have distributed well over 30 tons of food to devastated Nepali communities and provided shelter materials for over a hundred homes. We have distributed 10,000 blankets and over 10 tons of clothing to refugees in northern Iraq. We have provided access to schooling for dozens of Syrian refugee children and secure food supply for hundreds. We have helped clean up destroyed homes from the Louisiana floods in 2016. We brought clean water to dozens of Haiti villages. We continue to work on development projects with Syrian refugees, and hope to complete skills training for men and women refugees to enable them to escape the oppressive work cycle common for refugees. We also intend to help our own country rebuild in Houston from Hurricane Harvey from 2017 onwards.

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