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JudyGails Place

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JudyGails Place is a non-profit organization that supports New Mexico families who have escaped from a violent partner. JudyGails Place networks with community members to provide resources that ensure families have access to thriving futures that reach far beyond surviving.

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Amber Grady-Fuller


Joy Freymiller

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PO Box 5168

Los Alamos, NM 87544 USA


Domestic Violence Transitionary Services





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Women's Rights (R24)

Other Housing Support Services (L80)

Human Service Organizations (P20)

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JudyGails Place is a non-profit organization that supports New Mexico families who have escaped from a violent partner. JudyGails Place networks with community members to provide resources that ensure families have access to thriving futures that reach far beyond surviving.

JudyGails strives to provide ongoing resources to families who are escaping from domestic violence even if they live in rural communities. We strive to provide resources for the majority of domestic violence survivors who will never set foot in a communal shelter setting while maintaining the responsibility of wisely using our financial resources on the intended purpose.

JudyGails Place works with families as unique individuals. Our advocates help uncover the goals that each individual within the family wants to reach rather than operating on a pre-determined list of goals. Each client works directly with one of our trained advocates to determine the services that will help them reach their long term goals. Finances are provided directly to a service provider only after the advocate and client have agreed that doing so will help them reach the long term goals discussed.

If the needed services are available within the community, JudyGails supports the local community by utilizing those resources first. When it is necessary for JGP to reach outside the immediate community, we focus on professionals who operate in organizations that have a reputation for providing quality services that is based on trauma informed delivery for our clients.

We do pay the going standard rate for these third party services. We do not require our clients to use a specific provider, but will make recommendations when this is helpful or needed. JGP pays the service provider directly based on a required invoice and will not give funding directly to a client to ensure distribution of funding for the intended purpose.

Any time a professional service is provided to one of our clients without cost it is considered an "in-kind" donation valued at the standard rate. We honor the value and time involved in providing in-kind services because of the financial value they represent to our organization.

JudyGails Place partners with the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence to ensure that all of our advocates and staff have current training in the areas of advocacy and trauma informed care.

In addition, we require our staff to be survivors of domestic violence or have a close relative or family member who survived domestic violence. This provides a level of compassion and empathy for what our clients are going through that can never be learned in a classroom setting.

We track the number of clients served and JGP's advocates connect with clients personally on a quarterly basis. If a client ever becomes unresponsive, we simply stop provide financial funding for the services they request until they get back in contact with the assigned advocate. We consider our efforts successful anytime a client is not forced to return to an abuser to help them meet their basic needs, but we will not require a client to refrain from contacting an abuser if this is what they believe is best for their individual situation.

We serve clients and help them reach their long term goals for up to 24 months, but all services provided must help the client reach a long term goal. In our first year of operation (2015-2016) none of our clients needed ongoing support beyond 6 months and we feel this is a great success.

We attribute the success to our clients experience of success when the things they needed to transition out of an abusive environment were easily accessible. JudyGails believes that the experience of independence alone moves a client out of the victim mentality and reminds them that they are worth the effort. We consider this one of the greatest progressions that any of our clients can make.

We have accomplished creating a new template to address the various needs that a domestic violence survivor might face in transitioning out of that situation. We have determined that a communal shelter setting is not within the scope of our organization and is something that will be under utilized in most rural environments. As a result,we have decided not to work towards providing short term sheltering that is solely maintained by JGP. Instead we will use hotel rooms, RVs, apartment leases, transportation to friends/family in other communities and room rental to provide for short term housing needs.

We have not yet established enough ongoing funding to pay our staff the wages that would allow the to focus solely on JudyGails Place. This is something that we want to do because it will help reduce burn out and encourage longer term stability in our staffs availability to be a support for our clients as they go through the transition process.

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