Christian Relief Services, Inc.

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Christian Relief Services' mission is to connect the vast resources of America through collaboration and partnerships formed with grass roots charitable groups, churches and human service agencies, empower local volunteers to help those in need in their own communities and enable people to help themselves.

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Mr. Bryan Krizek

Executive Director/General Counsel

Mr. Paul Krizek Esq.

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8301 Richmond Highway Suite 900

Alexandria, VA 22309 USA

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International Development, Relief Services (Q30)

Family Violence Shelters and Services (P43)

Food Banks, Food Pantries (K31)

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Our programs

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Bread and Water for Africa®

Through our project Bread and Water for Africa®, Christian Relief Services is committed to promoting positive changes in 7 different countries in Africa. We support and strengthen impoverished communities through our partnerships with local grassroots organizations to promote self-sufficiency and improvements in health, education, agricultural practices and sustainable energy. We work closely with charitable affiliates, partner charities, churches, and non-government organizations (NGOS) providing relief to distressed and underserved communities and determining effective ways to share resources and develop long-term sustainable solutions.

Bread and Water for Africa® programs span across the continent each providing one or more initiatives toward building healthy and sustainable communities.

1) Orphan Care Program - Provides loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children, including the basic necessities of food, clean water, health care and an education so they can build a better life as they enter adulthood.

2) Education Program - Offers quality education at preschool, primary and high school levels, as well as vocational training to give children and young adults the best opportunities for self-sufficiency.

3) Clean Water Program - Builds clean water wells to provide life's most vital resource.

4) Food Security/Agricultural Program - Trains individuals in sustainable farming methods to provide food for their families and surplus to sell at local markets.

5) Healthcare Program - Provides essential medicines, medical supplies and equipment in order to save lives.

6) Basic Relief Program - Provides basic relief support for unexpected disasters and crises such as the Ebola outbreak.

7) Income Generation Program - Provides the initial funding to our program partners to create an income generating project to help sustain their programs' future funding needs.

Our support is put into action due to the incredible work of our local partners -
Hope Service (Cameroon); Haramaya University Health Center and Yeteem Children and Destitute Mothers Fund (Ethiopia); Baraka Farm, Kipkeino Primary School and lewa Children's Home (Kenya); Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone, Faith Healing Development Organization, and Ndegbormei Development Organization (Sierra Leone); Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre (Zambia); and Shinga Development Trust (Zimbabwe).

Support for international efforts in Africa assist impoverished communities through grants made to the Bread and Water for Africa® network in the United Kingdom and United States to help them grow and financially support their administrative and fundraising infrastructure as charities that support local grassroots initiatives in Africa.

Population(s) Served

Running Strong helps American Indian people meet their immediate survival needs while creating opportunities for self-sufficiency and self-esteem in American Indian youth.

Population(s) Served

Through our project Americans Helping Americans® we nurture inclusive communities, unite to create support networks and determine the necessary strategic actions to address chronic, but preventable problems. Americans Helping Americans partners with community based agencies that identify and target the emergency needs of severely poverty stricken families and individuals in rural Appalachia. The basic needs of food, shoes and boots, winter coats, medical assistance, school supplies, household assistance and home repairs are met for families, veterans and their families, people with disabilities and elderly individuals who suffer due to economic and physical hardship.

Our goal is to ease unnecessary and chronic suffering by creating long-term solutions to the problems of hunger, limited education, substandard housing and insufficient medical care.

Our work focuses on supporting local youth programs (afterschool and summer camps), home rehabilitation, providing for basic needs of food, clothing and personal hygiene needs and veteran support.

Population(s) Served

Christian Relief Services is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and even though many of our programs serve outside of the metro area, we have dedicated a large part of our work to address the need for affordable housing in Fairfax County, and have done so for the last 25 years. Safe Places Transitional Housing program is dedicated to serving victims of domestic violence and their children with safe, affordable housing with supportive services for up to two years in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The mission of Safe Places is to provide families who are homeless as a result of domestic violence with safety and shelter while empowering them to break the cycle and live free of abuse.

Simply stated Safe Places saves lives every day. Safe Places offers hope and support for women and their children fleeing domestic violence through safe, affordable housing, victim advocacy and strength-based case management. Our goal is not only to protect families from immediate danger but to help families live a life safe from violence - a complete life built on respect, love and compassion.

Safe Places provides safe, affordable housing in confidential scattered sites for up two years with support services to help survivors secure safety, work to recover from the trauma they have endured and begin rebuilding their lives. Our program works in a variety of ways to address survivors' safety needs through individualized safety planning and victim advocacy helping survivors navigate the complex legal system to seek orders of protection, child custody, address immigration issues and secure legal aid.

Two full-time case managers work with survivors' healing offering crisis support and connect them with on-going resources for individual and group counseling and children's programming. Economic advocacy is provided through one-on-one financial education acknowledging past economic abuse, and counseling on credit repair, budgeting and savings. Case managers help survivors to obtain and retain employment and/or vocational training in order to increase their incomes and eventually secure permanent housing. Program participants are involved in weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one sessions or home visits.

Safe Places currently serves 33 households which includes 123 individuals, of which 90 are children, all of which fall in the extremely low income category when using the FY2012 CCFP/CDBG Income Limits form (Source: HUD).

Population(s) Served

To provide laptop computers for economically disadvantaged students so they can thrive in the classroom and be an active part of the digital age.

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Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance 2015

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Independent Charities of America 2015

Our results

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Digital Divide

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Number of victims of domestic violence provided safe affordable housing with supportive services.

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Safe Places Transitional Housing Program

Goals & Strategy

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Christian Relief Services works through partnerships and in collaboration with grassroots charitable organizations to connect the vast resources of America to help those in need in their own communities and to enable people to help themselves.

Our programs choose locally-based, accountable partners that fit into our focus areas of orphan care, education and vocational training, organic gardening and agriculture, health care, basic needs, cultural preservation, youth programs, housing and clean water. We not only support these programs through monetary funding and in-kind provisions, but through our partnership approach we can guide them to sustainable practices and methods that ensure the longevity of their initiative. It is not our intention to support these programs indefinitely, though we do pride ourselves on working with our partners until they achieve their ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. It is our hope that after a period of time, the local organizations that we support will no longer need external financial support to continue in their work. In this way the programs will become self-empowered and able to progress further in helping the communities where they are located and inspiring confidence in their ability to make change. Once a partner eliminates its financial dependence we can seek new organizations to partner with and help them achieve their vision of a brighter future for their community.

We receive monetary support through donations from individuals, government grants, foundations and in-kind support from a variety of groups. We also maintain a regular, critical relationship with donors of medical supplies and medicines that equip our health care programs across programming. This is also able to ensure that our donations and funds are spent responsibly through
our partnership approach which affords us an intimate and regular correspondence with our program partners, and also
allows us to regularly monitor each project and its adherence to our standards of budgeting and planning. By working with
partners, we become closely engaged with the community and the beneficiaries of each project, which prepares us for
subsequent projects in the region or with the same program partner. In this way, we can deliver responsible change in
partnership with local programming, and we can be accountable to our supporters around the world.

Christian Relief Services assesses our progress by observing the growth of our partners: the improvements of their facilities, the life-changing accomplishments in their own communities, the success of the individuals who learn from them, the improvements in the health of the communities, the number of vulnerable children and orphans attending school, the empowerment and self-sufficiency of individuals benefiting from our housing support, the number of children cared for in the after school and summer camp programs, and the number of overall beneficiaries we are able to reach through our various grant and in-kind programs and services delivered throughout the country and Africa.


Christian Relief Services, Inc.

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Christian Relief Services, Inc.

Board of directors
as of 01/15/2019
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Board chair

Mr. James O'Brien

O'Brien Law, LLC

Term: 2016 - 2019

James O'Brien

O'Brien Law, LLC

Clyde Richardson


Eugene Krizek


Robert Hisel

Seneca Resources

Frank Stitely,

Stitely & Karstetter, LLC

Dr. Rev. Ketlen Solak

Brandywine Collaborative Ministries

Thomas O'Brien


Rear Admiral Eric Jones

U.S. Coast Guard

Colonel John Williams

U.S. Army (retired)

Elayne Silversmith

Smithsonian Museum

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